Top 10 Chrome business Apps and Extension for Small Business owners

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For what it is worth, I love harnessing the power of technology to its fullest potentials. So today I am going to be sharing with you some very fascinating chrome business apps and extensions that will aid your business in positive ways you may never have imagined.

Putting a few thought in perspective, these apps or extensions will help you create the perfect working environment for your business.

Searching through chrome web store you would have discovered that there are over a million business apps and extensions readily available for use, but selecting the best that gets the job done without consuming so much space on your browser, could be another game of thrones.

But with this guide on the top 10 chrome apps and extension for small business owners, you can be sure to rest your horse here.

Why should I trust Chrome Business App and Extension for my Business?

Google Chrome is not just one of the best browsers out there it is apparently the largest hub for so many beautiful apps and extensions that would make your internet surfing experience a smooth ride.

Google Chrome is fast and very safe for both private and commercial use. But as a standing rule of thumb, it is highly recommendable we keep the number of actively installed extensions at a minimal level, to enable the chrome browser load at its optimum speed.

Top 10 Chrome App and Extension for Small Business

Stay Focus


As a small business owner the competition in your line of business may be very fierce, so keeping your eyes on the target should be a top priority but with so many entreaties of life, distraction is inevitable.

But however, with the help of a chrome extension like Stay Focus you can be able to cut down the time you spend on an unproductive website and increase your work productivity.

Stay Focus restrict the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites by allotting limited time to these time-consuming site and immediately the allotted time get exhausted you are not allowed access to these sites for the rest of the day.

With stay Focus, you can block an entire site or specific pages, even specific in-page content (like videos, games, images, forms, etc).

Click here to try Stay Focus for free



One good aspect of trying to stay focus is learning to maintain a well-organized business environment and one awesome chrome app or extension that can handle this kind of task is Todoist.

The app is built with the intention of helping you keep up with appointments and schedule list of tasks. With todoist chrome extension, you can break your task list into categories and also set deadlines with an alert.

Todoist is available for free with restricted features and a paid version with extended functionality at a fair price of $29.99/month.

Click here to check-out Todoist

Uber Conference


Traveling from cities to cities to attend every board meeting or monitor a business branch can be somewhat perturbing but with a powerful extension like Uber conference, you can praise the power of technology.

Uber conference is just another awesome app available either as a standalone app or as a chrome extension. Uber conference is very famous for hosting business conference calls with partners abroad and locally, you can also share your screen with callers or even share an important document from Dropbox, Google drive just on the go.

Uber conference is available for free and paid option (Pricing starts at $15/month and a discounted price for a yearly plan)

Click here to check out more exciting features of Uber conference



Trying to crack your brains to find that old password of yours could give a headache. But with LastPass, you don’t have to worry much. You only have to remember just one password and that’s LastPass sign-in password. LastPass is a robust password manager that will save your usernames and sync your passwords anywhere you need them, it supports multiple operating systems, browsers and it is available for free.

Click here to try LastPass



DropBox is a cloud base storage system that helps you pull out sensitive paperwork from the shelf and save it all on the web. With Dropbox you don’t need to spend huge investment in acquiring office storage shelves, it is only a virtual link you require to synchronize all your internet enable devices and start saving and exchanging files with colleagues. It is accessible from anywhere and available in both free and paid version

Click here to Sign-up with DropBox

Calculator Plus


Your business gadget will not be complete without a calculator plus extension. Mathematics is a very complex subject, so don’t mess around it without the Prof. Calculator plus is a light-weight, easy to use chrome extension for quick estimations or calculations on the move.

Click here to add calculator plus to your browser

Yahoo Finance New Tab

Am sure you don’t want to wake up tomorrow and discover all your investment on your favorite stocks has gone down the drain. Yahoo Finance tab is a super browser compatible, a light-weight extension that can help you keep an open eye on your favorite stock. It shows you the latest stock in the dynamic scrolling bar and gives you more details when you click on a stock.

Click here to add Yahoo Finance New Tab

Hubspot Sales

hubspot sales

If you were just getting to more of inbound marketing then I need to introduce you to the king of the game “Hubspot” an inbound marketing platform co-founded by two marketing geeks Brian Hallgan and Dharmesh Shah. And aside many other tools offered by this two marketing experts, Hubspot sales is a unique tool with premium quality that helps you uncover more sales lead in lesser time and get connected with those leads. Hubspot sales will handle all your marketing need and it free to start.

Click here for more exciting features of Hubspot sales



To become successful in business you need to unfold every marketing strategy off your sleeves. Email Hunter is one of those white-hat marketing extensions that can help you build more marketing lead by searching through every website for emails attached to it. You can even search for people’s email with their name. Email Hunters is available for free at 150 email request/month and for a Paid option, pricing starts at $39/month (1,000 email requests).

Click here to add Email Hunters to your browser

SMS From Gmail [Mighty-Text]

SMS from Gmail

To crown it all Mighty-Text or SMS from Gmail is just another essential chrome extension for an effective marketing campaign. Mighty-Text helps you send and receive SMS from your Gmail or Facebook to any phone number effortlessly from a computer using Mighty-Text chrome extension but please note this tool can only work explicitly when you have successfully installed the Mighty-Text  Android App on your Android device. It is completely free for use.

Click here to try Mighty-Text or SMS from Gmail


Extension manager

For the numbers of tools you decide to add to your chrome browser to work effectively without interfering with each other, you need to add an extension manager to organize all your chrome extension for effectiveness. Extension manager is completely available free for use

Click here to add Extension manager

My closing Remark for the Top 10 Chrome App and Extension for Small Business

For every chrome app and extension listed here, they were selected based on users review and performance. They may be few but they are highly productive tools that will help your business grow very fast.

Here are some very nice recommendations you would like to see;

And in case there are any we missed out and is worthy to be here, please would you mind sharing with us via the comment section? And don’t forget to share this post with someone today!

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