6 free search engine optimization (SEO) tools for every rookie Blogger

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Now Let’s get this right

Blogging is a serious business and it’s prominently one most creative ways to make money online. But the little twist to living that life of a successful blogger revolves around a copious understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and a few others.

Just like you were always told – SEO sucks, we all agree. Especially when you are still a beginner in the game

And on the flip side, trying to undermine the very essence of website optimization could become the very reason you might want to quit blogging for the rest of your life. While it could also be the actual reason you would love to consider blogging as a lifetime profession if you can get more knowledge about it.

Just So You Know SEO is NOT DEAD !!!

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way trying to scare or bore you with some old gist of SEO. Getting a consistent flow of web traffic is the real deal here, but that will only depend on how well you are able to serve the needs of every available search engine with your site and its contents – That’s just like saying it in plain language.

But definitely, I will not also be the first to tell you that, every search engine spider only loves to crawl the pages of any properly optimize site. Now I bet you got the drill

But can we ever get over these issues with SEO for once?

Before I answer your question, SEO is absolutely time-consuming and extremely expensive at the same time if you decided to hire an expert or contract one of these SEO companies to handle this part of your blogging business.

It is usually the most difficult subject for every newbie blogger. And as Google consistently rolls out new algorithm changes yearly it will be very difficult to say YES! We can conclude on the whole issues on SEO

But to give a satisfying response, I would say SEO is, however, a continuous process. But because you are still a starter it is very certain you might be working on a very tight budget and would love to keep every running expenditure at a very flat rate.

If this was the case, here is a combined list of 6 free search engine optimization tools that would help you grow very fast in matters of search engine optimization and assist you to get your site ranking high on the front pages of Google. These SEO tools also did help to groom me from the novice I was, to the intermediary expert I am today. So let’s check it out together;

6 free search engine optimization (SEO) tools for every rookie Blogger


This is one of the very first and most prominent free online SEO tools that many professional webmasters would always recommend to you anytime. It’s actually one of the best out of the pack; easy to use with a stunning intuitive interface. Small SEO tool is a 100% free online tool that will always give you an accurate SEO Audit of your sites in just a few clicks.

There is absolutely nothing you can’t do with small-SEO-tool; from keyword research, plagiarism checker, image compression, and all the way down to backlinks auditing. Small SEO Tool is a complete SEO suite for every newbie blogger; you can follow this link to explore the power of SMALL SEO TOOL.


Just like its name, SEO-Juicer will add the necessary flavor to your blogging life by giving you an explicit SEO Analysis of your site. It outlines every point on your site that is in dying need of improvements. But however, there is little or not much obvious difference between SEO-Juicer and Small SEO tool.

For any of these great tools you may have decided to use, you can be sure of getting almost the same value. SEO-Juicer is also available for free.


If you have decided to take blogging as a piggy profession, I would like you to consider a tool like SEO-Quake. I call it SEO growth on the move. SEO-Quake is a fantastic search engine optimization tool that will give you a very thorough SEO analysis of any webpage with nothing but through your browser as an add-on extension.

It is highly compatible with most of your favorite browsers like the Opera Mini, Google Chrome, and the Safari Browser.  SEO-Quake can be adjusted to suit your SEO need and when you jolt from one page to another SEO-quake will fluently give you real-time SEO audit, and examine both internal and external links to each page.

You can check with your browser web store to add SEO-Quake to your arsenal of SEO tool


One of the most essential aspects of SEO is keyword research. If you have ever come across the term “speaking in amiss”, it is also very possible to blog in amiss if you don’t know how to use the right keywords for your site.

Keyword research is tenaciously the bedrock of blogging. Knowing the right keyword to blog about is absolutely a sure path to a guaranteed flow of substantial web traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

But In case you missed the headlines; researching a Keyword is all about finding the most interesting topics for readers of a particular geographical region. It’s exactly the point where a tool like Ubersuggest comes in as a highly recommended SEO tool. Ubersuggest is a tiny but yet completely free online SEO tool owned by a very famous Italian internet marketer/blogger Neil Patel. This tool is very famous among many bloggers

This is how it works

With Ubersuggest, you get to know the level of competition and the volume of organic search traffic in every keyword you intend to blog about. One other side attraction of Ubersuggest is that it also gives you a huge truckload of valuable suggestions to your intended keyword. It is very easy to use with an intuitive interface; a complete novice can harness the full potentials of this tool without a guide.

You should follow this link if you care to check out Ubersuggest.


If you really want to have a good understanding of how internet marketing works as a newbie, then you would need a premium SEO tool like SEMRUSH.  Built for marketers and by marketers, SEMRush was designed as a complete marketing suite that covers Search Engine Optimization, CPC, keyword research, social media, and page ranking.

SEMRUSH is a super fantastic SEO tool praise by many internet marketers available in both free but limited service and as a premium SEO tool for a complete package.

In Accordance with the testimonials, we gathered from some famous internet marketers, Semrush says makes digital marketing a less difficult task to handle if you really know how to use it.

SEMrush is an SEO and search analytics software. The software provides intelligence data including website traffic information, keywords projected AdWords …
But there are; however, a hundred and one videos available on YouTube, like this one below by Dynamik to teach you how to harness the hidden power of this awesome SEO tool.


This link will take you directly to SEMRUSH sign-up page in case you like to explore this tool further


Blogging becomes so easy when you have a tool like WEBCEO in your SEO toolbox. With Webceo you can keep a close watch on your competitor and also analyze your site to get a well-formulated SEO report.

Webceo takes away all the smokes from every SEO report and gives a clear analysis. It is completely a DIY SEO tool that is highly user-friendly with a less complex interface for both newbie and professional internet marketers. WebCEO is available for free at a limited service and as a premium tool for a complete package

Here is a link, if you want to check out WEBCEO


Neilpatel.com – I am adding this here even though it’s actually a website owned by the new owner of Ubersuggest. This website, however, has an SEO add-on feature that allows site owners to analyze the SEO progress of their site in a very easy way. Though the SEO report you get may not actually be as thorough as compared to what you would get using any of the other tools listed here, it is absolutely something you try out. This is the actual reason I decided to add it here, maybe you like to check it out yourself.

PS: This is absolutely not all there is to SEO tools. I am very sure you know that there are over a million dozens of SEO tools available in both freemium versions created to get you started as soon as possible and in a premium version for expanded services, the whole world is at your fingertips.

But if you would be kind enough to share some of your favorite SEO tools you used previously via the comment section, I and the 3000 readers of this blog will be extremely glad to share your experience.

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The latest content marketing app i was put onto is this free one called “INK for ALL”.for me essentially means that i have to get through at least 5 articles per day .using a single free content tool versus multiple is fantastic

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I have use semrush too for finding competitor Links, thanks for sharing

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