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There certain things that determine the level of achievements in a man’s life. So, it is very vital for you to understand that your progress in life is defined by “Your Attitude”.

Our Attitude is like a body perfume that follows us everywhere we go or our way of doing, responding, or listening to issues that pertain to life. In more generic terms I say Attitude is learning to take responsibility.


A lot of people have ended their lives on the side-walk of life just for having the wrong Attitude without knowing it- “true success is glued to men with the right Attitude” A motivational speaker once said that our Attitude is our way to Altitude.


So, I have put together a checklist to help you understand the power of your attitude and also help you put a check on your bad Attitude, I call it;


Understanding Attitude

Attitude is a powerful tool for positive action, your most priceless possession- you do not have to buy it, but you have to develop it. A collection of attitudes of individuals in a community becomes a culture.

Developing an Attitude

In developing the right attitude you must learn to accept responsibility for what goes on inside you by monitoring your internal dialogue, choosing to take total control of your life.

Re-framing Bad Attitude

Re-frame your bad Attitude- an attitude of anger can be transformed into gratitude and forgiveness by shifting your perspective. The power of self -forgiveness for instance will empower you to forgive others.

Overcome the challenges of Re-framing your Attitude

Prepare yourself for those things that are likely to derail or throw you off course. Even with all things being equal life is never without setbacks, in other words, becomes Pro-active.

Build your A-team

Nobody makes it alone we all need supportive relationships through challenging times. You should build a team made up of people willing to help you fight your negative tendencies.

Learn How to turn your Attitude into Action irrespective of the odds

When you have established those things that put you down Look ahead at where you want to go, have a personal vision about it and you will discover those attitudes that are congruent to your envisioned goals.


Having the right attitude changes everything. Money doesn’t give fulfillment but having the right Attitude brings fulfillment.

“The Weakness of Attitude becomes the weakness of character”_ Albert Einstein

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