How to use images in a BLOG post for proper optimization

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Before now, research has shown that the best practice of educating people on a particular topic is the inclusion of images. Especially images that recount a storyline will inspire a reader to continue reading.

As a Blogger, I have learned that every blog post with a number of quality images will always charm a large number of readers. Hence, the necessity of adding images to every blog post becomes very crucial, Images help to give your readers visual verification of an idea, thought, or as a recap of your blog post.

How to use images on blogspot

How to use images in a BLOG post for proper optimization

Use images to separate Content on Long Posts

On the off chance that your blog post is long, it will be best to add a couple of images just to separate the content. This would be an awesome case of utilizing images halfway through your blog post as an approach to give some visual appeal, offering your readers a visual reprieve from content furthermore drive a particular point or detail home.

Number of images to be used for BLOG post

There is no actual number of images to be used for a blog post. It solely depends on what you are attempting to accomplish or how best you can prove your point. But if you have a Tutorial blog, DIY or cooking site, you may need to utilize a lot of pictures (15 or more) to give your audience a better understanding of what you’re doing.

Image Size

Enormous and dynamic pictures are extremely popular so don’t frustrate readers with minor thumbnail photographs they need to squint or crane their necks to see. I would recommend discovering the width of the substance region on your web journal and making your pictures to fit to or near the full width.

Image quality

The same rationale applies to picture quality also. Offer your readers high res photographs that are not hazy or grainy. Keep in mind that Fresh and excellent pictures likewise give your business or blog credibility so always put your “best image forward.”

Add ALT tag

Lastly but very vital for search engine purposes always include the ALT tag on every image used for a particular blog post as well as include your post’s main keyword phrase in the filename of the image.


Learn to utilize as many tools accessible to you to add some bling to your pictures. Apparatuses like Pixlr, PicMonkey, Instant-artist, Photoshop CC, Canva, and Powerpoint make it simple to include messages, features, and even a watermark to your pictures to make them go the additional mile for your business.

In conclusion, Bloggers should always afford to incorporate not less than one quality image with content per page just to add shading and more light to the story.


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