The Best Practice of Writing Reviews without sounding like a trickster

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For more than a decade now, writing reviews on products and services has remained one of the best strategies for bumping up sales by savvy internet marketers and product owners. But for some blog owners, they hold the opinion that writing reviews on product or service is by far the fastest route to make money through blogging

But can we really hold on to such a statement as fact…?

Well, that will only depend on what we know and how you do it best. So for now, we would have it no other way but to accept this statement to be absolutely true just as it sounds. Since we have all come to the consciousness of the fact that writing reviews have actually become the chief cornerstone on which many blogs have been built and as such more bloggers have continued to tour this route in fate of finding greener pasture.

writingAnd just in line with what we do here, Its my aim to guide you through this journey of writing review just to avoid some of the mighty pitfalls in writing reviews. Hence, I will be sharing with you on the very best practice of writing reviews without sounding like a trickster.

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And just so you know, reviews in the actual sense are meant to help unravel the few mysteries behind a product/services or to serve as a guide to help buyers finalize their decisions on a particular product or services, ever before hitting the purchase button.  

This is not a rare trait we have seen with many internet promoters, but in the bid to sell a product to a prospective buyer they end up giving these buyers a million and one reason to question the benefit of such products without even knowing it. So just as a feel safe tip or however you may choose to call it, as a product promoter, affiliate marketer or even newbie webmaster planning to tour this route of writing reviews on a product, you need to have an empirical understanding of the best practice of writing reviews before plunging into this kind of game;

The Best Practice to writing Reviews

1. Get Familiar with the product:

This how it begins, before writing a review on any product you need to have cognitive experience with such a product. It will sound more natural writing a review base on your experience with such product than telling it from a developer or manufacturer perspective.

2. Gather Resources:

Now that you have a first-hand experience with X-product, you need to start gathering resources on this product such as images, features or specification, benefits in comparison to alternatives and pricing in comparison to alternatives if there are any.

gather resources

3. Choose your Angle of review

This is actually the most important part of every review. You need to learn how to make your point very clear to your readers either in the constructive term or in negative terms. People should be able to distinguish on what angle your review is based on at a single glance

4. Write concisely

Sometimes, we just want to tell it all as it comes when writing a little piece of review on a product or services; not that it is a bad practice though. But you see, you need to focus more on the core details of the product you are reviewing and not the display of your poetic konfu. Not many of us have all that time to listen to your poetic jargons, so stay on course make your reviews more concise and more direct to the point, as the only reason people actually pick interest in your review is to serve as a quick tip to guide their purchase decision and not a bedtime story tales.

5. Use free samples if possible

If you were writing about a product or an online service, your review will sound more authentic if you include a few sample product or if it were to be an online service you were reviewing, showing your readers a screenshot of your active participation on such service will go a long way to boost your originality. This way, you will be able to gain the complete trust of your readers and you will automatically become their free consultant in buying other product or services.

6. Don’t add the extra Spices

You can’t try to deny it now, we often do this. Just to make our product sound more like what a buyer is looking for, we start adding extra spices that we weren’t supposed to. And unconsciously we end up making our product sound more complicated to every prospective buyer.

In writing review gaining your buyer trust should be your first point of call and as such you must avoid every means to misguide this trust, strive to be as honest as you can, avoid unnecessary exaggerations and stay true to the end

fun time

And To conclude it

As a product reviewer, I do not have to tell you over again that you have actually become a map leading people to their promised land or that inner voice people always want to listen to in making quick decisions. So in writing reviews on products or services, the best way you should go about it without sounding like Bernard Madoff (the trickster) is to write from an end-user perspective rather than exaggerating on already made manufacture directives. This attempt works better than magic

Stop blabbing, tell your readers the core benefits they will derive from adding your product into their Shopping Cart as they shop online, and be precise, honest and creative in your writings. And lastly, be kind enough to share this post with someone or add your priceless contributions via the comment section, you will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading…

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