3 White label Hacks of content creation you should know

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If you are a blog writer or an internet marketer, I can tell how many times you must have heard this tiny phrase content is King!

The main idea behind this phrase is that content is the lifeline of whatever we do online…How true? Creating content is all at rage these days. As more people are trying to learn new stuff online, content marketing is becoming a big business. MarTech Advisor gives us a forecast [ of $412.88 Billion market worth] of what the Content Marketing Industry is set to be in the year 2021

I hope I have not lost you? if you’re there let move a bit further.

As site owners, we are very much aware of the importance of adding fresh content to our site more often – Not just because it helps ensures more site index and rank improvement, but because it helps us to maintain relevance with our readers. The is the whole essence of blogging

But one question that continues to linger in the mind of many site owners – is how do to get these fresh content to keep their blog updated? Frankly speaking, writing is a hectic job we all can relate, but it is up to us as blog writers to uphold our relevance with your readers while improving our site rank. Otherwise, blog writing becomes just another passing fad.

It’s for this very reason I decided to put together this tiny piece of post to share with you “3 white label hacks of content creation” and some very handy tools in content writing that every content writer should use.

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1. Outsourcing

If you were a blog writer with plenty of money to invest in content creation, this is absolutely one of the best methods of creating content for any website. It is paying someone with more literary skills to write for you while you focus on other core aspects of your site.

But in outsourcing content for your site, you must be very mindful of the one you are paying to do your writing, as more clumsy write posing as an expert has continued to populate the internet due surge in content marketing.

If you like; I would recommend you partner with a well-renowned content marketing agency like contentdevelopmentPros. These guys have been in this business for more than 8 years with lots of achievements and track records.

They deliver quality content at a very speedy time frame and their pricing is very pocket-friendly. I have used their service on more than two occasions; I believe they are worth given a try. So you should check them out and see things better for yourself.

2. Content Curating

When we talk of content curating many people tend to get the whole idea wrong. Because you and I know that there is hardly a valuable niche that is not already over-saturated or densely saturated with content, to maintain your value with your readers, you can leverage on already written articles.

Hear me well, I am not talking about spinning other people post to re-post it on your site. But I am particular about taking a cue from what others have written on a particular topic you are interested in and sharing your own opinions.  This way you spend less time brainstorming new topics to write on while adding value to your readership.


3. Guest Posting

This is one of the oldest methods of sourcing content for your blog. It works best for sites with a little bit of authority, so if you are just starting out as a newbie writer I bet you want to stay with the other two methods of sourcing content we’ve already talked about.

Guest posting allows other writers in your category, research and cook up fresh content for you to share your readership either for a link back to their site or in the promotion of a new product. So it’s kind of a win-win situation for both ends.

Just as good as it sounds guest posting also holds its own dark side you should be very mindful of. Some of the sites involved in guest posting seldom use quality content that is handwritten by them or from a hired skilled writer instead they use stolen and spurned content that may not meet up with some basic SEO preference.

And if you are not savvy in this regard you get penalized by search engine for sharing low-quality content, that you might even end up losing your site rank in the long run. So you must be mindful of this myth otherwise you want to keep these 5 tools for content creation handy.

But first, check out this site for quest bloggers and content writers…Adsy

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Top 5 Handy tool for content creation

In no particular order, we are going to run through some very helps tool for content writing that I believe will be of great help to you also;


Presently Grammarly is one of the most intuitive AI-powered writing tools famous amongst many content marketers. With over 20 million active users strengthening their writing and communication skills daily, Grammarly is indeed an excellent tool anyone would recommend.

This is how it works!

If you were a non-English speaking writer but share content that is available to many English speaking readers, it very certain you might have issues communicating with your readers very effectively.

Sometimes if not often, some of the sentences within your post you felt were clear enough and understandable may turn out to sound differently in the mind of another English reader. But writing with Grammarly helps you put together well polish sentences that are clean and mistake-free while offering suggestions that go way beyond grammar.

Grammarly is available as a browser extension, web-based editor tool, and a Microsoft add-in. A free plan from Grammarly grants you access to essential writing support while a premium plan helps you step up your game wherever you need your communication to sound as polish as possible.


This is another excellent writing tool that every blog-writer should have either as a free version or a premium version. If you check through our previous paragraphs where we discussed 3 white label hack of content creation we talked about the outsourcing of content and guest posting as a means of generating content for your site.

Though not very common with outsourcing content from reputable content marketing agencies but with quest posting it’s almost a norm. It gets very disheartening after allowing other site owners to share some content hopefully written by them with your readers but only to discover later that such content been shared by you with love is extremely of low quality or were even stolen from another site.

Copyscape as the #1 plagiarism tool helps you keep an open eye on the quality of every content that is shared on your site and also protect your content from been duplicated by other blog writers or by you unconsciously with a plagiarism warning banner.  Copyscape is available for free but limited version and also as a premium tool for an extended version.

Hemingway Editor

Just like Grammarly, Hemingway editor is a free website where blog writer pastes their already written content for proper editing. Hemingway editor highlights every complicated sentence, confusing words, and passive phrase found within your article with color-coded marked for easy and rapid editing.

Hubspot Blog idea generator

As a blog writer, we all know that one other important aspect of writing is planning the topics or tittles of your article. This aspect of writing is very delicate. It is the part that captures the mind of every reader while also communicating to search engine the new topic for indexing, so it must be done with some level of perfection and professionalism.

Hubspot can help out in this regard by generating a series of blog topics or titles with a single click of a button after imputing the keyword that your article will be centered on. Hubspot saves you the time wasted in brainstorming a new topic idea, it is available for free

For more title generator you can check out this post I made on the top 5 tittle generator.

content writing


I call this “the blog writer SEO tool”. For those that don’t really have a lot of money to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), here comes a friendly tool for every blog writer.

SiteLIner is owned by indigo stream technologies Ltd same owners of the famous Copyscape writing tool. Siteliner helps you scan your site content to rapidly check for duplicate contents. You can even use siteliner to scan single sentences or phrases just to be sure you haven’t unconsciously duplicated another writer’s content.

And to Conclude…

In our uniqueness comes our diversity. Content creation can be so much fun if we open our minds to it and make do with the rich resource the universe has made available to us. The best way to go about writing is writing the way you speak, never try to be some else that may only work for a few days but immediately your readers find out how fake you have been they are turned away forever.

Writing and reading are magical not only that it helps to boost your intellect but it helps you become an integral part of other people’s lives, forming their opinions and assertions on any topic. As a writer you are powerful, so use your gift tenaciously.

We are always happy to read your comments and observations, please do not hesitate to share your thought with us. As we are waiting to hear from you earnestly

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