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For the savvy webmaster, the use of plugins has immensely expanded the way we use our WordPress site without having to learn any sort of coding’s but the limit to the use of these tools is not known by all.

This because the advantages of using plugins somewhat outweigh its disadvantages that savvy bloggers like you never consider the effect of overlapping plugins on WordPress sites. If you’re reading this now, you are probably already using WordPress and a handful of plugins that may be causing you issues. Before we press further on the effect of overlapping plugins, let’s have a brief knowledge of plugins.



What are Plugins?

I would define plugins as tools/programs that expand the way webmasters use their WordPress site or to extend the actual functionality of their WordPress site. There are varieties of plugins available for publishers use, hence this expository on the effects of overlapping plugins is poised on helping publishers in considering their choice of plugins.

This discussion on plugin wouldn’t be explicit without sharing a few thoughts on “Widgets” as many tend to mix these two

Unlike plugins that operate as program widgets are boxes or containers that wrap a few lines of text or complex scripts.

Now, What’s the difference between Plugins and Widgets?

There is a very tiny difference between plugin and widget in terms of functions- the effects of using plugins may not be as obvious as using a widget but they both help to make our website appear nice. with this understand  let’s find out the effects of overlapping Plugins on WordPress site;

Effect of Overlapping Plugin on WordPress

REDUCE SITE SPEED: For every active plugin you use on your site, it will slow down your site by some amount. Imagine that each active plugin slows down the site by 5 milliseconds (some more and some less) and if you have 20 active plugins that mean every page will take a tenth of a second longer to load than if no plugins were active. The more plugins you have, the greater the risk of problems occurring within your site.

REDUCE SITE SPACE: Plugins that overlap in services are just taking up valuable space and bandwidth, and potentially posing additional security risks. You simply don’t need 4 plugins that handle redirections, 6 plugins that create SEO, and 8 different social networking sharing plugins.

INTERFERENCE OF PLUGIN: Plugins can also conflict with other plugins or even themes posing high-security issues that could impact the user experience of your site greatly.


What number of plugins a webmaster is expected to use?

There is no actual figure on plugins to be installed, but the basic idea is to use only but the relevant ones, and remember to keep the number of plugins reasonable.

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It’s the belief of some tech experts that the number of active installs of any Plugins determines the genuineness of that Plugin, Hence

I recommend you use plugins that come from either the WordPress Repository or from trusted premium plugin developers as this trusted plugin providers will always provide updates to address any bugs or security issues, as well as updates to keep pace with the latest version of WordPress.

Wrapping UP

The use of plugins are very essential for any website but the numbers of plugins to be used on a site should depend on the functionality of the WordPress site. Though the effect of overlapping plugins may be very minimal but its impacts are enormous, so stay unique.



Saiful Islam Patwary · December 7, 2016 at 10:06 am

Yeah, you are right. By installing more plugin the site is slowing down more than the site which doesn't have any plugin. But the plugins will make the website perfect, right? Can you please review a woocommerce product feed plugin which could be best for the Woocommerce store?

    kelvin Ehiozefe · December 7, 2016 at 11:11 am

    indeed plugins make our website perfect but keeping a reasonable number of installed plugin is very essential. infoexposure is always ready to promote, review and share quality information with our readers spread across the globe, we shall do our best on the review. thanks

Nancy · May 9, 2017 at 7:02 pm

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