Sedentary Lifestyle and the rookie copywriter

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What’s a Sedentary lifestyle?

A Sedentary lifestyle is a state of being physically inactive or the act of settling in a specific position over a long period of time, it usually involves the act of sitting while engaging in other social activities such as reading, writing or watching a movie.

How does it affect you as a rookie copywriter

And as a rookie copywriter, it’s always being our lifestyle to often maintain one particular position over a long period of time when we are in the act of crafting a new piece of article to appease our readers’ unending thirst, as well as maintaining our already existing status as one of the best prolific writers in the city.

But unfortunately for some of us, while maintaining this lifestyle repeatedly we have unconsciously become prey to some of the well-known health hazards that result from living a sedentary lifestyle without knowing it. And to promote awareness or remind us all about the dangers of sedentary living, I have decided to join this campaign promoting a sedentary free society.


What are the common health effects of sedentary lifestyle I should be mindful of;
  • Osteoporosis or muscle atrophy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety  
  • Migraines
  • Obesity
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal disc herniation – lower back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Colon cancer
  • Computer vision syndrome

Emphasizing specifically, the computer vision syndrome has remained one the most common health hazards of a sedentary lifestyle among many copywriters and software developers, it results from the focusing of the eyes on a computer display over a long period of time, leading to extensive straining of the eye muscles – this is followed by blur vision, neck pains, dry eyes and irregular headache and lots more.

Also, one other common symptom of sedentary is the Spinal disc herniation often referred to as lower back pain. This was actually the case that took me visiting my doctor some months back. I suffered severe back pains, dry eyes, and Migraines – resulting from my prolonged sitting while working on my computer.

According to a report filed on WHO website, sedentary living has briskly become one of the fastest ways in the spread of, Heart-related diseases, cancer, weakening of the human immune system and has recently been identified as one of the major risk factors that reduce the lifespan of an individual over a short period of time.

At present, the percentage of people around the world now at high risk with the numerous health conditions of living an inactive lifestyle has gradually snowballed to a formidable 60 – 85% of the world’s population.

Wankarani culture

earliest known sedentary culture in Bolivia, as after circa 1200 BC camelid hunters of the altiplano became camelid herders and sedentary lifestyle developed

Job professions still at great risk with sedentary living

  • Accountants
  • Bankers
  • Cab Drivers
  • Software developers
  • Graphic artists
  • Flight controllers
  • Journalist
  • Architects etc.

In the course of putting together this post, sometime in 2016, a personal health New York reporter for the New York Times by name Joan E Brody made a report about a renowned writer and a professor of history at the LaGuardia Community college New York, she goes by the name Joanne Reitano. As she narrated her story on how she encounters one of the most common health conditions of a sedentary lifestyle – the computer vision syndrome, while she was busy reviewing one of her famous books titled the Restless City”.

It was a frustrating experience for her when she discovered that after working on her computer over a long period of time, she started to develop burning eyes which made it so difficult for her to continue working on her book, and even when she thought a little bit of resting could have done the magic for her, she was greatly disappointed as the symptom returned, just immediately she resume working.

So bad it is, Computer vision syndrome has gradually become a deadly virus growing among a large number of people who constantly make use of computers or any other tech devices to carry out their daily tasks or as a means of entertainment. It has been recorded that more than 80 million people today are at high risk of this early health effects of sedentary and most of them don’t even recognize it.


How do you break free from a sedentary lifestyle?

When it comes to finding the best possible root out of a sedentary lifestyle, changing careers should never be considered as a better solution to it, but maintaining a proactive lifestyle can be the best point guard to reducing some of the fierce dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

You can start with;

Training your muscle to always maintain a good sitting posture while working:

You can use a good posture corrector to help train your muscles to maintain a sit up straight posture while working at your desk

Ditching the elevators and using the stairs more often:

A model walk up the stair and down could help burn out a tremendous amount of calories and reduce your chance of contracting some of the many health effects of sedentary

Exercise for 4 to 5 hours spread throughout the week:

Exercising regularly helps to increase the rate of blood flow around the heart and raises the oxygen level in the body which in turn reduces every chance of contracting any heart-related disease as a common health effect of sedentary

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Keeping your monitor position slightly below your eye level and maintain a distance from your monitor while working:

This reduces the direct reach of the visible blue light emitting from your computer screen

Reducing your computer light to the barest minimum if working for a longer period:

Constant exposure to the blue light emitting from our computer screen and other mobile devices can lead to retinal damage or digital eyestrain.

Taking a short walk break:


Take fitness breaks at work to reduce sedentary time at the desk.

If you have to work for more than 5 to 6 hours a day and your job type forces you to seat all through, you should endeavor to intercept your working time with a short walk around your office premises or to a close-by pizza shop.

Do not work on your computers in a completely dark or slightly illuminated room, it increases your chances with computer vision syndrome:

Use overhead lights to regulate the lighting conditions of your working table

Use the new Apple Watch to monitor your sitting time:

According to Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, in the move to fight the dangers of sedentary the apple watch was crafted with a function to remind its wearers that it was time to make some movement or do some stretching.


SmartWatch Wasserdichte Schlafüberwachung Sedentary Reminder Fitness Tracker –

Try Some Aerobic Exercise like Dancing during leisure hours:  

Dancing has been classified as an aerobic form of exercise that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also helps in the control of weight and stress which are also health effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Maintain an active working environment:

Keeping other essential office items like telephones, or mobile phones, printers, files, etc. at an approximate distance away from your working desk can create an active working style

Eat healthily:

One of the known health effects of sedentary is to weaken the immune system and creates a striving environment for life-threatening diseases. But a well-managed nutritious diet that enriches your body with all the necessary micronutrients it requires can be the best sure-fire way to retaining your immunity and reduce your chance of sedentary living.

And lastly, make living healthy your foremost priorities. Just like Marcus Valerius Martialis said and I quote “Life is not merely being alive, but being well”.  

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