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Just like you may already know, I like making my life much easier than difficult that was why some time ago I wrote on a topic I titled essential keyboard shortcut for smart people. So when it comes to business matters I leverage some of the best partners in my field to enable me work smart and stress free.  I started blogging some years back and as a quick starter I set off on a BlogSpot blog to push out my dream of sharing more insight on trending topics but early enough I discover some limitation to that dream using blogspot to share my stories so i decided to move over to wordpress.


Blogger to wordpress


This is my story

To move from blogger to wordpress I had to read a lot of articles on blogs like shoutmeloud and Neil Patel as both blogs have been a great influencer to, after my research I concluded that the migration exercise wasn’t going to be as easy as i thought, making sure I don’t lose or break my current links or present ranking status on Google, I decided to seek for partners who understand Job better than i do but the cost was something to give more attention to, as i would require a budget of $600 to $1000 to successfully migrate from blogger to wordPress. You would find my budget checklist below;

  • wordPress web hosting plan                                                  $36 on Bluehost basic Plan
  • Internet cost                                                                              $50
  • Cost of hiring a wordPress expert to handle migration     $500

                                                                  TOTAL   =  $586

This was an investment that deserved careful consideration. Hovering around the internet for some few minutes I came in contact with a home-based reliable partner who promised to handle 80% our migration process from blogger to wordpress at a complete zero extra charges can you imagine that. Unbelievable you would say, but we did move our blog from blogger to wordpress using Domainking at a complete zero extra charge, all I was required to pay was just a meager some of $12.5 for a wordPress hosting plan for one year.



Now if you don’t already have a hosting plan you would need to purchase one and get a custom domain name with domainKing for this migration but if you do have self-hosted blog with other domain registrar you might want to consider moving over to domainKing for a reliable service.

The fact that you are reading this now means that you are not too savvy on web coding or setting up a wordpress site that is the very reason I would like to recommend you visit DomainKing and have a one on one chat with their team. Domainking is a reliable web hosting and domain Registrar industry providing exceptional service to Asian and African countries, that is not to exclude Europe and America. DomainKing at present is hosting over 600K website across the globe. Some of the freebies you get purchasing a host plan from DomainKing include;

  • Free domains on any web hosting plan you purchase
  • Free DNS Management
  • Free assistance on blogger to wordpress migration
  • 2 Free Emails with every Domain
  • Free Privacy Protection and free SSL certificate
  • 5X time faster Loading wordpress site
  • 24/7 skilled technical Support team
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Unlimited sub-domain
  • Anti-Spam and virus protection
  • Secure FTP Access
  • And many more

Once you have successfully purchase a web hosting plan with domainKing, you may now grab a glass of juice and allow domainKing get busy.

After the migration what you must do next?

As soon as you get the notification from domainking that your blog is now live on wordpress, 80% of the job is done but here are few other necessary steps you are require to take to get the other 20% done.

First you would have to install a nice theme to give your site that professional look it deserve and then o on to set your permalink structure to look exactly like what you have on blogger. If you don’t want you site give 404 error when your site is been crawled by search engine.

To get this done; On the dashboard of wordpress app click on settings >>> from the drop-down menu click the permalink button and check the radio button beside the custom permalink structure and add this: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html. You should see screenshot below

Blogger to wordpress

Next on your wordPress dashboard you would need to locate the plugin section and click on Add-New then on the search tab, search for the following plugins and install them. why? I will tell you as we proceed;

Blogger to wordpress

Essential WordPress Plugins to install after migrating from blogger to wordpress


Now that you have moved from blogger to wordpress, Redirection is an awesome wordpress plugin design for wordpress users to manage 301 redirection and 404 errors. This plugin will typically clean up your site for any redirection issue that may occur during migration from blogger to wordpress, keeping your ranking intact. One exciting news about this plugin is the fact that it completely free for use. Yes! No fear of subscription expiration, use it for a lifetime.

SEO Squirrl

Another plugin you would want to consider is SEO Squirrl, if you are the type that don’t go with the trend this plugin will do much for you in optimizing your content for search engine, SEO squirrl will not only optimize your content for better ranking but also offer you keyword research tool that would write better article all for free or premium plan. To add seo squirrl you may click here.

SEO Yoast

As the number one seo plugin, Yoast remains the most widely used plugin by wordpress user with over 1million active installation. Yoast plugin is highly recommended by, you may also install this plugin but please do not install both squirrl and yoast on your site it could result in overlapping of plugin and your site could break or become slow to load.

WP Super Cache

Websites that load faster rank high on search engines like Google, to speed up your site you would need a plugin like wp super cache. This plugin help to serve a compress and cached file to your site visitors, and reducing the load on your server.

With these basic plugin installed and active your website or blog will run smoothly without issues. There are many other plugins you may want to explore but remember to keep a close watch on the number of active plugins to avoid the effect of overlapping plugin.

Now for this reason, if you live anywhere around Africa or Asia, Europe and America DomainKing is certainly be a better option to host you next blog or website at an affordable cost starting at $1/ month isn’t that super cheap.

Moving from blogger to wordpress doesn’t have to be too much of a burden if we have the right partners to keep us safe at all-times. If you still have a blog or website hosted on free platform like but interested in moving over to wordpress like I did, you should go on and have a chat with domainKing support team and you would never have a cause to regret your decision. My case was nothing too different from yours but today I have my website live on wordpress without moving a muscle, isn’t that a life you would wish for, Domainking made it a reality. Now we can be able to boast of better ranking as we continue to write.

But did I tell you what really motivated our migration from blogger to wordpress?

No! If you are here and you were interested in growth like I do, then you may understand my motivation for migrating from blogger to wordpress. No disputing the fact that is an awesome platform for early starter like you already know but having your website on could bring you more benefit that you could never have imagined in a short time. Being an ardent student of Neil Patel an online marketing expert and blogging geek I have come learn of the enormous benefit of wordpress, I will share some these with you;

Benefit of having a WordPress Blog compared to Blogger

  • Better Search Engine Optimization

This is one major motivating reason webmasters want to move their blogs or sites over to wordoress. WordPress is extremely search engine friendly, content on wordpress blog have a better chance to rank high on Google compared to content posted from a blogspot blog.

  • Ease of Use

Even to web coding dummy, wordpress is much easier to maintain compared to its other competitors. It takes apparently few seconds to install any plugin or lesser effort to manage your content from the wordpress dashboard, it also allow multi users.  WordPress is simply a plug-in and plug-out platform that cut out the cost of hiring a web programmer. No need to mess with the codes to add any flavor to your site.

  • WordPress Plugins to make your site perform better

With more than 40,000 readily made plugins available for use, you can add whatever flavors to your site to enhance its performance. This is the beauty of wordpress.

  • Security

When it comes to security issues wordpress is decently secured from any vulnerability. You can also add a simple plugin like wordFence to keep your site secure.

  • E-commerce Ready

If you are not just interested in blogging alone but have a product you would like to sell wordpress is an excellent platform to display your product with the help of plugins like Woocommerce, you can turn your entire site into a market place.

To a large extent you would agree with me that the benefit of having a wordpress blog is unending compared to a blogspot blog. Keep in mind moving from blogger to wordpress does not automatically imply better ranking on search engines, there are other factors you must also pay key attention to if you want to get to the top of your trench.

These recommendations would be very helpful


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