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It’s true that Blogging still counts as one of the most efficient ways to both get your business known and help put your name out there.

In fact, Blogging has slowly become a big part of our culture, and some people have become very popular through this means while others are still counting their gains.

However, let’s not hide under the canopy that everything is cheese and burger with blogging. According to; blogging is serious business!!! If you ever wish to reap its benefits you need to treat it as a full-time Enterprise.

So for those of you, who would be starting out with blogging in 2021 and beyond? Have got some AI tools that would really help you zero-out your workload while you maximize profit from blogging

What are AI (Artificial intelligent) Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools refer to the simulation of human intelligence in applications or machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions – According to Investopedia

The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

Why Use AI tools for blogging?

Considering some of the heavy tasks involved in blogging like content writing, SEO analysis, content Marketin/distribution, and other tiny chores – It requires a lot of time and resources to keep up with trends.

But by integrating AI techniques, we can quickly reduce redundancy, automating the process and creating more in-depth insights into our content creation while sharpen our content marketing strategies. 

since these AI tools are program in a way to mimic human action, though it remains a solid fact that we cannot replace human intelligence AI tools  can really help in many aspects of our blogging career.

Let see some of these AI tools that would help us better our blogging career

Hubspot blog topic generator

Starting Price: Free

Official website:

Pros: Your blog ideas will never be shared with any other users of this tool

The journey of every searcher to a blog begins from an attractive topic phrase. Hubspot blog topic generator is one the most outstanding AI tool that generating trending blog topics that are most likely going to garner the attention of internet searchers seeking answers on topics related to your niche.

Using Hubspot blog topic generator is very easy, all you need do is provide your content idea in regards to your niche, and Hubspot blog topic generator will use AI to discover and outline competitive and significant blog topic you ought to consider for your next blog post based on a tasked-based algorithm

Hubspot Blogging Idea generator



Year of Release: Not available

Official website: Kafkai,com

Starting Price: $29

Pros: All generated content is 100% plagiarism-free

Get 27 Free Article Sign-Up

When it comes to blogging, you would agree with me that the only way to stay relevant to your audience is being consistent.

And if you believe in this Quote “Consistency is the greatest key to Success” then you will find this AI content creation tool very helpful.

Content creation has always been a bottleneck for many bloggers and internet marketers. But with Kafkai you can completely rest your horse, as kafkai uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create incredible contents that are unique and readable.

KafKai utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to write an article in three models;

  1. Niche Article Writer; this model creates articles that are usually very close to what a cheap article writer would produce, and you can publish them after only a few minutes of editing.
  2. Advanced Niche Article Writer with Seeding; this is the second model with a bit of specificity, if you already have a content idea in mind for a niche that Kafka supports, you can give it a seed paragraph that it will use to write the article. This seed paragraph can come from an article you found on a website, or you can write it on your own. The seed paragraph is never included in the article itself. Even though it still needs editing, you can create some amazing articles with this method and it gets the best results
  1. General Writer with Seeding; if your niche is not supported yet, or you want to experiment with the output, you can use the general niche. It writes articles from a non-trained model and can write on multiple topics, including about niches not trained in our models. The output is sometimes weird and might require more editing than the above two but it’s worth experimenting with

KafKai Blogging article


Year of Release: 2020 – Jun – 02

Official website:

Starting Price:   $14.95 Onetime Fee

Cons: It only works on WordPress

Ranking your sites on search engines can be very difficult. With Google frequently rolling out new search algorithms, it may seem like a hard nut to crack maintaining your rank status.

According to “Mathew Barby“, one of the biggest factors associated with earning higher rankings on Google search engine is building tons of quality backlinks to your page. But the real problem is getting 100s of bloggers & site owners to do guest posts & get them to post backlinks to your site – it’s a very long and TIRING PROCESS.

To automate the process Backlink Machine 3.0 stands out as one of the most premium WordPress plugins that can effortlessly generate thousands of backlinks on complete autopilot from a network of over 10k blogs on different niche



Year of Release: 2020 – Jun – 02

Official website: TrafficZionCloud

Starting Price: $27 Order Now!

Cons: It only works on WordPress

Listen up; when it comes to Making Money Online traffic isn’t the only thing. IT is absolutely the lifeblood of blogging or whatever you’re doing online. You can say web-Traffic is Queen since content is king

It would be completely worthless to spend 5

– 6 hours of your day writing content that nobody reads. TrafficZion Cloud is a cloud-based software that effortlessly generates unlimited traffic to your blogs with no caps or restrictions.

Am not talking about bot traffic generate by a robot, but real human visitors engaging with your content from a trusted platform. This AI cloud-based tool uses exclusive, proven secrets to fully automate your traffic. You can also target visitors by niche, tags, and keywords. So you can always drill down to your IDEAL audience.

TrafficZion Cloud


Year of Release: 2017

Official website:

Starting Price: $59 Sign-Up

Cons: It only works on WordPress

WordLift is the first semantic SEO plugin for WordPress that uses natural language processing and linked data publishing for automating structured data markup. 

WordLift analyzes articles and transforms text into machine-friendly content to improve your audience engagement and to increase the organic traffic of a website. The plugin also provides support for content recommendations, invariably increasing the dwell time of your site visitors.

WordLift helps you create richer and more engaging content, optimizes it for all search engines, and efficiently organizes your content creation process, allowing you to reach and speak directly to your tribe.


Wp 1 click blogpost

Year of Release: 2020-Sep-08

Official website:

Starting Price: $12 Buy Now!

Staring at a blank page with no way to get started is what keeps most people away from writing content. Wp 1 click blog post is a WordPress plugin + CLOUD based AI tools that take you from a blank page to a completely written blog post in just a few click of the mouse.

Wp 1 click blog post uses high-level artificial intelligence to translate video content to text in a matter of seconds.

WordPress 1 Click Post



Year of Release: 2013

Price: Contact vendor

Official website:

Pros: It automates the objectives and allows you to scale your media spending while still maintaining profitability

Cons: Lack of full information regarding Facebook campaign results

Keywee is another fascinating AI tool that utilizes a natural-language processing program to analyze text, understand its intent, and determine the right audience for it on social networks like Facebook or Instagram based on their frequently search terms in the most cost-efficient way possible, at scale.


Year of Release: 2020-Sep-08

Official website: MarketMuse

Starting Price: $12 Click Here

MarketMuse is an AI-based SEO tool that utilizes machine-learning algorithm to automating content strategies from scratch.

MarketMuse will determine the right keywords for you to target and relevant topics in your niche for you to gain authority.



Year of Release: 2020-Sep-08

Official website: Crayon

Starting Price: Contact Vendor

Crayon utilizes machine learning algorithm to provides its users competitive ideas and insights to benchmark competitive content and target a new content strategy. Content that can help you drive organic traffic to our site, as well as boost our site SEO ratings, lead generation, and conversion.



Year of Release: 2020-Sep-08

Official website: Articolo

Starting Price:  $19 Small Enterprise

We all know content is king when it comes to blogging, but it takes too much time and sweats to consistently create the kind of content your readers will love. 

Articolo comes very handy for this kind of task. It automate content creation based on NLP topic modeling.

Articolo will analyze and understand the context of your topic, then pull relevant keywords from the internet to create relatable and readable content that makes sense to any human


Implementing AI tools and techniques for blogging is the fastest way to reduce redundancies and boost efficiency

AI tools can crawl millions of data from different websites and predict a pattern in user behavior and the relevancy of the content in engaging the user. In simple terms; Understanding customer trends is much easier with AI.

Thanks for reading…

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Peter C. Wetherill · January 18, 2021 at 9:56 am

Thanks for the tips. My worst enemy is finding time to do all of the things needed to promote my blog and write at the same time, which is necessary to make money from my books and future projects. I did not know that the things you mention even existed!

    kevin Ehiozefe · January 18, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    You welcome @Peter C. Wetherill, am glad you find my post useful…

Harriet · March 5, 2021 at 8:17 am

Really useful- thank you for the tips

Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji · July 19, 2021 at 8:46 pm

Very useful tips
Thank you so much

    kevin Ehiozefe · July 19, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    Thank you so much Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji for reading

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