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If you own an online business, chances are; you would have tried your hands on any of these marketing strategies; banner advertising, article marketing, emailing marketing and even guest blogging.

But however, if you really want to scale your business 3X faster, there is just one more strategy you need to pay keen attention to. It’s called Mobile marketing.

What am about to show on mobile marketing will help you understand how mobile marketing can become a valid decision for your business growth.

No matter what type of business it is, believe me, it has a lot of work ahead of it, especially if you are not taking advantage of mobile marketing.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the ability to market your product or services to people using mobile devices.  Unlike the traditional banner ads you find on websites, mobile marketing enables advertisers to communicate and engage with their target audience in an intuitive and highly interactive manner.

Basically, mobile marketing is done on mobile or wireless handheld devices. In the recent past, it was done strictly through text messaging. People would receive text messages on their mobile phone which would direct them to your business, or possibly your website if your business was online.

But over the last few years, this has improved drastically, with the introduction of social media people not only visit your website from their smartphone, but they can also make purchases with a couple of taps on their screen. Amazing!

The benefits of mobile marketing

One important aspect of mobile marketing I cherish so much is the flexibility of targeting a specific audience.  It allows you to choose either to target people in preferred demography either by gender or by age.

Trust me the feeling is true! But that’s not all. Mobile marketing helps you get in front of your crowd with a clear and more direct message.  Normally, in a traditional advertising system, you are chasing customers.  But with this new system of advertising, you no longer have to hope to get the ideal customer – Instead, you focus your strength on the ideal customer

Still, what makes Marketing to Mobile Users key to business growth?

To answer this type of question I would love to start with something you’re already familiar with; As business owners, we all know that business is about numbers, and with 45% of the world’s population having access to mobile devices (that’s about 3.7 billion smartphone users’), you would agree that marketing to mobile users is indeed an excellent strategy to fuel business growth.

Smartphone user chart

It might also interest you to know that, as of today; more than 90% of these smartphone users cultivate a habit of keeping their mobile devices at arms reach. For some persons, before going to bed at night they check their phone one last time before placing it on their bed stand. Hence; your message is always within arm’s reach of your targeted audience.

Whether you like it or not mobile marketing is the future we called for and is indeed the best alternative when comes to business promotion.

And even while you’re still very busy contemplating whether or not to start a mobile marketing campaign for your business; companies like Ford Motor, RedBox and Uniqlo are already reaping excellent results from starting a mobile marketing campaign.

According to Statista, the growth of smartphone users is still rising at a phenomenal rate, so as an internet marketer it never too late to embrace the new trend. Companies like Ford Motor, RedBox and Uniqlo are already reaping excellent results from starting a mobile marketing campaign.

It will amaze you how a 10 days mobile marketing campaign carried out by RedBox resulted in the generation of 1.5 million text messages sent from over 400,000 customers. These customers were only required to text the word “DEALS” to 727272 and in return, they stand a chance of winning a discount of 10 cents or $1.50 when they place their next DVD rental with RedBox.

In a similar manner, Uniqlo a Japanese retail business recorded a 10 billion yen sale from 3-day a mobile marketing campaign tag “Check-in Chance”. Each mobile participant was required to checking in to one of the retail shop owned by Uniqo and in turn, gets a 100 yen coupon. Over 202,479 people checked-in

Your success story can be like that of Unuqlo and RedBox only if you start taking advantage of the many opportunities mobile marketing has to offer. The next paragraphs will show you something very interesting in mobile marketing and how it can be a valid decision to fuel your business growth.


The Top 3 Mobile Marketing strategies to grow your business

Video marketing

Based on research, 90% of people tend to retain more information obtain from visual content than print and as per internet marketing, more than 75% of video viewing is done on mobile devices. All thanks to the video streaming features incorporated into some of the top social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Video advertising is growing; if you need to maximize your sales, you should consider starting a video marketing campaign. And if you want to succeed with video advertising, you will have to dedicate some time to learn the right and wrong way of doing things.  For a better understanding of how to promote your business through video marketing; read my post on the “22 intent Tips for Promoting Your Business through Video Marketing”.

SMS Marketing

Like forever, mobile phones are empowered with the ability to send and receive SMS text messages. Sending SMS text or MMS (multimedia message service) is simply just about texting or image messaging sent across mobile phones.

According to Portio Research, over 23 billion SMS messages are sent daily worldwide, that’s about 16 million messages sent every minute.  And in Comparing email marketing with SMS marketing, the open rate of SMS text beats the open rate of email messages by 90% to 20%.

portio report2

Gathering from Customer’ opinions, texting is a more reliable and convenient way most prefer to communicate and receive marketing offers from their favorite brands. That in turn, raises the conversion rate of SMS marketing 8X higher than email marketing.

portio report

Customers are always willing to respond and interact with your messages, especially when your offers are extremely customers oriented.  Believe it, SMS marketing is indeed a phenomenal strategy with vast opportunities for internet marketers to explore.

Social marketing

Places where people form communities, word-of-mouth marketing does magic to a good product or services. If you want your business to be successful, you need to take advantage of what’s trending.

Social media marketing is one such trend that has continued to gain a lot of traction since invention. People love to share. If your business caters to one of their needs or wants, they will most probably tell the whole world about it

Social media has brought the world closer to you and me more than ever and with over a billion users of Facebook; as a marketer or product owner you’re empowered with the accessibility of selling your product or services to a wider range of potential customers.

And as one of the benefits of mobile marketing, Social media helps you also as a business owner to forge a cordial relationship with your consumer. If you are not taking advantage of social media marketing as one strategy of mobile marketing then you are losing out on the golden opportunity of accumulating more sales and maximizing profit for your business

The 7 ethics of using mobile marketing to promote your business

Hearing about all the good things starting mobile marketing can bring to your business; it’s certain you just can’t wait any longer but to give a shot at it. But just before you take dive in; here are some ethics of using mobile marketing in your sales campaigns.

#1 Get your website prepared for mobile devices

Before you send out links back to your website, make sure your website has a mobile application. With the right mobile app, your customer should be able to access a simplified version of your website designed for mobile use.

If your site isn’t friendly to mobile devices your customers will quickly get irritated and avoid visiting your website. Another caution: Websites with a lot of text that run on flash applications can also freeze up a mobile device — or the website may not even be displayed.

#2 Get the consent of your customer, so your message won’t get lost in the trash

Remember to contact all of your current customers about your mobile capabilities. If they have already patronized you once, you should be able to easily convert these sets of customers into mobile marketing customers. Inform them of the benefits of being a part of your mobile marketing program.

You can even offer them free items or a discount on a popular product to lure them into joining your mobile marketing program.

Man shout on a phone

#3 Make your message precise and straight on point

Text messages have a place in mobile marketing, but they must be used effectively. You shouldn’t send long messages, nor should you attach files to your text messages. Smartphones come with different operating systems with different capabilities. You don’t want to freeze your customer’s phone, nor take up all their memory. If you do, you will not be helping your cause.

#4 Remember you’re trying to make a sale with friendship; try not to invade your customers’ privacy

It’s a good idea to send all your text messages during regular business hours. If you are sending messages to other states, outside your time zone; keep in mind the difference in time zones. It’s almost not certain that most of your customers will have their phones turned on 24 hours a day.

They wouldn’t appreciate either, being disturbed at 3:00 a.m. with a text message from your business! You can set an appropriate time to send your messages so they are received during regular business hours.

#5 Make your campaign personal

Text messages are a great way to forge customer loyalty and reinforce customer trust. For instance, if you have just launched a new product that a lot of people would be interested in, you can send personalized text messages to your mobile customers.  Letting them know you are telling them first.

To personalize your message you can create a private sales database for your customers to make the whole process less complex.

#6 Don’t Spam

This is very important as you get new customers signed up for your mobile marketing campaign, let them know from the start the types of messages they will be receiving, so that all your messages won’t end in the spam folder of your customers.

#7 Give your customers’ value for their time

Your messages shouldn’t just be Ads only, provide something of value in your text messages to your customers and potential customers. Try to also limit the number of messages you send out to one or two per week. And if a customer asks to be removed from the list, don’t press them on the reason why they should remain. Remove them and let them know they will be missed.

Mobile marketing is an excellent way to boost sales and build good relationships with your customers. If used effectively your customers will look forward to hearing from you.

Mobile Marketing

Top 10 Useful mobile marketing tools

HootSuite or Buffer

Though HootSuite and Buffer are both separate tools, they perform similar functions. Instead of worrying about how to keep up with your customers on social media, Hootsuite and Buffer help you manage all your social media accounts straight from your phone.

With Hootsuite and Buffer you can schedule your social media posts, shorten and links to your post, manage responses from customers’/followers, and also get a comprehensive analytic report of your social media engagement/activities

Hootsuite and Buffer offer both free and paid plans for personal and enterprise use. You can manage up to 3 social accounts on Hootsuite while on Buffer you can manage up to four social accounts. You can find both Hootsuite and Buffer on Android play store, iOS, and Blackberry apps market.


AiGrow is an intuitive AI tool design for Instagram marketing. It Likes and follows different Instagram account based on the hashtag you use in your post. AiGrow helps you drive engagement and growth to your Instagram page. AiGrow software is available in three packages; Essential $23, PRO $103 and VIP for $200


If you truly needed a partner to help you scale your business, GetResponse is the best marketing tool for it. It is all about tracking and converting the actions of customers into sales. It nurtures subscribers through automated follow-up emails on new product arrivals and when there is an abandoned cart by your site users, getresponse automatically sends follow-up emails.

With its custom and dynamic content, you can put subscriber’s data to work in personalized smart HTML messages – what that means; is that you can send targeted and personalized email to your customers with different images, CTA, and wording depending on your customers’ preference. It can also track different data coming in and out of your website.

Getresponse is available in four monthly packages; Basic for $15, Pro for $49, Max for $165, and for the Enterprise $1199 or more


Localytic is a paid mobile analytic tool that reinforces user experience and boosts customers’ engagement. It offers a unique feature like in-app messaging, real-time value tracking and push notification system to engage with your audience effectively. Localytic monthly price plan starts at $200 to $1200 for additional features



With SlickText you can send SMS and MMS notification to your loyal and potential customers. All you need do is reserve a keyword unique to your business and ask your customer to text that keyword to a short code phone number and they become members of your marketing list. SlickText is available for free for a limited version but for an extended version with more functions; their paid monthly stretches from $29 to $139 depending on your marketing goals.


Kiip is a moment-based in-app mobile marketing tool. It reinforces customer interaction through a reward program. If your business owns a mobile application, Kiip builds meaningful engagements driven by positive emotions between your mobile app users and advertisers. Take for example; a customer that uses your business app to make an order for a specific product will either get a discount coupon to continue shopping on your app or offered a related product that suits their interest. You can get Kiip for $0.25 to $3 per interaction.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Social media is all rage these days, with Facebook leading this pack. More than 1 billion people currently use Facebook for leisure or business purposes. Facebook mobile app ad is a built-in ad creator on Facebook that enables business owners to create and manage business marketing campaigns to promote their products or services.

Facebook mobile app ad hosts different kinds of ads format to boost conversion rate; from sponsored page ad, promoted post ad down to mobile app install ads to get more customers to engage with your business through your app. The success of your marketing campaign with Facebook mobile-app ads greatly depends on the run time of such a campaign. Prices of campaigns also depend largely on the demography, gender, and age of the targeted audience.


Transforming data into valuable action is the output of Upsight. It gives you visual information about your site users and how to take actionable decisions that will impact your business positively. Upsight consolidates omnichannel analytic with integrated marketing tools to maximize your business revenue and boost user experience effectively.

Google my Business

Google my business is a free business tool from Google. It helps business owners manage their online presence across search engines and maps. For a better business reputation Google my business helps tell your story to any potential customer that finds your business through online searches. You can also get an in-depth insight into how customer arrives at your business site and where these customers are coming from, Create and Track the performance of your smart business campaign.

Banana Splash

Banana splash is a simple but awesome tool for business owners to grow leads and boost conversion rates by personalizing the experience for each mobile user. It uses your visitor behavior to send a personalized call to action that delivers better customer experience and higher ROI.  You can get Banana splash for $79 with complete-features for a small business.

In conclusion

Mobile marketing is the future we called for. With a persistent growth in the number of mobile phone users, mobile marketing remains an excellent marking strategy to promote products and services either online or offline to a larger audience while reinforcing a better customer experience.

However, in a way; this article is meant to serve as a guide to help you understand the term “Mobile Marketing”. The advice and tips shared here are to help you make an informed decision in running a successful mobile marketing campaign.

And as a way of generating funds for this blog, you will find ads being displayed in different segments of this site; we might have also included some affiliate links, please bear with us.

Please add your review, suggestion, and remarks to this article via the comment section. I would really love to hear your own experience with mobile marketing and how this post has helped you. Thanks for reading

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