Why you need to own a Website as an individual or Business owner?

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Having a website as an individual or an entrepreneur helps to give you or your business a professional image, as a lot of people will always consider companies or businesses without online components as shabby or not real and become very suspicious of it.

Generally, companies are expected to have a website not having one that will affect their credibility. This is the sole reason I decided to share with you “how important is to have a website in 2016” whether as an individual seeking for a job or an entrepreneur seeking better ways to promote his business. Here are my reasons;

How important is it to have a website in 2016?

It gives your business instant credibility

Like I already stated above having a website gives you a professional image that makes it easier in convincing people to transact/ do business with you.

Business Promotion

In today’s world, the number of people using business directories to seek out business is greatly reducing, as many people now trust the internet to search for a business. Hence having a website will not only help you promote your business but also helps to show your brand legitimacy and put you a step ahead of your competitor if they haven’t got a website yet.

Save you more money on creating a business brochure
Before now, companies spend a lot of money on making business brochures and distributing them but by having a website you save more money and time as potential customers can easily access more details about you on your website.

To attract more customers

Over 3 billion people use the internet on a daily basis, with most of them for purchasing or making inquiries online. Hence, not having a website put you in the dark.

For marketing

The internet provides the best platform for low-cost marketing techniques of goods and services as well as increases sales in a very high measure.

To give your business 24 hours presence
Having a website can help you create a 24/7 online presence which makes your business readily available to customers’ needs at all times.

For effective communication
Having a blog on your website makes it easy to update your customer with your newest products, promotion, or offers and also answer questions or get opinions from customers relating to products or services.

For making money

As an individual owning a website can also be a major source of income. See how to become self-employed working online.

Resume for a job
When applying for a job, you need everything that can make you the best choice of your employer- having a website may sound irrelevant in job hunting but very vital even if the job has nothing to do with designing a website, it will impress your employer to know you have a diversified skill in other areas.

These are but few of the many reasons why it is very important for you to have a website in 2016. I am certain you get the message – if you desire to survive in today’s business environment online presence is very important.


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