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Affiliate marketing has been very popular among bloggers and internet marketers for some decades and gradually, has become the most lucrative method of making money on the internet. Today, we shall be discussing on “affiliate marketing for the Nigerian webmasters” and Blogger. But before then let refresh our mind on the topic: Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy in which business owners pay you commission for recommending new clients or customers to their business. The commissions are usually in cash format and depend solely on the cash worth of the product you promoted or the brand you are affiliated with.

This topic Affiliate marketing has enjoyed a wide range of reviews from many top bloggers that the idea of ‘affiliate marketing’ has highly been confused with ‘referral marketing’. Though both are marketing strategies that employ the use of third parties to drive sales, there is a distinctive difference between them;
as affiliate marketing relies on financial motivations to drive sales, referral marketing depends on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.


Affiliate marketing

Now that we have a clear knowledge on affiliate marketing let’s find out;

How Does Affiliate marketing work for Bloggers or Webmasters

From our definition of affiliate marketing above, you only get paid for every sale of products or services via your recommendation links or HTML/CSS script. For every affiliate marketing industry you signed up with, you are giving a unique URL link or HTML/CSS script that enables you to recommend new clients and customers to the brand.

What are the requirements for Affiliate Marketing?

There are NO special requirements for webmasters or bloggers to participate in affiliate marketing.

Who can participate in Affiliate Marketing? And do I need a website to participate

My answer; everyone who is capable of driving sales to a particular brand with or without a website is accepted in affiliate marketing but to get more from affiliate marketing you may require a website in addition to your social media page.

When is the right time to participate in Affiliate Marketing?

The right time to sign-up for any affiliate programs is NOW. It wouldn’t cost you anything to participate and earn for yourself.

When I become an Affiliate marketer what must I do to excel?

There is no secrete magic to affiliate marketing but learning the basic principles of internet marketing would give you the kind of success you need with affiliate marketing.

Here are some basic tactics you should employ to excel as an internet marketer;

Read Books on internet marketing:
Knowledge is very essential in everything, buy or download books discussing affiliate marketing to understand in-depth the concepts of online marketing.

Affiliate with a brand that suits your niche: Everyone has a unique affinity for a particular idea, finding the brand that perfectly aligns with your niche (interest) is very vital.

Get a unique web page to promote each brand you affiliating with: Like I already stated above having a web page is vital in excelling as an internet marketer. Creating a unique web page to promote a particular item will bring in more profit than lumping all of it together just to save some money on web hosting. I believe it’s best to have a site focusing on each and every product and nothing more.

Occasionally do reviews on products or write a detailed description of how to use a particular product on your web page to give visitors a clear understanding of what the product can do for those that buy them.

Create a unique social media page:
the use of social media today in internet marketing is of great impact. Having a unique page on social media platforms discussing on products will immensely impact your earnings positively.

Send Email Notification to readers:
Regularly send out email notifications to readers informing them of new arrivals of products or a reduction in the price of a particular product that may be of interest to them. Just ensure your email is explanatory or focusing on the important point of the promoted products.

Make viral videos to promote your product: this is an essential tool in excelling as an internet marketer. Learn how to make short video reviewing or highlighting the use of some specific product products.

Get the kind of traffic that is targeted to your products: employ the best means of getting traffic available to you. This is so important because out of every 1000 unique visitors you receive daily, you would sure of making at least 10 sales daily.


Indeed these tactics given above are quite easy to handle. It all requires a little time and an action plan on your part. Try to use these tips for several affiliate marketing programs, you can end maintaining a good source of income and surviving in this business that not all marketers can do.

Be that as it may, let discuss on affiliate marketing for the Nigeria Blogger

Affiliate marketing is a great tool for making money on the internet that even Nigerian bloggers or webmasters are not left out. This type of marketing tactic has become very crucial for every Nigerian webmaster to participate in as a proven way earning huge paychecks often and considering the fact that getting AdSense approval has become very difficult.

AdSense vs. Affiliate marketing which one pays higher?

My candid answer to that question is: The money you can make from participating in affiliate marketing monthly can never be compared to what AdSense would pay you in a year. If you own a blog or website that is focused on reviewing products and receive quality traffic then get set to receive huge paychecks
often from affiliate marketing.

Now for the Nigeria base webmasters and publishers interested in participating in affiliate marketing here are some very popular brand you should participate in;

Konga AffiliateKonga is a Nigeria online/ offline retail mall that deals on all kinds of products from electronics, fashion, kitchen utensils, toys for kids, phones and tablets, etc. click here to sign up with Konga affiliate.

Jumia Affiliate:
Jumia offers a larger variety of products with branches scattered around the West Africa region. Click here to participate.

These are just but a few affiliate programs to sign up with, there are several other Nigeria based brands that offer affiliate programs that you could participate in as a webmaster or blogger, just ensure you have a good understanding on how such affiliate program operates- who they are, what they do and what is the amount of commission paid.

Gone are the days where advertising network duped webmasters and publishers of their earnings. With affiliate marketing, you get to work directly with brand owners or with any of the major retailers of a particular product.

This is for sure a better way of earning on the internet that you should try out. Don’t forget I would like to
know experience so far with affiliate marketing, you can share this post with friends on social media.


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