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Who said building a mobile app is a complex shit you shouldn’t mess with!! Well, our lives could be more fun if we learn the right tools to play with. There are over a thousand smart tools readily available on the internet today that could enable you to work smart or make your life stress free with just a few clicks on a mouse, its likes living in Disney World.

Smart App Builder

Now, what if I tell you – without any coding knowledge you could start building mobile apps for private use or as a service on Fiverr. How cool will that sound? Long ago to manage a mobile app you would need to be a coding geek on JAVA, CSS, AJAX, or XHTML, etc. but with my 7+ essential drag and drop mobile app builder for newbie life just got more fun than ever no need for a coding lesson.

With this 7+ essential drag and drop mobile app builder you are not required to write any kind of special code to create or run your Mobile app, everything is readily made at the back-end of each tool. Simply select your preferred template to get set Asap, it takes typically less than an hour to build a mobile app with each of these tools even for a newbie reading this guide.

7+ Essential drag and drop Mobile App builder For Newbie

1. XOJO 


Xojo is one awesome and professional app builder with a friendly user interface (UI) for both newbies and experienced developers. Though not very new on the internet, this tool got so much potential and functionality that would help you build that stunning and super amazing app to promote your business online.

Apps build on Xojo can be shared across platforms like Andriod/iOS, windows macOS, and Linux without changing any line of codes – that fabulous right? Working with Xojo brings flexibility and structure to play – it takes only 3 steps to get started on Xojo. Simply download the Xojo software, create your Xojo account and Launch your very first app with its drag and drop user interface.


Using iBuildApp you can create mobile apps for both Andriod and iOS with few mouse clicks. The iBuildapp software is natively designed with over 1000 new templates for newbie with no coding knowledge. It’s obviously an excellent tool for business promotion.

The iBuildapp software comes in professional and Business plan for $23 to $60 each. iBuildapp is very unique for its analytic tool that helps in monitoring your app’s usage and performance on mobile app stores, it takes less than an hour to develop and publish your app on Google play store and Apple app store. Would you like

check out this tool now? Click Here.

3. APPY-Pie


Make a unique app with unique functionality using Appy-pie mobile app builder. Trusted by over 1 million business owners worldwide Appy-pie pride’s in producing super amazing apps just as easy as making a piece of pie.

Appy-pie support team is second to none plus No need to sign-up for an account before you are able to build your first dream app, you can even start now. Appy-pie is a completely free to build a mobile app platform made just for you.

It easy to get through in just three steps; chose a name and category for your app, select the best layout from the already made free templates, add content, and Publish. Don’t waste any time further you can still live your dreams today with Appy-pie.


The Andriod app market is unstoppably growing very fast with more than 1 million Andriod apps installed in over 1.5 million devices activated daily across the globe – this is just the right number to make some cool cash if you know what am talking about.

But how do you do that with zero coding knowledge? Andromo can help you build that astonishing app without writing any code. Andromo uses Google official android SDK to build your app, it is basically the best platform that builds apps only for the Andriod market – it’s not a cross-platform mobile app builder like Appy-pie or the others mentioned here but still a handy choice though.

Andromo makes building android app a lazy man’s job with its simplicity and friendly user interface, I call it the click and watch mobile app builder. You should get started now

5. APP Yet 

 APP Yet 

Not too different from others, App yet is one of the best online platforms to convert your websites into an Andriod app with just a few clicks. All you need do is to sign-up on App yet, provide links to your RSS/Atom feed or website, sit back and wait for your app to be ready. This tool is extensively useful for bloggers or web owner who wants to catch-on the wide and forever growing audience from the Andriod market. You can start using this tool from here.

Ok, finally Good-barber made it to our list. Good-barber is another fascinating mobile app builder that I would recommend you check out now, though not free goodbarber is a perfect place to develop native and progressive web apps for cross-platform like iOS and Andriod. With over 30,000 Apps published, good-barber stands out as a top-ranked mobile app builder in the market for an app builder. For business owners, Good-barber is an excellent tool for business promotions. Try it now


Mobile App
Completely free, no plan, no subscription, no limitations just sign-up and create your first mobile app today – Unimaginable right? This is what I call the free money making machine because you create for free and still make good money when AppsGeyser monetizes your App. AppsGeyser comes in a very easy to navigate user interface for the newbie developer and experienced app developer. It takes about 2 to 5 minutes to get your app ready on AppsGeyser. why not try it out


The market for drag and drop mobile app builder is growing rapidly with more tools emanating on a daily basis. But if efficiency and productivity is the target for you and your team member then these 7 plus essential drag and drop mobile app builder will be very handy while maintaining a budget.

I believe this guide will save you time and money when you learn the best tool to use for your projects. I remember some time ago I shared something like this on the “Top 10 best infographic creator for online marketer” that received a lot of recommendation from readers and top internet marketer, this list will do no less but make a super App developer in no time.

I am sure you enjoyed reading this post, please share with others on social media or let us know if you have any other suggestions on smart mobile app builder via the comment section. Thanks


Ekemini · June 29, 2018 at 8:05 am

it’s 100% working…I tried d andromo app builder nd it worked….its 100% free ..I now have an app
Tnks for d info

    kelvin Ehiozefe · June 29, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    You are welcome Ekemini. Thanks for your feedback, we glad to be a lift in your stride.

    Please keep checking for new updates

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