10 Popular Tips and Tricks to write a Blog Post and get readers to read it

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It’s funny how life could turn out to be sometimes. It takes one route to write a blog post, it takes over a dozen to get enough readers to read it. The whole essence of Blogging will become meaningless if no one is reading what we are writing.

Some months ago I shared a post on the lifecycle of a Blog Post and I also shared another on how to generate stunning blog post ideas in case you ever come short of ideas, I suggest you go check out those pieces. Because what am about to tell you will make more meaning if you read those post

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Blogging has forever remained an ancient means to earn cash online or expressing ones’ literal skill for decades and has also served as a great medium for connecting with new friends from around the world.

There are over a million creative ways bloggers make money from blogging. But in case you are not too familiar with such details and would want to know how the magic of multiplying our income through blogging works, you can catch a huge lump of the details reading this; How to Blog and make more money 

But like they say in blogging “more web traffic equals more money”. So in this pursuit of getting readers to read our blog post, we need to unfold every tricks and tactic we have off our sleeves. Because just like you and I there are over a million sleepless publishers writing just about the same topic you are also blogging about.

Hence this battle of who leads the pack becomes fiercer if your only aiming of getting more readers to your blog posts was through organic search traffic. Telling it the way it sounds, it is completely suicidal to consider organic search traffic as your only source of driving traffic to your site.

And for the record, there is so much power in diversity in case you have forgotten that. So as a Copyblogger or copywriter, you need to explore every other green option of driving traffic to your blog. There are so many tried techniques to achieve this

But before you get all jazzed up with driving traffic to your blog, I  want you to also consider these necessary tips and tricks of writing a blog post that gets Read with very low bounce rate from readers

find a reader

Yes the Very obvious, Write about what people are interested in reading

Before you even start writing about anything, it’s extremely advisable to find out the kind of blog post that readers are more interested in reading. It may feel very ok to start blogging about anything under the sun but it will all come down to naught if there is no one to read it.

There are several ways to know exactly what your readers may be interested in, you can either use the survey approach of asking your readers to give you their feedback on your previous post but a better alternative would be to simply conduct a keyword search. This is absolutely the best way to blog about any topic that is guaranteed to get enough readers.

A tool like UberSuggest can be very handy in this situation. Ubersuggest will give you an accurate estimation of search traffic on every keyword you may have decided to blog about, it will also show you the level of competition involve in such keyword, so you know what you are up against. And the favorite part it is completely free for use

Make your Headlines more attractive

This is absolutely where it all begins. Creating a compelling headline is all that matters, as the first point of call for your readers to come read your post depends on the way you craft your headlines or post titles. There are dozens of readily made free online tool to assist you in crafting stunning magnetic headlines that will charm a good number of readers. You can check out these top 5 free title generators

Communicate with your reader’s through your writing

This is one of the most feasible tricks to writing a blog post that will actually attract more readers anytime. Let’s get this straight when writing a blog post try to establish a little form of conversation with your reader. People often relate more to a blog post that tries to provide a solution to some of their burning questions

So when writing your next blog post you should try applying the question and answer approach, it works many times. And would always make your blog post sound very natural to your readers

And don’t forget when writing, do not write for the sake of adding a new post to your blog but endeavor to offer your readers value for their time through your post.

Use attractive images

Images play a very crucial role in the life cycle of every blog post. They have a cogent way of captivating the attention of readers.

Of recent, the addition of funny Gif images by internet marketers on email newsletters has been a secret weapon to charming the attention of many readers.

So don’t you ever think for a second that images are inconsequential in a blog post! In fact, integrating those stunning images on all your blog posts is very essential as writing the whole post. So go fix it

Be consistent with your writing Tone

How is this possible? One of the biggest mistakes some newbie blogger makes at startup is always trying to sound too professional when writing a blog post. They always try to sound like someone else when crafting every piece of content. This attempt turns around to make them sound very unnatural when writing


But hear me now, when writing a blog post you actually want people to read, you need to let the vibe flow from you naturally. As you write, assume you are chatting with someone very close when writing every post, don’t ever try to use a separate tone from the way you speak, it will be absolutely suicidal

Now make a promising Snippet/excerpt to put your blog post out there for readers

Another addition to writing a magnetic headline is writing a charming snippet that would compel anyone into reading your blog post. Snippets are short descriptive essays that introduce your post content to any potential reader. It an essential part of every blog post

That is why I always advise every Copyblogger to pay significant attention to writing a promising snippet, it is very important if you ever want your blog post to be read by someone

But after all, is said and done. To get readers to read your posts you should;

Share it on a forum like Quora

You can’t continuously wait for people to find your link through searches; you need to go under the bar by taking your post to wherever you think you might find an audience. Quora has grown to become a huge resource for all sorts of information with a great number of people scouring the platform regularly for advice or for promotional purposes; you too can leverage this opportunity to share some of your blog posts. You will definitely get more readers this way

Create stunning infographics to pin on Pinterest

Like I already told you, image plays a vital role in writing a blog post. infographics are a combination of illustrative images and writings to explain a particular topic. Creating a stunning infographic for your blog post can also be a way to get readers to readers to read your blog post, especially when you share them on a platform like Pinterest.

Get More Backlinks pointing to your Blog Post

Building of backlinks is also a good trick to getting more readers from other blogs to read your blog post. Backlinking works in two ways; you either get more referral traffic from other blogs your links are placed or you get a chance to sit on the front page of a big search engine like Google if you build quality and relevant backlinks.

It is a usual believes that websites that appear on the first to the second page of Google have a better chance of getting more readers. I will always like to assume that this theory is always right

But we all know that the only route to appear on the first or second page of Google depends on a large number factors but building of quality backlinks has always been the most prominent of them all, especially in this new era of Google PANDA.


Start using your post as a referral to answer questions on every busy forum you signed up with

If you belong to any busy forum, one little trick you would like to employ to get more people to read your blog post is by using your post as a referral in answering questions related to your blog niche. It is that quick and simple and it works all the time

Lastly, share it on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

And Just a pinkie tip:

In my little years of blogging, I have come to understand that the best way to write a blog post that will always engage more readers is writing the exact way you speak. The actual word is called being natural, it is just like having a heart to heart conversation with a close friend on the telephone.

You don’t have to fake anything, just say it the way you know it and if you like this little piece you just read, I would want you to share it with a friend, am sure they would appreciate you for it. But don’t forget your comment is absolutely appreciated.

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