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When top-grossing marketing geeks and blogging rookies like Neil Patel and Brian Dean recommends a plugin like SEO squirrl for WordPress users, it is regarded as a top-level marketing strategy but when you get to utilize the service of such a plugin you would discover the untold benefit that over 1000 internet marketing experts could not tell in a million review.


Seo Rules

Undoubtedly trusting the word from a top salesman like Brian Dean as a newbie WordPress user is like getting a free consultancy service from Mckinsey & Company. If I recall specifically when I decided to move my website from blogger to WordPress the journey of getting to the top of my trench was only going to be achieved utilizing the best search engine optimization plugin that was crafted with webmasters in mind. Your best suggestions would be as good as mine.

But the fact that personally I don’t like going with the numbers, exploring new things was more of an inborn thing that no one could explain. I came to know about SEO Squirrl after going through one of Neil Patel’s recommendation posts for WordPress users and today I can tell you of how much of a blessing using this SEO plugin has been to my blogging career.

You might find it had to believe but when I take you through the pro and cons of Seo Squirrl only then will you be able to appreciate the beauty of this plugin:


SEO squirrl has gradually become an irresistible plugin like Yoast for WordPress users, with about 1000 content marketing expert staking their necks for SEO squirrl. As a second runner up on the list of SEO plugin, Seo squirrl is guaranteed to help you get to the top of Google in a short time by assisting you to create quality content that is more search engine friendly and human friendly.

With an advanced keyword research tool, you don’t only get to rank high for the best keywords but also get copyright-free images to include on your next blog post, all these you can do with just a few clicks of a button. Giving SEO squirrl a try today is the best way to put a stop to those boring SEO tutorials or webinars that sucked your time.

Features of SEO Squirrl

  • SEO Live assistant
  • Advance Keyword Research tool
  • Performance analytics
  • Blog Audits
  • Copyright-free images
  • Social Media Audits
  • SEO Analytic for each post
  • Exact Google ranking for pages
  • Facebook open Graph, twitter card and Google+ support
  • Automatic meta tag generation
  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • And Lots more…

Putting SEO Squirrl in comparison Test

Putting SEO squirrl in comparison test to other SEO plugins that you might want to recommend will only yield one result; A display of SEO squirrl’s 108 uncompetitive features.

Am so confident in that? Because comparing the pro version of SEO plugin like Yoast to the pro version of squirrl you will discover that SEO squirrl offered more marketing tools than Yoast even though the cost is high with squirrl. However, we do not dispute the fact the SEO plugin like Yoast is a great tool for website optimization.

In the word of Neil Patel he referred to SEO squirrl as a complete marketing suite for any marketer that wants to grow or make sales online. But however the case maybe it is left for you to draw your own conclusions. As the choice of plugins to use on your WordPress site remains your primary responsibility depending on your kind of business.

In conclusion, this review can only stand as a guide to your decision on selecting the best SEO plugin. But if you don’t feel satisfied yet I recommend you Try SEO SQUIRRL or Click here for more details Please don’t  forget to give us a stumble if you think this guide was helpful or rather leave us a comment to add your input we appreciate it.

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Professor .Shaka · July 14, 2018 at 8:53 pm

Very interesting post thanks for sharing such great post.

SEO Aim Point · March 30, 2019 at 11:48 am

I was really wondering why Neil Patel recommended SEO squirrl. Thank you so much for letting us know the reason behind the same.

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