What can affect the effectiveness of your tattoo removal?

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It is most likely certain that many people tend to choose their tattoo on impulse. These people do not think deeply about the kind of tattoos they have drawn on their bodies. As such, they will want to have the tattoos removed in the future.

So, can your black tattoo removal @ The Finery be hindered by some factors or conditions? How should a tattoo be done in the first place? These are common questions people ask.


There are a number of things that can affect the effectiveness of your tattoo removal. Like;

The depth of ink:

Another factor to consider is the depth of ink which refers to the level of penetration your tattoo ink makes into the second layer of the skin (the dermis). In making your tattoo appear firm, most professional tattoo artist tends to use more ink and penetrate a little deeper than amateurs and the further this tattoo ink is in, the harder it is to remove.

Size of the tattoo:

The size of your tattoo is one very common factor to consider, as a clear indication of the number of tattoo removal sessions a person may require to achieve the required result. Take, for example, a pinkie butterfly tattoo on the wrist may require just a few sessions to arrive to achieve your desired result, but a half or full sleeve tattoo may require more sessions.

Your skin tone:

This will determine how long it will take for the laser to remove the tattoo ink from the dermis. The lighter skin tone may be quite easy to have the ink removed.


Ink colors:

When it comes to tattoo colors, darker inks are actually easier to remove than lighter inks, with black ink being the easiest color to remove. Most traditional lasers often struggle to remove colors like; green, pale blue, and yellow, but the PicoSure lasers can treat these colors smoothly and effectively.

The quality of ink used in the tattoo:

This is one very important factor that can contribute to the ability and ease of ink removal. Depending on the compounds in some inks used to make the tattoo, it may be difficult to have all the ink removed from a tattoo. This is why tattoo removal in Philadelphia may take a short time for some people and a longer time for others. As such, you should be aware of these facts when you are seeking tattoo removal services.

Type of laser being used:

There are several kinds of lasers utilized in the removal of tattoos. Lasers like the ancient Q-Switched lasers are among the foremost common and might take around 15 – 20 sessions to get your desired result. But With the new PicoSure optical laser you’ll be able to expect a complete tattoo removal up to 80% faster than the other ancient lasers.

Point to Note: Before schelduling for a tattoo removal session

Contrary to what you might have been made to believe, laser tattoo removal is a very painful process and might require many sessions to achieve your desired result. The healing process is potentially rough and slow,  depending on how big the tattoo is. 


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