5 Android Apps to source royalty free images for commercial use

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I know how expensive sourcing images to use for promotional campaigns can be at times. And for the copy-bloggers it usually one out of the 10 million challenges we encounter very often. And as it is, it’s very rear to find bloggers who double as a graphic designer, professional photographers, and content writer.

Usually, to fix this kind of issue in the easiest possible way; hiring a freelancer is often the best solution anyone will recommend. But however, this strategy has consistently dug bigger holes into our pockets that have become so difficult to refill.

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And for some bloggers, it is actually “damn the consequences” as they go on to add every image they find on Google repository. But just so you know, this is not a good practice and it is very unprofessional because it wouldn’t be too long for a Search engine like Google to label your blog/website as a platform with no genuine content. I bet you can’t absorb the thought of that

Well, the point I am actually trying to make here is that; most images/photos you find through Google search are mostly protected under a copyright law and before you can be able to use such image/photos for any commercial purpose, you need to seek lawful permission from the legitimate owner of such property, it is usually a lengthy process but I call it saving your head from any Google Missile when it’s launched.

And since adding images to our blog posts have become an integral part of SEO we can’t ignore. Just to save us from every impending copyright infringement penalties, I have combined a shortlist of 5 Andriod apps to source royalty-free images. These are actually the few tools I used to make my blogging life super easy. Am sure they would do right by you too

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Trust me with these apps I  can guaranty you will always get crisp and 100% stunning images covered under the Creative Common Zero License (CCO). Which means you can freely use every images/photo you find for any commercial purpose, you are completely safe. But that’s not all, the most interesting part to this is that, with most of these apps, Sign-ups are not necessarily required to enjoy their core benefits, just download and have fun, just imagine the thought of that. Now let’s see;

5 Android Apps to source royalty-free images for commercial use
  1. HD Wallpaper for Pexels by DPanic:

If you were looking for high definition images to use for your promotion campaign or for personal use, HD Wallpaper for Pexels by DPanic is a fantastic choice. Using this app for more than 8 months now, I no longer have the need to pay a graphic designer or stock photographer to sell their photos to me. This app hosts a large number of photographers and graphic designers sharing photos and vector images from every category. Download here

  1. Pixabay:

If there is anything I do more is diversifying. Pixabay is another stunning app to source over one million royalty free images and video clips to be used for both commercial and personal purposes, no attribution is required. With a user-friendly interface, the app is so unique in its own way; you too can also share your personal photos on Pixabay if you have a beautiful face like mine. Just kidding, Pixabay is actually one of the biggest platforms to source free image and if don’t feel like having this app on your device just yet, you can visit the web version and still get all you want.


  1. Canva.com

When I want to exercise my designing skills, I check in with Canva.com. Available in both web version and in a User-friendly mobile app, I never regret a single moment designing on canva.com. One fascinating fact to this stunning tool is the ability to design anything just like a Pro would do even with a complete zero knowledge on designing.

Canva just makes designing so easy with its drag and drop designing effects. Though Canva is not 100% free for use, some clip art and stunning images you may want to include in your designs are available with a little price tag. But be that as it may, Canva is still an amazing tool you should check out today.

  1. Unsplash.com offered by absolute facts:

One question I have always loved to ask you is; why will you allow yourself to get confined using copyrighted images from Google repository when there are stunning tools like Unsplash.com? More than a million royalty-free and high-quality photos/ images all at your fingertips for download using a tiny tool like unsplash.com. Even though I have only use the web version of this tool, it gets me so elated to know they now also have an android app I can download for free at any time.

  1. Pixels wallpapers HD:

Quite similar to HD Wallpaper for Pexels by DPanic but don’t get confused in any way. Though they do almost exactly the same thing, Pixels wallpaper is offered by Pixels to help savvy webmasters like you and I get stunning photos to add to our blog post to enchant the full attention of our readers. You can download it here without delays and get rocking

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But however, I know there are still more apps or web-based versions of platforms just like the ones I have mention here today, but like I said before these are just but the very few I make do with to enhance my blogging career. You can check out any of these Bonuses listed below (But please note I have no personal experience with any of these bonus lists) or add your list of tools in this category via the comment section, your contributions will be highly anticipated


(Note: The links you find under this Bonus list are all web-based versions)

  • StockSnap
  • Life of Pix
  • Freerange Stock Photos
  • Pikwizard: Though they are new they offer thousands of free stock photos spanning across a broad range of diverse subjects. And unusual with free stock photography site – pikwizard host lots of photos depicting people in natural poses and their quality are  impeccable

And to wrap it up

I would like to leave you with a phrase from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. “If you would create something, you must be something”. Stop using people’s property without their rightful permission it is absolutely wrong and not healthy if you really want to portray yourself as a professional.

And so for the copy-bloggers, you can forever worry less with these 5 Android Apps to source royalty-free images at your fingertips, the job is already halfway done.

And just as he said a good design encourages the viewer to want to learn more — Alexandra Isley

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