Top 7 Logo Maker App for small business owner and Fiverr rookies

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From the conception of a new business idea, we would do anything to make everything look really perfect and professional. Adding a business logo it’s often the second item on our list if not the first.

But the big issue most times is – hiring a logo designer these days could be really expensive if you were on a tight budget. But however, as an alternative means to keep you within that budget and still get you a stunning and well design business logo as you wish, I have combined a list of top 7 android logo maker app for every small or medium business owner.


LOGO Institute

And on the flip side, if you were rendering logo designing services on places like Fiverr, these apps are excellent choice that would be very handy to your services. Not excluding the fact that; reading our top 10 infographics creator for business promotions can also be a bonus to your business.

Now if you want to consider this list of business Logo makers as a recommendation guide, trust me you are not too far from the truth because for every logo maker app that was added here, were selected based on user experience and efficiency.

A good number of them are very intuitive and easy to use, so forget the idea that you may need to acquire a master’s degree in graphic designing before you can use any of these tools. I mean if you just can put on a smartphone then you should be able to run any of these apps. Come let’s take a look;

Top 7 Best Logo maker app for small business owner and Fiverr rookies

1 LOGO maker plus by Logopit

Logo Makerplus

Just as designed for creative, Logo maker plus by logopit is an awesome logo maker app that is specifically created for on the road situation. With no complaint, I have personally used this app for a long time now and I rate it as the number 1 business branding mobile app.

This app can help you create logos for any business category with thousands of free graphic elements and text editing tools. Logo maker plus is super-fast, simple, and very efficient to use even for an unskilled graphic designer.

Additionally with Logo maker plus you can also create free social media cover, and business promotion banners all in one place. To get all click the colored text to visit the product site for more details


2 LOGO Maker By iris Studio and services

Logo maker by iris

Now when it comes to creating professional, stunning, and impressive business logos, apps like Logo maker from iris studio and services can be a worthy choice. Logo maker is fast and easy to use the app with thousands of free Arts, colors, background, and texture to choose from.

You can also edit your personal photo to create stunning logo or promotional posters plus free text editing tools like Flip, 3D rotate, curve and Hue. Logo Maker by iris is absolutely a handy business tool for a small business owner, you should try it now


3 Logo Foundry by Xlabz technologies Pvt ltd


With rising, popularity logo foundry is another stunning android app made available to even small business owners for designing a powerful branding logo for their business, just in a matter of minutes. Logo Foundry is one of the top-grossing app design by Xlabz technologies Pvt ltd.

This app is remarkable not only for its intuitiveness and user-friendly interface, but also for its ability to save, restore and reuse logo templates along with their layers plus a free 3000+ symbols, shapes, and icon categorized by industry free for use. Check-out product site for more exciting features.


4 Logo Art or Graphic design generator by sweet sugar

Logo art

Business branding is not just about creating anything but creating the right kind of branding for your business. Logo Art or Graphic design generator by sweet sugar makes it easier to create precise, creative and professional business logo that tells the short stories about your business in arts signs. There are limitless possibilities of creative and useful design artifacts you can create with Logo Art by sweet sugar. With 10+ categories of core logo icons to choose from and a handful of other symbols, shapes, stickers and arts your business logo will stand unique and exceptional. Please follow this link to product site.


5 Construction Logo by Question Logix

Construction logo maker

I like it even more when apps are also niche-based. If we decide to consider professionalism and uniqueness, Construction Logo maker by Question Logix is a well-categorized logo maker for entrepreneurs setting up a construction company.

This app is basically created for those in the construction niche. However, like every other logo app mentioned here, Construction Logo maker can be used to produce a stunning logo, posters with 3D and 2D text font styles.

The huge collection of already made free graphics symbols, icons, and shapes will get you started in a minute. Try Construction Logo by Question Logix for free now

6 LOGO generator By Light creative Lab

logo Generator

Simplicity and intuitiveness is one good reason to opt for a logo designing app like logo generator by light creative lab. A free app with a huge collection of in-built designing and editing tools, you don’t have to worry about anything in creating professional business logo for your business.

LOGO generator By Light creative Lab is just too awesome for business branding activities and promotions. Any business owner that comes across this tool will find it a great resource. If you still have some time left, see more details on LOGO generator By Light creative Lab


7 Desygner free graphic designer by Desygn pty Ltd


To handle all your designing needs try Desynger. For its uniqueness this app was featured on Forbes as the easiest and most efficient graphic designing app for both experienced and non-experienced designers.

Not exaggerating my personal experience with this app was that of a smooth ride to new-jersey and since then I have always recommended this app to anyone in need of it.

Desygner is available for free and premium version starting at $7.49/month to $60/year. It offers rare designing features for creating eye-catching personal or business resume/CVs, professional business marketing posters, social media banners, business logos, business cards, and invitation cards for parties.

Desygner is a complete suite for all business branding solutions. Check the product site for more details

In conclusion

Branding for business is an essential marketing strategy that require a lot of skills, so when it comes to building a business reputation. Logos do not just stand out as mare official badge but as a face to your business. It sends faster the idea behind your business all potential clients giving them the first impression about your business and its services.

But now that you are just starting your business I’m glad you’re reading this today because your business is about to take a new look as you try out any of these Logo maker apps listed here.

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