6 Creative ways to make money online in less time

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As an active member on popular forums like Quora and Business Advice, I have consistently heard people seeking to find the most creative ways to make money online; while some other group for some reasons just believes that the thought of making money from the internet is virtually a wild dream on a sunning day.

Make money

But on the bright side of things, I would like to reaffirm your trust that making money from the internet is evidently possible, I know a few folks that are now living the boss free life earning big bucks of dollars per month from the internet that runs into millions of dollars per year.

PS: Online entrepreneurship is real work and to be successful making side income from the internet would practically depend on your skills, the amount of efforts you are willing to invest in it, and your level of understanding of whatever you intend to sell online.

Putting a few words in-contexts, becoming an online-entrepreneur you must be prepared to learn new stuff every day, and even when you make mistakes don’t dwell on it. Like Earl Nightingale would say;

“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going”

So if you had your goals set already, I would like to share with you  6 extremely creative ways to make more money for you online in less time just in case you were among the few still finding it difficult to select a more productive internet money-making source.

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As there are over a million get-rich-quick schemes flooding the internet regularly it becomes very easy for anyone to get really confused about which method would work best. But with these carefully selected gigs, if you know what you doing they could rapidly replace your regular job with a guaranteed return on investments.

But however, buying a tropical Island with what you earn from these 6 extremely Creative ways to make money online may not be spontaneous but it would definitely get you a VIP flight ticket on your next vacation to a tropic Island of your choice if you stay true with it.

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6 Creative ways to make money online 

Freelance Writing:

You already know it! This is by far one of the oldest and most productive ways to earn a side income from the internet. There are lots of big publications houses, Bloggers and internet marketers that still rely on the services of a freelance writer to keep their business on its wheel.

Though not so easy to become a force in this gig, excellent mastering of writing skills and good command of English are necessary qualities to get along. Freelance writing can raise your side income from zero to $200 per article or even more depending on requirements, you can easily find work as a freelance writer through websites like iWriter, Fiverr, Upwork, and Hire A writer.  


As a large number of people continue to scour the web for new information, blogging becomes a lucrative alternative to earn passive income from the internet.

Setting up a blog may take less than 3 minutes to achieve but it requires a lot of effort to manage before you may start reaping its benefit. There several Bloggers earning passive income with their blog either from affiliate marketing, direct selling of Ads or writing a product review

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Infographics creator:

As the world goes digital, internet marketers seek for more sophisticated means to convey their message to every prospective buyer; infographics are chiefly utilized as many buyers will certainly retain 90% of the message from an advert when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text-only.

Even for the business professionals organizing webinars Infographics helps to give detailed information in a more attractive and visually appealing way using funny images and writings for greater understanding.

Becoming an infographic creator is absolutely a lucrative side hustle that would fetch good side income if you master the arts. There are many places to find work as an infographics creator the most prominent of them all is Fiverr and Upwork

Email Marketing:

If you have a prodigious email list, websites like AdClick Media and other allied PPC internet marketing industry are forever willing to pay you awesomely to help them promote their product via your email list. With email marketing, you can get more than $1 for every click that is generated via your email list. But rather you can decide to sell affiliate products via your email list.

Become an Online Tutor:

On the reverse to blogging online tutoring is another fantastic method to earn passive income from the internet. Sites like Tutor Me, Freelancer, Tutorful, Superprof, and Skooli provide excellent platforms to render this kind of service. You can afford to tutor any subject of interest; literature, math, language-related courses, or even musical instruments.

With online tutoring, you can gross as high as $15 to $100 per hour or even more depending on how good you are on a particular subject. The most demanding and highly sort after course with a high cash-out rate for online tutors are Language related courses, many of these business professionals from China planning to take their business global will be willing to pay you enough just to help them learn a new language for communicating with the foreign partners.

Become a Video Editor:

This is an exceptional side hustle that could fetch you huge passive income in lesser time. There are many places to find work as a video editor either in a film production company or on a website like Fiverr. One good aspect of this kind of side gig is the available number of free tools to get you started as soon as possible.

But if you really want to make a fortune from this side hustle, you must learn how to use premium tools like Adobe Video Editor Pro or any closely-ranked tool for optimum results.

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Wrapping up

One thing you should note; To successfully earn money from the internet is a million times possible but it’s, however, a lifestyle that thus requires a lot of time, patience, perseverance, and hard work. Making mistakes are almost inevitable, but consistency is always the rule of thumb in this game.

And just so you know these 6 creative ways to make money online may or may not actually work out for you just the way it did for those we surveyed, it is my candid advice that you focus on methods you find more convenient with your personality, for me blogging is working just fine. So in the very words of a great inventor and philosopher he says;

“I have tried 99 times and failed, but on the 100th time came success”.                                                                                             – Albert Einstein.

Don’t forget only cowards give up even before they started. You can help us share this post with friends on every social media platform, we can’t say how much we would also appreciate your kind contributions and recommendation via the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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