How to succeed as a Blogger for Newbies

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Before now bloggers were considered as lazy or idle geeks who couldn’t survive in the official world, but as technology advanced the need for more blogs arises to promote most of the recent development in science or create an avenue of profiling solution to some of the big question posed by technology- allowing users to share their views on every topic.

How to succeed as a Blogger


Today the blogging world has immensely enjoyed wide patronage and hence making the profession more profitable. The blogging profession became very profitable as internet users grew from 20% to 80% in the year 2008, marketers in the bit to meet up with sales forge a partnership with many of these blog owners to promote their product.

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As a result, more blogs have continued to emerge on a daily basis. The desire to succeed becomes NO.1 for every savvy blogger. So today I decided to share some very helpful tips on How to Succeed as a Blogger but first let’s find out who a blogger is;

Who is a Blogger? A blog is shortened from the phrase “weblog” and it could be referred to as a teaching hub, information-sharing platform, digital diary, or anything you want it to be.

The one who manages or uses a blog to share vital information is known as a Blogger while the act of creating content for a blog is called Blogging. Having that knowledge of “who is a blogger” we can now discuss how to succeed as a blogger. 

How to succeed as a Blogger….! Just as in every business it requires a lot of time to succeed blogging requires the following to excel;

         1.      Naming the blog: choose a name that explains the services of your blog and blog niche

         2.      Own your blog: use the self-hosted platform to host your blog

         3.      Work on Blog Appearance: use a nice theme, easy to navigate to display your content

       4.      Add quality content: in the blogging world, content is king and queen so always add quality content.

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        5. The type of content to use: Ensure the contents you upload are engaging or profiling        solution to peoples need

        6. Social media: Become social media friendly

        7. Be the savvy Blogger: Learn to explore a lot of things to give better advice to your                 followers

        8. AdvertisePromote your blog either by ads or via social media to bring organic traffic         to your blog


        10. Retry

Following this guide as easy as it may sound and irrespective of your blog niche you can be certain of getting a seat at the top of your trenches and nothing is about to stop you. But what do you understand by the word blog niche?

Before I wrap-up let me quickly add this; A blog niche is the particular interest your blog is centered on it could be business, technology, health, gardening, education, sports, fashion or lifestyle, etc.

Finally, I will conclude with this quote, “the world today is constantly seeking for people with ideas, what do you do with your brain? It’s up to you now to share the knowledge and save your future from invasion“. Join the team of solution givers and make your mark


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