How to Create a Winning Business Proposal

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Starting a business is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make. Many factors come into play at the beginning, such as financing and advertising. However, before any business gets off the ground a solid business proposal must be written.

The proposal must be able to convey a person’s vision of the business while going into great detail about its planning. Here are some tips to help the new entrepreneur create a proposal that will win over anyone.

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Make sure the proposal is well-written.

Sole proprietorships or company incorporation, a well-written proposal is a step in the right direction. Since the proposal is a combination of a sales pitch and news story, the idea must be explained clearly and succinctly.

The person should make his point in as few words as possible, and do so in the opening.

When offering a proposal, a person is introducing not only his business but also himself. There’s only one chance to make a first impression, and it must be a good one.  The sales pitch about the business must be logical and contain many facts and figures to support the idea. When offering a proposal, the person should be able to play devil’s advocate and address any questions, problems, and concerns that are brought up in the discussion.

Having a good catchphrase or theme to focus on during the proposal can also keep one’s audience interested. 

The way the proposal is put together will say much about the idea and the person behind it. The materials should be eye-catching and stylish. A person should decide on what kind of book or document binding will best convey the message and image he wishes to project. He should also decide on graphics within the text. These should not garner so much attention that they distract from the presentation. A visit to a local print shop or browsing online stores can offer many helpful hints.

Tell the truth and do not oversell the idea to the audience.

This is a common mistake many potential businesspeople make, and it can quickly kill even the best of ideas. The audience probably knows a thing or two about the business world and will be able to spot a phony in a hurry. Honesty is the best policy when submitting a business proposal.   Give some thought to who will be examining the proposal.

Get a glimpse of who your audiences are?

Will it be one group or a variety of people? Looking at mission statements and company backgrounds will allow a person to customize his presentation, letting him stress the benefits his future business partners will have by giving a thumbs-up to his idea.


By using these tips when creating a new business proposal, a person should be able to convince his audience that his idea is the next million-dollar baby. Putting in the time and effort before the presentation will help to ensure success now and in the future.

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