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Online marketing is no cheap math. Trying to get prospects or clients to buy your product can be somewhat very dunting. But the real fact is? Every client always cherish the feeling of buying from an expert.

Whether it’s a tiny piece of home appliance or a simple computer part they are shopping for. An online salesperson who knows what they are about to spend money on inside and out makes them feel that sense of confidence about their choice from her recommendations.

But the big question is; how do you become that salesman or woman anyone would listen to before buying a product?

It’s no mystery if you were planning to buy stocks today. You would likely look for a broker who has Wall Street down pat. Putting that in perspective, to be that online salesperson that every buyer would always feel confident to buy from, you need to mold yourself into a technocrat in your industry.

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To become a technocrat in the world of internet marketing you need to master your craft. In simple terms, know your product and give your user a lift in the arm by writing your own how-to articles. This couldn’t be much easier as said?

Every prospect and client that find and read your articles will always appreciate the good information you have to share, and start to look to you as an expert who can help them. You don’t have to be a gold star novelist. Write a simple page of instructions that tells’ your prospect how to get the best out of or how to manage a product.

It may not be something epic; it could just be a tiny piece of information you learned on the job or a piece of advice you picked up from reading books or from conversations. Keep at mind “No Customer would ever make a purchase just because they cherish the shiny look of your product; they would only do so probably because they have a problem they think only your product can solve”.

With that in mind, you must strive hard to appear more as a helpful expert with lots of answers, only when this is achieved; you’re half-way to a sale. Take advantage of publication media like Newspapers, magazines (online/offline), and blogs to share your articles. Keep in mind – it is always cheaper and easier to get your articles into smaller publications like blogs that closely target your best customers than some of these high-end national magazines. And most often these blogs draw better responses than these big publications.

How you should write your sales articles  

Some say writing is “shit” work but I say Articles writing is bae when you follow the guidelines and use the right pattern. In the next few paragraphs, you will find some of the most effective ways to write professional and quality articles.

  1. Start by pointing out a problem your reader has: Because your buyers have a problem that needs solving, they will only pick interest in reading your article if only it’s addressing their issue. You may also include this into the title phrase of your article or use it to form the entire page title
  2. Now make your reader’s problem seem worse: Point out the ways this problem can impact their business, life, and happiness. This is to further charm the attention of your reader, whom at this point you can possibly tell is about 70% solutions tasty.
  3. Next, suggest one to five ways the reader can solve the problem or make the situation better: The time to chase the cat is over, now is time to be the good doctor. Give your reader what they seek; “An answer or a simple tip to help them overcome their challenges they are probably faced with”.
  4. In all Be Precise, hitting the nail on the head: Most blogs like articles a page or two long (200 to 500 words), Magazines undoubtedly want articles that fill just one of their pages “say 1000 words or more”. But keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Avoid sentences that require lots of commas. The idea is to write in a style that is clear and easy-to-understand for a reader that is in a hurry
  5. End your article with a paragraph or two that reviews your most important points: As you grind down, wrap up your article with a positive spin that paints a bright picture for your reader. A few lines of catchphrase sentences will do this
  6. Finally, include your contact info in a final paragraph at the end: Now that readers are impressed by your good ideas, they will want to contact you to pay for more information, services, or products. A good number of publications will always allow you to incorporate a few lines that provide your contact info to your reader and even plug-in your latest product or service.

What if Writing makes me sick?

Most people find writing as a complex piece of work, some completely hate the idea of writing. While those who would love to write to can’t find enough time – No problem. If this is the case, we can go round the trail! How?

Writing can be both complex and easy if you don’t know the rules or use the right tools. However, to save you the stress, you can either use one out of these two methods

  • Hire a skilled writer (ghostwriter) to write for you or
  • Pay an editor to polish the words you have written.

Who is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a fellow writer who writes books or a tiny piece of article for other people using this person’s name as the original author.

These ghostwriters confided many well-known business writers who can’t do their own writing for some reason. For example; Bill Gates has several good books, but all were written for him by professional writers. He probably doesn’t have enough time to sit down to write 200 pages.


Where can I Find Ghostwrites to write my article

To hire a ghostwriter you can quickly do a check with your local library for a list of writing clubs in your area. A quick look around my town turned up groups of nonfiction writers, technical writers, even a group of successful romance novelists. These are fertile sources of expert writers and editors, many who work for low prices.

You may also approach English teachers, and journalists or rather do a search for writers on the Internet and ask people who write articles you like. Give the writer the general idea for your article and some information to draw from. Then let them use their creativity and taste to write the article.

But to narrow down your search, you may check out the services of this online writing company “ContentdevelopmentPros”. With good recommendations from many bloggers, this company has been around in this industry for more than 9 years now, and their pricing is comparable to none.

My final thought

Whether you want to do your writing yourself or hire someone to do it for you; remember to make your article as précised as it could go. Quit the unnecessary chase and hit the nail on the head, your reader is only looking for a piece of advice or solution to her problem, not a bedtime story.

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