10 proven methods to make money working online from home

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If you are reading this now, you would have likely seen a lot of advertisements or come across diverse articles from online journals teaching you how to harvest thousands of dollars in few minutes,  while working online from the comfort of your home.

….But you are just too unfortunate to be among the few still asking this question “How true and how really profiting is it to work and earn online from home?”

Well, you can take a deep breathe now. As our focus for today’s discussion is about working online from home to earn a living. Although this topic has been highly emphasized by most bloggers and web-entrepreneurs- and many unlike you have gone ahead to take advantage of the opportunity.

But for those in your category, who still doubt if really it could be true to make a huge sum of money working online as a result of past experience with some scamming website promising to pay people thousands of dollars hourly just for doing a few tasks and end up not paying even a few a cent for the time spent.

Let me be frank with you,  it’s very true and possible to earn working online, but it might take a longer process or may be very difficult to earn a thousand dollar working online, nevertheless with much diligence you could still reach your greater height.

Hence, today in this post I want to share with you “10 feasible methods of earning at least $100 every week working online”—that’s like increasing your monthly income working from your underwear in the comfort of your home. Most of these methods I shall be discussing here may already be known to you but this post will give you more insight on earning more from these known methods and other few new methods of increasing income.


After going through this post I strongly believe that as you move to take action, it will impact greatly on your income and make you completely  independent;



Bitcoin money is one of the leading methods to earn working online. To some, it might be very strange or you heard of from a friend but never took the time to find out more about BITCOIN.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, virtual cash, cryptocurrency or internet money created and held electronically for online transactions invented by a scientist named Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s not controlled by any financial organization. Unlike dollars or euros Bitcoin isn’t printed- they are produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world. The value of Bitcoin is always APPRECIATING because it is hard to earn, limit in supply, and easy to verify.

How do you earn a bitcoin?

Though bitcoin is limited in supply or hard to earn, there are still some very cool and easy ways of earning this currency. See some ways to earn Bitcoin; Mine Bitcoin without wasting any time further you can start mining bitcoin from the comfort of your home without messing around with any sort of codes. All you need is to simply; SIGN-UP with MINERGATE ASAP!

Earn bitcoin from Gaming app

Now if you are among the many who love playing games just to waste every idle time you could start earning from each idle seconds by playing games online. This is very amazing and one of the fastest means of stocking bitcoin. Go on Download these games and earn for every level you complete.

Click here download some of the most reliable and high paying Bitcoin gaming apps

You can also try out a survey app from Google Play store. Please note- you can only earn more by downloading more bitcoin gaming app to your device.

Invest in bitcoin

From our brief easy on bitcoin, I told you that the value of bitcoin keeps appreciating, investing just a few bucks of dollars now on bitcoin might bring in millions in the nearest future. But if you want to see your money
grow very fast. Here are some very trusted investment companies that you could partner with;

  •     Join GENESIS MINE 

Click here to SIGN-UP WITH Genesis mine ( Use this Promo code sPX5lB)  

2 Become a Blogger

I do not intend to dwell more on this as there over 1 billion articles on the internet by several webmasters on how to become a successful blogger but what you may not have found out from these articles is the TRUTH on earnings from blogging- many young blogger dive into blogging with the hope of mining tons of dollars every month but got disappointed as the blogging ocean became too deep for them to comprehend.

If you want to succeed as a blogger and earn likewise here is what you must do. Having just one blog for monetization wouldn’t do the magic like you taught or may take you a longer period to reach your peak.

Don’t believe those bloggers who say you can earn up to $200 every day with one blog – the secret to earning such amount is by running more than one blog yes! – Imagine you have 5 – 7 blogs and you struggle to earn at least $6 from every 5 blogs daily that will give you a total of $30 – then in one week, you can do the math yourself.

Another way you can also earn very fast is by becoming an affiliate blogger, sell or promote other people’s products through your blog.

Buy the cheapest Hosting plan for your site

3 Sign up on Fiverr

We have all heard of fiverr.com and for those who haven’t, fiverr.com is a website where people sell all kinds of useful services at a fair price of $5. There are a variety of services available on Fiverr. Browse through the site to get a better idea of what Fiverr is about. Join Fiverr Now!

But can we make a $100 on Fiverr every week?

Yes, you can depend on your consistent activities on Fiverr and the kind of services you offer. But keep in mind that for every ‘gig’ you sell on Fiverr, you make $ 4 and Fiverr keeps $1.

4. Become an online video Tutor

Just like some of us chose to blog to guide others online you too can become an online tutor. An online tutor is one who offers teaching services via the internet on a particular subject of interest.

Becoming an online tutor can be very lucrative as the need for online teachers continues to rise daily especially from the U.S. and China. A lot of students in the U.S need online help for random homework, assignments, etc. there is also a huge number of Chinese students seeking online help.

How do you earn with this method?

There several ways to earn lucratively from this method;

Go online and apply for e-tutor jobs Create a YouTube channel an offer free online tutoring while you monetize the channel. To make more money always upload an often relevant video that satisfies people’s needs and try to monitor the growth of your listeners by asking them to apply what you have taught and given you their feedback.

How much can I earn from this method?

It now depends on you; you may charge your student as low as $3 – $40 per hour

5 Become an Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is another fast means of earning $100 every week. Yes, it solely depends on how smart and convincing you are in marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting people’s product to make a sale.

You are paid a commission on every sale you bring – excelling as an affiliate marketer begins with having a well-optimized website, signing up with top brands that offer good commission, and learn how to motivate people’s interest to buy your product.

How much can you make from affiliate marketing?

You could make more than a $100 dollar every week if you sign with up top brands offering a higher commission.

6 Bulk Sms Business

Consistently businesses and religious groups are seeking cheaper means to constantly be in touch with members or advertise a new product to their client. Offering a bulk SMS sending service to such organizations can only help breach this gap between the organizations and their client.

Other methods to Earn

7 Build and Sell websites

For those who are skilled in building website, you can start earning by building new websites to sell to those who may not have the knowledge of building one. This method of working to earn online can put in
your pocket $100 – $1500 per website sale. So get busy now, learn all the simple method of building and optimizing a good website.

This method could have been among my top 6 but the payment wasn’t constant reviewing from those in the business.

8 Get paid to write/post on Blogs and forums

Webmasters now appreciate those who have a flair for posting more articles online regularly in order to keep their forum lively or their blog fresh with new content, they are now ready and willing to pay you to
posting to their page or forum.

9 Get paid to read emails

There are many sites today that would pay you to read emails. These emails are nothing but advertisement emails from specific companies. You are only required to open those emails and click on the advertising link embedded within it. You get some few cents for clicking these links; you can go on now to search for sites that would pay you for your time reading emails.

10 Combine these 10 methods with other known methods to earn more

The only way to get more from working online from the comfort of our homes is to combine all these methods with other well researched and proven methods.

In Conclusion

For every method I have outlined here; they are proven, tested, and trusted ways of earning $100 every week. Go on now get dirty; apply these 10 methods and start earning big online. Remember to come back and share your testimony with us as you excel from working online.


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