What to Expect from the next generation of Desktop computers

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No doubt, in this new age Computers have tremendously impacted the way we handle our daily tasks, spanning from medicine, entertainment, business, communication, and education.

This computers from their usual form have become even more sophisticated that a small business owner can now manage his/her business from a single spot using a private PC or Desktop computer cutting the cost for renting office space


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Now, with so much revolution going on in the technology sector we notice that even our archaic Desktop computer wasn’t left out, receiving a massive improvement in terms of speed, storage, and operating system our desktop computers retain relevance. So today we want to take a brief view of the expectations for the next generation DesKtop computers:

==>What would they look like?

==>How will they be differentiated from what we have now?

What will the next generation of Desktop computers be like

Looking at the level of improvement our archaic Desktop computer has experienced, we can say the next generation of Desktop computer;

⟹Would run on a higher version of Windows OS, Let say Windows 9 Home or 12 Home.

⟹The next generation of Desktop computers will definitely be an All-in-One computer device ( ie combining both CPU and Monitor together) easy to carry about.

⟹Combine 16 GB DDR4 memory

⟹Equipped with 1- 2 TB HDD storage space to keep all your files in one place

⟹For Processors – AMD  or Intel Processor depending on maker.

⟹Comes with a Display of 27.8” FHD ZBD WLED Anti-Glare (1920×1080) IPS, 250nit, 14ms, 72%, LVDS

⟹Optical drive – Ultra Slim-tray SuperMulti DVD burner

⟹Networking – 802.11b/g/n (1×1) and Bluetooth® 4.0 M.2 combo

⟹Keyboard and mouse -Wireless Keyboard with volume control

⟹Power supply -120 W AC power adapter

⟹With Memory slots -2 DIMM

⟹Energy efficiency – ENERGY STAR certified; EPEAT Silver registered

⟹Dimensions (W X D X H) – 20.8 x 7.51 x 17.55 in

⟹The next generation of Desktop computers will also carry Li-ion Battery to keep you working long hours even without power supply.


Certainly, the next generation of Desktop computers will be manufactured to take the centerpiece of your home or office, taken up less space while adding a modern touch to your desk. If you were among the few with bitter experience from the archaic and cumbersome designs of desktop computers from 1997, stay tuned as you prepare to witness another mind-blowing experience with technology.

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