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Where do you rank on Goggle?

You will never enjoy enough traffic if you keep ranking low on google. Higher ranking in google search engine is equivalent to the number of traffic your site would get. Hence, as you continue reading this piece, you are going to find out the best Practice for boosting website traffic.

In one of my earlier post, I stated that ‘’the volume of quality and organic traffic your site receives will be directly proportional to the amount of money you make if your site is monetized’’. From this phrase you would observe I used two keywords; quality and organic traffic can bring you as much money as you desire.

I know these days every webmaster would simply just invest some few bucks of dollars to buy traffic to their site. if you are concerned about the traffic that converts then you must look away from such practice because such practice would only do the following harm to your site without you knowing;

Bad Hacks to boosting site rank

1. Increase Bounce rate: it would sound very ok to buy traffic form every traffic monger you are in contact with, but did you ever take out time to find out the bounce rate for the volume of traffic you are about to invest on, I am sure you never did and now you wonder if that really matters? I am sorry to be the one to tell you that bounce rate is supreme for Google site ranking.

Google ranking

What is the meaning of Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the average time a visitor would spend on your site. A lot of this traffic monger never informed you about this and even when you asked they probably just assure you of a very low bounce rate but did you get what you want that is left for you to answer.

The higher the bounce rate the lower your page ranking and most time such traffic don’t even convert to impression if you monetize your site. Now for every traffic plan you invest in, keeping your eyes glued on the bounce rate is essential but as a webmaster it is crucial you learn how to create engaging content or post.

2. Reduce site rank: don’t be deceived not all traffic are genuine so be careful this may alter your site ranking.

3. Bot Traffic: this is another key point to consider when investing in traffic. As most of the traffic mongers use all manner of software or bots to generate traffic to your site and this is not good for a site that wants to rank high on Google.

What is the best practice for traffic building?

There are a million productive methods of increasing traffic to your site that wouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket or affect your site ranking.

Some of these practices are;

Adding useful and engaging content

There has been a statement or belief among webmasters that the use of quality content is king and queen of ranking high on Google this is very correct but how many of this webmaster is still producing such content, as many of them tend to copy one another or spin article from a free article directory.

It is very important that as a newbie webmaster you learn how to create quality and engaging posts or posts that satisfy the need of your readers and make you their first contact point.

      Submitting all of your pages to the Google index for free

This second practice is from Google support on how to increase traffic to any site. After adding content to your site you are expected to submit your entire page to Google using the Google search console and by doing so you make it very easy for the Google web crawler to do an effective and complete job in crawling your pages and hence, making it visible on search engines for readers.

      Use Google Adword to promote your page

Obviously, running a healthy site campaign remains one of the best practices of increasing site traffic as your site would always appear at the top of every search related to your page using google adword.

     Investing in SEO

There is no need to shying away from the truth, investing in SEO tools is the number one practice of ranking high on Google and increasing site traffic. The thought of SEO (search engine optimization) gives most webmaster migraines as the cost of investing in SEO could be very high.

But let’s not forget that when your site is well optimized only then you will get what I called quality and organic traffic to your site. If you run a site on a very low budget but want to invest in SEO here is one SEO tool I have used and found them worthy even with low price plan; Try Webtextool.

     Use Ping-O-Matic 

I don’t know how relevant this may sound to you or how well you know of this tool ping-o-Matic. Pingo-Matic is a free online tool that helps to inform search engines about the recent updates of your site, I advise you give this a thought as it could help a lot in broadcasting your site faster.


Well, this may be the much I can go on building or increasing your site traffic for now. You can also refer to other sites to learn more about traffic building but please be careful as many of these websites are orchestrated to lure you into investing in traffic that wouldn’t convert to impression or reduce the bounce rate of your site.

The use of quality content remains utmost in traffic building let no one tell you otherwise if you are the busy type and may not find enough time to create quality content for your site you may consider hiring someone to do that for you for a few bucks, but ensure the articles are fresh and has not appeared on search engines before.

At this point I would appreciate your comment on the best practice you have employed in increasing your site traffic, you can share this post with a friend.


nocoyegoja · October 23, 2018 at 12:57 pm

Thank you very much for this advice, indeed these tips are really helpful in achieving higher positions in Google.for content creation try – – which helps with the creation of articles with an optimal amount of keywords.

    kelvin Ehiozefe · November 11, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Thank for your kind words…please sign up for our latest updates

    kelvin Ehiozefe · November 11, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Thank for your kind words…please sign up for more updates

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