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Now lets me ask you this question!

How are your readers interacting with your Blog? Listen up have got something important to share with you now, As a blogger or webmaster it very important you monitor the way readers or visitors interact with your blog to maintain a constant low bounce rate that would boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

Writing a 25000-word post may be one step in the right direction to improve search engine optimization and reduce bounce rate on your site, but how sure are you that a visitor to your site will return after going through your post! Facts showed that some readers get irritated with excessive long post and others wouldn’t waste too much time going through an excessively long post. Below you will find my recommendations on how to retain your readers with an engaging post.
Why make a post with 25000 words
If you are in the business of writing a very long post, this is the time for you to try something new that works. Why make a post with 25000 words if you can break such excessively long post to give you two unique post, this is not about re-writing your article but given your readers a reason to ask for more after going through your post. its just like seeing the VIKINGS season 2 movie at the cinema, you can tell me your reaction when you heard season 3 & 4 was out. This is the kind of feeling you too can create or instill in your readers with your post. Now you are thinking about it, well that is not all. This will lead us to our next recommendation
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How would you get your readers to read both posts? 
Now that you know how to split your, the next thing you want to know is How would you get your readers to read both posts? This is a little bit easier to do than you thought– if you are not already doing so, in each post  let say you label the post A & B, for post A you will need to place a link to post B. The only thing to watch out for here is to endeavor to place this links where reader can easily click.


Try Related Post widget
This method has been proven to be the best method of improving site user interaction with a very low bounce rate. Yes, it works like magic! If you haven’t added the related post widget on your blog you need to do so now! Adding a related post widget to your site keeps a reader from leaving your site after they arrive. Related post widget help to recommend your best post readers making them stay longer on your site.
Just in case you need a related post widget for your blog but unable to script-write one! guess what? I got good news for you on how you can make your own related post widget with ease.  I found some very good site that would be of immense help to you creating a related post widget without writing any form of CSS/HTML code, all you need do is just copy and paste or install directly to your site, it is that quick and easy to integrate.
1. Use EngageYa: EngageYa is related post widget service delivering site that will create free related post widget for your site. EngageYa also offers the opportunity for you to earn with your related post widget by engaging in traffic exchange that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, you get 50% for every lead generated from site to a third party site. You can also participate in their referral program. I hear they pay well for that too. Check out EngageYa for more details.
2. Try LinkWithin: This another superb related post widget site. Linkwithin is a very popular web tool that has been around on the internet for quite some time now. There is No fear of them shorting down anytime soon. The fascinating fact about  LinkWithin is that they create for you related post widget and install directly to your site with just a click of a button No fear of messing around with codes or wrong insertion of codes. Learn more on LinkWithin
I will have to end it here. To rank high on search engines is achievable if you apply the right procedures, tricking search engines can never the best option to rank your site high. Making quality and engaging post that addresses the need of your readers would do better than adding little tricky code. Lastly, promote your site invest more time in traffic building as every business needs promotion likewise your blog!


Mike · July 8, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Great work, i been searching for a related post widget, i tried many similar codes non seem to be working perfectly but after going through your guide it was more easier than i taught. thank you so much bro for the review you been of immense contribution to my blog

Ayo Olori · July 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm

This is a great resource for newbie. bros weldone

Makun · July 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm

Ur tips and tricks are tested and confirmed.Keep up with the update

kelvin Ehiozefe · July 9, 2017 at 6:09 pm

Thanks for all your positive comments

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