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Like you already know it, the market for new Jobs has become highly competitive. As a Job Seeker, you would need to be more prepared and well-polished if you ever want to be hired. Even the gainfully employed today still have to learn new ethics on how to stay safe during the company’s downsizing.

Believe me, Job hunting can be very daunting and frustrating at certain levels when you don’t utilize the best tools or have the right contacts. Unprecedentedly, I have seen a lot of resumes end up in the trash for 1 million or a few hundred reasons. But why?

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Going through different blogs and websites you would have read some of the very obvious reasons why your last application was not favored, so for this review, I have no intention of adding to that list.

But rather I would like to share with you some essential career apps that can help you build a competitive edge before your next offer arrives. Come and let’s take a dive;

5 Professional Apps for Job Seeker- App Review

One of the very obvious reasons why a potent applicant would get the rejection flag as shared by rookie career advisers was based on the inabilities of many applicants to differentiate themselves from others. Now this will not be a formal introduction of as you would have already heard of it, but if not is an online educational platform that hosts several online courses from thousands of universities across the world.

As a student with, you can begin to build that competitive edge as you build your resume with relevant certificates from prestigious tertiary institutions across the world. has been the number one career building hub for many job seekers after their first degree programs; one remarkable feature of is the ability to learn on the go with its mobile app version. Here is Link to get registered with

Resume Builder.

It’s good to gather all the necessary skills and certificates with but to organize all that into an irresistible resume; you would need a good resume builder.

Though there are many career rookies on Fiverr and Upwork that can help you with that; but if you would rather get it done yourself I would recommend you utilize a stunning android app like Resume Builder by Nithra Edu solutions.

This android app is free for use and available to help you create that professional and compelling resume in a space of 5 minutes or less. Resume Builder would also help you create attractive cover letters that could get you an invitation for an interview for your targeted job. Here is a link to download the resume builder.

Interview Questions and Answers Mobile App

Getting into the head of your potential employer to uncover what they are in search of in an employee is what I call a pre-planned job-seeking ritual that would help you secure a space ahead of time. But the big question is how do you do this without getting caught? Another well-formulated android app that can handle this kind of task for you is the interview Questions and Answers by Divya Jivan. This stunning android app provides you with accurate answers to some of the basic questions asked by many employers in any field of choice. Click here to give it a try

Indeed Job Search

Now that you have acquired the right knowledge and career-building skills from, a well-crafted resume from resume builder, and intensive knowledge on possible questions and their corresponding answer from your employer, it’s time to go find you that dream job.

Though there over one million job search app anyone would recommend I trust indeed job search for their diversity and prompt update on a new job offer. Follow this link to install indeed job on your android devices.


As you have begun your search for a job, it is necessary you encourage a good relationship with a potential employer on social media platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social network that can help you get connected with numerous employers and also search for the latest openings in big industries.

The good thing about using LinkedIn to get familiar with potential employers works in two ways; first, you get to learn more about your employer’s kind of business, and second, such a relationship could speak well for you on the day of the interview.

LinkedIn is a complete app for any job seekers, it completes my list for top 5 professional apps for job hunters. Here is a link to create your profile on LinkedIn

Check out these extras:

But however, If you think you were ace during that interview but still couldn’t secure the offer, I suggest you still maintain your hope as the right one may just be your next offer, so pick-up your searchlight and get hunting again.

But I’m way over the moon confident about these 5 professional apps for job seekers as many who have used any of these recounts their success story using such apps. Giving them a try wouldn’t cost you much and please I encourage you to share this piece with a friend or give us your hearty suggestion via the comment section I would appreciate it.

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