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Even with much financial testimonies from  well established blogs like  you wouldn’t believe i still get the question- ”does blogging really pay that much?  from people like you. Well, the correct answer to such question would be your answer to this other question; why do you want to blog?

A Brief Recount

Earlier on, as the need for online marketing grew stronger  blogging became another lucrative business online for a few due to its high demand for programming skill, but recently with so much advancement in technology the blogging field has become overcrowded since the process of owning a blog became more simpler than we use to have.

The advent of dynamic web builder like, and others knocked out the need for having  the compulsory basic knowledge on HTML and CSS  programming. Now anyone who desires to own a blog can do so even without any technical knowledge.

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How Starting a Blog with BLOGGER,COM

Blogging is one of the legitimate ways you can make money online with a very low start-up requirement like having a desktop/ Laptop computer and a good internet facility.

If all is set you can follow me as i walk you through the process of hosting a new blog on free host BLOGGER to self-host BLOGER in 10 minutes with custom domain name. But first lets have a brief concept on custom domain

What do we mean by custom domain?

Custom domain name is the preferred name you choose to call your blog/ website for example or Using a custom domain name is very important as it makes your blog/ website appear more professional, unlike sites with or these kind of domain name may be regarded as site built by and inexperience blogger and in times of monetization such sites are rarely considered. The price of owning a custom domain name is considerably very low and equivalent to money we use for candy. You can get your top level (.com) domain name from as low as $3 to $6 depending the company you choose to purchase your domain name, I prefer Domainking due to their quick response and friendly customer support.


how to start a blog on blogger with domianking

3 Golden Steps to own a blog with custom domain name

Step 1; you need to get a Gmail account click here. Setting up your Gmail account should take less than a
minute to do so.

Step 2; on your browser search for Blogger and sign with your new Gmail account and on the left side you will find the button create a blog click on it and fill-in the required information wait for some few seconds and your blog will be ready with a domain like not to worry our next step will show you how to get the custom domain name and change the default domain name.

Step 3; now do another search for Domainking or any other domain seller you would prefer to get your domain name from. If you are using Domainking then you will follow these steps placing your order for a domain name and integrate it with blogger;

      On the front page of domainking click on register domain name and you will be lead to a new page where  you can search your preferred domain name.

      If your preferred domain name is available you will receive a green alert informing you of your domain   availability, under the green alert message are your domain name and order now button click on it.

On the next page you will add the following to your cart by ticking each box before checking out.

  • DNS  management
  • Email Forwarding
  • ID protection


      Next is the checkout page where you get to enter your payment details. Please note in the place of email, it is advisable to use your Gmail account.

·      After purchasing the domain name contact domainking either by LifeChat or on phone to assist you in integrating your new domain name with your Blogger address (ie, a few important information will be required from you and all other technical issue will be handle by domainking, these will be done in just a few minutes and your website will be fully ready with your personal/custom domain.

Now in just three steps we have got our blog ready with our own domain name without any technical no-how and also save money on hiring a Professional web designer to help us out. Before you start adding content to your blog you may be interested to use a custom template to separate your blog from competitors within your niche ClickHere or go ahead to use the default template available on Blogger.

You can now go ahead to add your pages and post. If you ever got stuck on any of these steps feel free to contact me by mail or leave a comment on the comment box and I will right there to assist you.


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Nice post but not clear enough..

kelvin Ehiozefe · February 16, 2017 at 8:38 pm

thanks wealthy zoe

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