We know how much you desire to know more about the latest trendy in internet business, Technology breakthrough, Blogging and Lifestyle buzz – It’s for this very reason we decided to create a blog like infoexposure because we understand that quality information is a powerful tool in hands of the one who finds it. This is what we guarantee to share with you here on infoexposure.



How i started this Blog

Not really much of a story to tell. As a young entrepreneur who loves writing about his daily experiences, i decided to create a platform that  would promote, and share quality information with my peers across Africa and also deliver free IT- services to people within and outside my reach plunging into any kind business.

I began my blogging career just for the fun of it with a free host site on blogspot but soon enough as the blog gradually received recognition globally i decided to move it from a free host to a self hosted platform hence infoexposure.com was birthed. since then the blog has become the No.1 resource center for many savvy internet user.


The myth behind the name

The  word “infoexposure” was forged out of two English word ‘Information’ and ‘Exposure’ . These words were selected to be in tandem with the purpose and vision of this platform- to promote start-up and educate readers.

Who is the Mind Behind Infoexposure.com?

Now let me introduce myself officially to you. My name is Kelvin Ehiozefe Ok you already know that, i am also the brain behind this great blog infexposure you know that now,  i have always had this great passion for writing and sharing my daily experience and expertise in diverse areas to help people like you do better in their passion and interest. Am a well tutored IT entrepreneur  with the dream of raising or contributing to the success story of other young and aspiring Entrepreneur all over Africa. I created this blog to supply accurate and quality information to people of all ages across the globe, helping them stay informed with the latest trend technology, and business. Presently i double as the M.D/CEO of  Dukason Media, we render ICT-services around west Africa. You might want to hire us for your company  needs please CONTACT ME NOW and lets have a chat.

What is our vision on infoexposure  

Giving you all that you need to KNOW… 







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infoExposure is just another Goldstar informative Blog on the web, that shares quality information on Entrepreneurship, Business matters, Marketing, Make money tips, Technology guide, Software and App Review, Blogging and Lifestyle Buzz.
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