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When it comes to making more money from blogging every webmaster is well attentive – to be very sincere with you, there’s apparently no one who doesn’t appreciate the idea of learning how to make more money from all the time and effort it took to maintain/build a blog, which could be the very reason you are reading this post.

According to some professional webmasters, it takes a dreadful sacrifice of an average 5 to 10 hours per day to keep their blog up to standard – That’s huge! isn’t it? considering the fact that if you could just spend all that time, working in places like Mckesson Corporation, American Express, or T-mobile believe me you would never again be penny picky from spending your next holiday in the Bahamas.

Make more money blogging

But however, let us not undermine the fact that blogging can also pay us as much as we would earn from any regular job we do. To be very factual, I know a lot of people like myself who earn their living from blogging, some of the very prominent ones you may be very familiar with are top blogging millionaire like Neil Patel of, and Darren Rowse of,  Taking a cue from the success of these guys, we can thus but say that living the life of a free boss is very possible with blogging. But the big question that is very common among webmasters is:

How do I make more money from Blogging?

Like I said it’s a very famous but technical question among many rookie webmasters. Because monetizing a blog today would always seem to be an easy task for any newbie to handle but to be frank, it’s one of the biggest challenges many rookie webmasters are persistently at war with. Since getting AdSense approval is not quite easy these days.

So in an attempt to find the best solution to this question or an alternative to AdSense many of these newbie webmasters end-up spending their lifetime working for ads network that turns out to pay them pennies for their effort, just because they wanted to be among this list of guys earning their living from blogging too quickly – Selling of ads was always considered as the cheapest and fastest means to make more money from blogging.

But did they reach their goals with such method ? with this post I hope to share with you some very few but authentic alternative methods of making money from blogging better than selling of cheap Ads that may compromise the standard of your website, if not ads from marketing giant like Google AdSense. These methods I will share with you soon are well-proven methods that have always yielded good results when applied.

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Though I am aware that some other webmasters, before now had shared with you millions of possible ways you can also make money from blogging. But the obvious truth about their list is when we cross-examine all of them shared by different webmasters it all narrows down to just these;

Top 5 Authentic alternative methods of making money from blogging

Ever since many of these Ad networks aside AdSense became very crappy and dodgy with Ads traffic reporting, every webmaster now cherishes the idea of an alternative means of making money from their blogs and aside from the inconsistency in ads, traffic reporting from this ad-network, when we consider also the effort you put in every day to maintain your blog up to standard, the kind of remuneration you get from this Ads network is absolutely discouraging.

I mean you would work your ass up daily to drive thousands of traffics and leads to these Ads from your site, only to get paid out of pity from these Ad network owners. That I say is not good enough, so if you are still with me let’s check out these very authentic alternative methods of making money from blogging;

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is an aged rugged way of making money from blogging, very old but still working! Now let me tell you something, how would you feel if you have the chance to give a kicker-punch to some of these Ads networks for the pennies they reward you, am sure you wouldn’t miss such opportunity.

This is what affiliate marketing means, kick out the middle man between you and the advertiser, meet this advertiser one on one and discuss the terms of the game, fix a price, and get rocking. Affiliate marketing is an excellent means of making money from blogging and it pays even better than selling Ads.

There are very many big industries like Amazon, AliExpress, Gearbest, Godaddy, Domainking, etc. in search for webmasters like you to help them promote or sell their products online, all you need do is get in touch with any of them that suit your niche and get rocking as soon as possible. But if you do love variety as I do, then you have to check out these other Affiliate marketing Hub;

These Affiliate marketing hubs are the very best in the industry. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to change your blog earning with any of these Affiliate marketing hubs. But before you set sail you should read this E-book on affiliate marketing to get a detailed understanding of the game.

  1. Start an Email Marketing Service

One secrete to being a successful blogger is retaining your readers, it starts from collecting their email addresses and other personal details if necessary. If you are able to grow the numbers of your blog subscribers, count yourself wealthy because over one million online marketers are just too willing to pay you generously just to drop some few words in the mailbox of your followers.

This method pays more than selling ads on your site for pennies. So if you had a website but you were not collecting emails from your readers, you need to start doing so now because the number one dream of every marketer to reach out to more audience is expanding rapidly. Don’t be left out!

  1. Give your Blog to Advertisers

You might think you know this one, but do you know it pays far better than ads? Today there is a fast-rising number of product owners and online marketers in search of blog owners to utilize their blog in promoting their products or service to its audience.

It just likes writing a review but this time you don’t do the writing, these marketers write their own reviews to paste it on your blog and they pay you for it. This method really works great with website or blog with a good reputation or social media traffic.

But since you are just starting and you obviously do not have all that reputation yet, you can still enjoy the benefit of this method in making money from blogging as a newbie. How? All you need do is to Sign-up on platforms like ADSY they don’t sell Ads but they can connect you with marketers in search of blog owners like you. So don’t waste any time further join the move

  1. Sell your own Product

It is even much better to sell your own products or services to your readers than sell Ads on your site. Presently there are over one billion people scouring the internet in search of diverse products or services to address their needs. So the question is what do you have to offer?

There are a dozen and one service anyone can sell online, it could be anything from consulting services, relationship/career counselor or anything pricey you have substantial knowledge about and you know people in a particular geo-location would be interested in – that’s just great enough for you to start selling.

One good thing I love about this method is that for every profit you make, you keep it all it’s only just a matter of what you have for sale.

  1. Write for other Webmasters

Now let’s crown it up; if you are very good at writing, you should consider exchanging that service for some good money. There are over one million website owners that are willing to pay you just to write quality blog post or reviews for them at a fair price setting at $15 to $200 per post.

This kind of service is very lucrative and famous on platforms like Fiverr but I encourage you to join networks like; contena, eCommerce insider, and Listverse. These networks have been there for ages, so I can say I share some level of trust for them, or rather you may decide to create your own website to sell this kind of service. That would be so cool! so get on it and tell how it went later.

make more money

Now be that as it may, you have successfully gone through my Top 5 Authentic methods of making money from blogging; I would like you to keep this word safe “Victory is always possible to the one who refuses to stop fighting” as you read these essential recommendations by me;

My Final Word

Living the life of a free boss is very possible with blogging. But the truth is success in any facet of the business is a more function of common sense as the greatest achievements of life is usually attained with the application of simple ethics and the exercise of extraordinary qualities. Please encourage us by sharing this post with someone today. Thanks

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