Top 5 Blog Title Generator and content summarizer for rookie Copywriters

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It’s a common truth that the very first point of attraction that pulls readers to your blog or content is the choice of title phrase you use. Writing a good blog title phrase that is search-engine friendly and human-friendly is an essential strategy for the promotion of your blog and its content.

But how?

Learning how to create these attractive title phrases or headlines could be very complex for some writers, but however with the help of some free and paid online title generating tools we can now rest our mental muscles from brainstorming how best to create that jaw-breaking headlines that will result in huge web traffic in daylight.

But hold-on before we dive into the deeper part of this post, I would like to bring to your notice specifically, some months back I made a very unique blog post I title “the Lifecycle of a blog post that captivates readers attention”, I would like you to see it because in it I discuss extensively on how every blog post should be orchestrated with smashing ideas many webmasters are not very familiar with.

Now to our main focus for this post, creating an attractive headline is substantively a million dollar strategy to addressing the SEO needs of your blog on a rocky road, since quality content remains King in the blogging community.

Choosing a good title generator could very difficult as there are over a million title generators readily available on the internet today, but however to save you the stress I had to take some of my time to carefully researched through all these tools and found these very 5 authentic title generators to be a worthy choice for you.

With over 99.9% rating out of a 100, these tools will deliver titles that are 100% SEO friendly, at a complete zero-dollar cost. Let’s check them out together;

Top 5 Blog Title Generator for rookie Copywriters



Being my very first and most preferred blog content idea generator that I still currently make use of, I am very confident recommending it to you as an excellent choice for creating magnetic blog headlines with any keyword. It is super intuitive, user-friendly and also a top-rated choice to many other content marketers. It’s a free blogging resource tool provided by IMPACT inbounds marketing.

You can click this link to Try BlogAbout from IMPACT inbounds marketing

Awesome Tittles

awesome title

When a tool is called awesome, it really must be outstanding among many choices – Awesome title is another free but very fascinating online title generator that will create over 700 magnetic headlines for any topic you would want to blog about in just a few clicks.

Every killer headlines generated by awesome titles are promising headlines that will get you more readers from organic search. Awesome title is unique and a better alternative to saving those mental muscles trying to create a headline that breaks the news tomorrow morning.

Follow this link to adopt awesome titles as one of your blogging resource tools.



Hubspot is premium when it comes to generating inspiring and compelling blog titles that can guarantee huge tons of clicks from organic search. Hubspot is very easy to use, you can follow this link now to Hubspot main page, and add your favorite keywords on the “Noun1 or Noun2” space provided, hit the generate button and wait a few seconds, it will generate up to 5 very catchy and well-structured title idea based on your chosen keywords.

Click here to try HubSpot and check out other exciting products form Hubspot Inc.

Portent title maker


Portent title maker is another top-rated free headline generator that gives you a quality headline for any keyword. It’s intuitive and most of it all, very user-friendly just like BlogAbout. One remarkable feature of portent title maker, you will find very fascinating is its ability to give you a brief insight on how every part of your title will perform.

Follow this link to Check out Portent Title Maker



If you think SEO was only about website speed, building backlinks or writing lengthy content then you need to start having a re-think because the first step to a better search engine optimization begins with creating jaw-breaking and magnetic headlines that not only get you readers but also get you backlinks and multiple social shares. SeoPressor is one of such free tool that comes in very handy to that. For every blog title idea generated by seopressor in seconds are highly search engine friendly.

You can Try SEOPressor Title generator now

What Next after the Headlines are Set?

Something you never thought needed much attention is content excerpts or snippets. After creating that crisp and well-structured title for your next blog post, taking a step further would be to add a well-tailored excerpt/snippet that gives a brief introduction to your post, if you really want all the good stuff hidden within your content to get noticed, writing a good excerpt or snippets will keep you safe.

It is perhaps the second but very essential part to your blog post that many readers will always consider before hitting on your link from a search. These excerpts need always to be very compelling or promising – giving a potential reader the pinch idea of the benefit he/she stands to get after reading your post.  But however, for those of us already using WordPress there are super SEO plugins like Yoast and SEO Squirrel that can handle this task for you but for the BlogSpot rookies here are;

4 familiar online content summarizer for copywriters like you

Just copy and paste all you post content on any of the tools listed below, hit the summarize button and in a few seconds you will get you a shorter version of your blog post in 50 to 100 words.

These tools are also free for use and best for reducing lengthy posts into very few catchy words from your post. But don’t get too lazy with it; writing your own summary or excerpt is still very much preferable for search engines.

My Final Word

Writing great headlines has never been so easy for content marketers but with the little help from tools like these, copywriters are becoming more proactive in writing solid content, but the list of title generators and content summarizers cannot be fully discussed in a single post like this.

So if there are any other good title generating tool you are currently using and may fit perfectly into this category but not listed here, please can you do us the honor of sharing any of such with us via the comment section, we would appreciate your effort. Thanks

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