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How great the use of plugins has consistently expanded the way we use our WordPress site. Now if you remember correctly some months ago I made a post on the effect of overlapping plugins on a WordPress site.

But today, I want to share with you a Woocommerce Product Feed Plugin that is very necessary for every webmaster running an E-commerce site.

WooCommerce Product Feed generates product feed to Sync your products with multiple shopping engines you know. The main target of this plugin is to generate product feed, automatically update product information into feed file according to a given schedule, and sync your product to different shopping engines via HTTP or FTP.

Just so real buyers can get your product into shopping engines like Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, price runner, Nextag Amazon, eBay, and many more.


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A product feed is a.TXT, CSV, EXCEL or XML file which contain a list of products and their attributes (id, title, description, price, image, link and other attributes) in an organized way so that each product can be displayed into search engines, compared uniquely and can be advertised.


A shopping engine or comparison shopping engine is a type of website where a shopper can search for products based on price, feature, and other criteria and compare. The most popular Comparison Shopping Engines are Google Shopping, Pricegrabber, Pricewatch, Shopzilla, Amazon Seller, Nextag, eBay Commerce Network.


WooCommerce Product Feed has becomes ultimately essential if you are a merchant with an eCommerce store and want to get your product into a search engine or price comparison website or into an affiliate network. Product feed supply your product information to those online marketing channels so that buyer can easily find your products.

  • It is highly customizable, having access to 100+ merchant site  & also very responsive to user commands.
  • 10+ pre-configured template for Google Shopping, Google Adword,Amazon,Facebook,,,,,,,,
  • You can post your product feeds either manually from your site to shopping engines or you can also set FTP to post your feeds automatically to your desired engines.
  • Feeds are also accessible via HTTP or HTTPS. So that merchant can easily and automatically fetch product feed using given Feed URL.
  • There are 3 supported file formats for feeds. They are: XML, TXT, CSV.
  • Attribute Prefix and Suffix. You can easily add Marketing or Promo Text with Product Title, Description And it’s also possible to add Price symbol, currency code with a price.
  • Output formatting using Strip Tags, UTF-8 encode, Remove Space, CDATA, Htmentities, Price and Number format
  • Output Limitation. You can Limit output length according to your merchant feed specification.
  • Scheduled Feed Update
  • Auto Feed upload via FTP
  • Supported Merchants;

Google Shopping

Google Adwords

Facebook Catalog

Amazon Seller Ad

Bing Ads

Commission Junction (



Smart Filters help you to exclude the Non-Profitable, Out of Season, Hidden or Drafted Products you don’t want to share. Also, Its high filtering options help users to filter products according to product titles, price, availability of stocks, user ratings, total sales, and other extensive product specifications.

CATEGORY MAPPING (To Reach Your Buyer)

Categories are the most important key to getting products to the search result. It is best practice to assign most matching shopping engine categories to your store category for each product. During the creating of your feeds, you can also create a category for that particular product.

And after creating the category you’ll get an option to map it to your marketplace category so that you can make two categories aligned to each other. This process is totally dynamic by our plugin & you can map all of your categories to make it more relevant & reachable to buyers.


The Dynamic Attribute combines the powerful features of the WooCommerce Product Feed Pro with the ability to set your own conditions for any type of the attribute.

There are different types of Woocommerce product feed for users with different types & classes of products and services. So, they may need varieties of custom values to demonstrate their products.

And we are giving the options to make dynamic attributes as you need. Also, it is possible to generate the data feed file according to the search engine requirements without changing the attributes in your store.


The user can easily use any custom taxonomy or other WooCommerce plugin or extensions taxonomy value into the feed. For Example product Brand, Model No size, etc. So you can easily use those values into your feed.


Due to PHP execution time and memory limit, it’s not possible to process Thousands of products at a time. We have developed our plugin with the functionality to make a feed with batches.

The user can easily set Limit and Offset to make feed. This functionality is compatible with any type of server your WordPress is installed and any amount of products you have into your site.


It is possible to use any wp-options and post meta values into the feed. Most of the plugins used to save data as an option. So using the premium version of our plugin user can use any other plugin data to make feed including Advanced Custom Field, YITH Plugins, WooCommerce Booster (Jetpack), WooCommerce Brand, WooCommerce Tab Manager and Actually any Plugins.

In Conclusion

If you haven’t started using this product I recommend you do so soon. You may also Contact the product merchant for more info on this product via email: if you have used this product please leave a comment.


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