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If there is anything to write about business apps and software it would be based on their inclusiveness in business and how they help to resolve complex business issues with less effort or help in expanding the scope of our business.

Today starting a small business is obviously a great idea to anyone, but its success is distinctively depend on the rightful applications of several business tools recommendable by marketing experts.

The failure to leverage the services of such apps and software could make your work as a business owner a heavy burden whereas integrating one or two of such apps can guarantee a high success rate in your kind of business.

Just as you would have it, the market for business apps or software is consistently on the rise; the choice to make is your primary responsibility – with diverse apps or software introduce on a daily base picking the best could be very difficult at this time.  

Keeping the issue simple and simplified I decided to put together this list of apps and software that would serve its purpose in any kind of business you manage.

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10 Business Apps and Software for Small Business Growth


Surprise to find this on our list? If you think of growth like I do now taking your business from it remote nature today to an online platform like WordPress would not only boost the credibility of your business but also expand your coverage beyond your imagination.

Everyone knows the benefit of putting their business online but choosing the right platform to do so is a problem. WordPress is one of the best online software among others to register the presence of your business online.

Google My Business

It’s not just enough to register your presence online, a step further would be to inform giant search engines like Google about your services. When we talk about creating that professional imprint for your business Google My Business helps tremendously in achieving that goal.

Introduced by Google, Google my business is free, easy to use business tool that helps to create a profile or manage your business information for Google search and Maps, and also create the opportunity to interact with a customer outside your geo-location give and take


Everyone gets really grouchy scouring shelves filled with millions of files and documents covered in dust just to find a single paperwork or rather toting bags full of gadget containing all sort of documents. Take note, if you were running a small business without fire insurance policy, in times of an outbreak you could lose many sensitive documents you may never be able to recreate.

The introduction or use of DropBox in business takes away all that stress and risk from you utilizing cloud saving alternative, business life becomes easier with DropBox. Just with a single virtual link, linked to all your internet-enabled devices you can easily save all sensitive file in the cloud and access it from anywhere at any time.


Obviously maintain a working order promote that sense of professionalism you always want to display before your customers. The inclusion of Evernote in your business can help you organize your time schedule spanning from business meetings, appointments, and special dates.

Evernote is highly essential to any business not just because it’s totally free, but also for every saved appointment on evernote it can be easily accessed from different sources like your computers or any other mobile devices you own.


Believe me, every fashionable business idea needs promotion to survive. Using animated video ad creators like AdReel can help tell your story faster than writing a full-page article for email bombing even though that is good.  

In line with the survey done by Kpcb.com it was concluded that video ads generated 74% of traffic that converted to sales in 2017, it is very obvious that viewer retains 95% of the message from a video ad than from full-page banner ad. With AdReel it takes only 120 seconds to create a video ad, you can also generate a script code of your video ad and share it anywhere.

Reading recommendation:

Square Point

Never miss a single chance of purchase from clients because they are only interested in making card payments stay prepared with square point of sale app. This is one remarkable business app every business owner should have installed on their smartphone device.

The square point of sale app is an android app that helps business owners receive payments from clients using ATM cards and send receipts. It also helps a business owner to track sales and inventory in real-time.


Keeping record is one key strategy for monitoring the growth of any business. Adminosoft is totally free accounting software developed by a small business owner for small businesses to keep records.

Adminosoft has essentially all accounting modules you could wish for in any professional accounting software like general ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger, etc. You should try Adminosft now.


Life is much easier with QuickBooks online accounting software, you now have the right partner to do all your bookkeeping tasks, billing, and invoicing on the go. Get secure access to your data, track cash flow, and create comprehensive reports like balance sheet and also keep a record of your profit and loss all at one spot with QuickBooks. Over 1 million business owners trust QuickBooks you too can take advantage of its services now.


Trusted by over a million business owners, Mailchimp helps you keep that close relationship with your buyers, creating and send email updates on your newest product to your old and new client. Mailchimp is available as online software and also as an android app for convenience.

WhatsApp for Business

Turn your regular hello pal into customers using WhatsApp for business just as easy as said. You can now communicate more directly with your customers via mobile than utilizing the regular email bombing method. Sending of email could be very costly on small businesses like yours but with WhatsApp for business you can make free local and international calls, texting, and sharing multimedia with clients on the go.

Extras (Learn more about these other tool and how they could be handful to your business)




Business calendar


The list for a business app cannot be completed with just a single post like this, as the market for business app stays on the rise. Adding your suggestions via the comment section would be much appreciated by other business owners in search of tools to grow.

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