6 Promising cryptocurrency under the Ethereum blockchain network

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Ever since Bitcoin became a dominant currency in the capital market as the most sorted digital currency in the world, more than 1 million cryptocurrencies as of today have since made their debut into the financial market with a few others like Ethereum and Ripple gaining significant attention relatively to Bitcoin. And under the Ethereum blockchain project alone, more than 500+ cryptocurrency has since seen the light of day.


But for Miners and investors, it has always been the game of profitability and scalability. So today in no particular precedence we would be taken a cognitive view at some of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest or start mining before 2019. It true that the Ethereum blockchain project has suffered a lot of kickbacks in the past, but irrespective of these circumstances the Ethereum project has remained firm as one of the best platforms to run any smart contract without the possibility of downtimes, fraud or third parties interference.

These Ethereum tokens we would be reviewing here today are blockchain projects developed on the ethereum network. And as we progress, one fact I must make you understand clearly is that; we are not always able to ascertain how long some of these tokens intend to retain their status as an Ethereum token.

But however, you can always keep a close watch on each of these token as well as the new ones climbing up the ladder in terms of their market capitalization and prices or the ones gradually stepping out of the pack via coinmarketcap.com 

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6 Most Promising cryptocurrency for investors under the Ethereum network



As a decentralized cryptocurrency, Aion was developed as a multi-tier system to solve the problem of interoperability that exists in blockchain, thereby making it possible for every other blockchain project to work together seamlessly. So far so good Aion has made significant progress in actualizing this aim since the launch of the Aion Network Mainnet in April 2018. According to the Aion’s team, the Aion minnet otherwise known as Kilimanjaro will be going through an update with new features in the latter half of 2018, hence making the Aion token a prime investment prospect for investors. Aion can still be mined with a Nvidia or AMD graphics card.

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With the mission to “Ubank the banked”, omisego was designed to create a decentralized exchange mechanism that provides multi-asset and cross-chain interoperability that is scalable and secure via proof of stake, just as stated on their website. Hence omisego will become the scaling solution for affordable financial services across applications, such wallet to wallet transaction of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency, It intrinsically integrates the plasma architecture which allows for low-cost security, scalability, and settlement for all financial applications that runs on the OMG network. Omisego is presently trading among the top 10 Ehereum tokens with a growing market cap of $512 million, making it a profitable cryptocurrency for any investors.



Founded by Justin Sun a graduate of Hupan University, TRONIX with its cryptocurrency TRON, is a blockchain-based protocol design for a free content entertainment distribution system, it enables its users to share, store and own data in a decentralized autonomous form. TRON is aimed at eliminating any form of middleman in the transactions of a digital asset. TRONIX adopt a consensus mechanism to clarify identification and personal credit issue that may result from online transactions. As stated on their website TRON offers scalable and high throughput support that underlies every decentralized application in the TRON ecosystem. According to ethplorer.io TRON maintains a whopping $1.3 billion market cap to gain its spot on the top 5 most promising cryptocurrency to investors.



Bytom blockchain project was launched in January 2017 with the aim of bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Bytom in its uniqueness created a seamless environment for the exchange of any asset registered on its blockchain network. Irrespective of the price slumped the Bytom coin suffered during the bearish summer, Bytom has maintained its position among the top 20 Ethereum token with a rising market cap of $173 million according to ethplorer.io  



As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms with an already promising future, Binanace coin is used in the payment of transaction fees like; exchange fee, withdrawal fee, listing fee, or any other transaction fee on the Bianance platform with a capability of processing more orders in seconds. Binance coin is another relatively stable cryptocurrency that is run on the Ethereum-blockchain primarily marketed among Chinese investors, this token maintains a rising $930 million market capitalization.


Maker coin

To resolve the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, the Maker Token was deployed on the Ethereum blockchain project. The Maker token is a formidable combination of two token DAI and MKR. With the DAI stabilizing the value of the bond through a smart contract called collateralized debt position, hence the Dai token is otherwise referred to as “Stablecoin” with value closely pegged with the US dollar, meaning 1 Dai = 1 USD. MKR, on the other hand, is referred to as a governance token and recapitalization resource of the maker system put simply MKR= DAI + CDP. With a $261 rising market capitalization, Maker maintains its position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Find more details on Maker token here.

Other Likely to succeed cryptocurrency for investors and miners;
  • Walton Token
  • Populous Platform (PPT)
  • GOLEM Network Token (GNT)
  • RHOC
  • Status Network (SNT)
  • Moac
  • Kucoin Shares (kCS)
  • IOS Token (IOST)
  • Digix (DGD)
  • DentaCoin
  • ELF Token (ELF)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)

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