Why Effective Communication is Critical for Business Success?

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Hello – anybody out there? (Silence…) Hello … Honestly, this is how it feels at times in business. You can hear a pin drop while waiting for a response from someone with whom you’re trying your best to do business.

You leave message after message, which just goes unanswered. You write – no reply. You call – no answer. Not only can it be frustrating, but it can also be detrimental to the success of your business. Communication is key to a successful relationship and when communication is lacking, things tend to fall apart- big time.


Not only does a lack of communication cause things not to work out like they are supposed to, but it can cause a lack of drive and momentum. Honestly, nothing can stop a project in its tracks faster than dead air. That’s why good communication is essential.   Here are our best tips to ensure good communication:

Deliver your message in clear and simple terms – In many cases, the main reason a lot of emails returned unanswered is due to the insipid manner they are written.  How you write something can be as important as what you say. Before you send your next mail, ensure it is written clearly using simple terminology that is easy to understand by the reader. And lastly, maintain an even tone all through.

Respond promptly – We know everyone is busy. But prompt follow-up is so important, as it ensures everything is running smoothly. Communication is a two-way street. When one of the parties is non-responsive, things often don’t get done correctly, or not at all.

It’s hard to plan and do the work assigned if questions arise but there is no communication. Respond even if you don’t have answers or a course of action. When you touch base and just let others know what’s up (or what’s not up), they can plan accordingly. This leads us to point number two-provide regular updates on projects.

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Provide regular updates – You need to communicate more than just at the beginning and end of projects. Keeping the lines of communication open and providing regular updates throughout the project will build confidence between both the service provider and the client, and help avoid costly mistakes.

A simple response like; “This is going well and here is where we are” thus goes a long way. Many times, a project can come to a complete halt simply because someone is waiting for a single question to be answered.

Choose the best method of communication – Will you email, talk once a week, connect on Skype? What other steps will you take to ensure things are running well and according to schedule? Have scheduled discussions and talk about what you hope to accomplish and whether or not it’s on track. This leads us to our next point- “be bold and don’t be afraid, to be honest”.

Be bold and talk it out – Don’t be shy about bringing up important topics even if they might be uncomfortable to discuss. So often a situation can be addressed and an alternative provided just by talking it out. So when you see challenges, address them immediately. What you will discover is the answer is usually simple and because you discuss it early and work on solutions, it’s easy to solve.   Effective communication ensures things run well.

Get into the habit of exercising good and consistent communication practices. Don’t be afraid to discuss anything and everything related to a project. Respect the opinion of those working with you on projects enough to go out of your way to ensure good communication. It works so well when everyone works together.

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Don’t lose consciousness of individual differences – As you go about your business, you meet people from different countries and ethnicity who tend to hold different communication gestures distinct from yours, it becomes imperative to take language, culture, religion, gender, age,  and emotional state into account when communicating with these categories of people.

Put aside every judgment and assertions you hold – In order to have effective communication with someone, you don’t necessarily have to like them or agree with their ideas or opinions. But however, to maintain a balance, you would need to set aside every judgment and assertion you hold, withhold blames and criticism in order to understand completely what they were to say.

My closing remarks

Where there is a lack of communication, no business can strive. In maintaining effective communication with a client, every business owner must endeavor to be open-minded, straightforward and discrete utilizing the best communication model in reaching out to their client or business partners

Even as grooming an extraordinary idea is king to setting up a new business, learning the basics of effective communication is key to sustaining the business in the long overhaul. Every entrepreneur needs to know how best to communicate with their clients without leaving any loss or injuries on either parties. Keeping the main idea brief and direct to point

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