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As the internet continues to become the top arena for financial transactions, several ways to make money online or become gainfully employed working online in Nigeria grows rapidly. I call this a top-notch secrete of making money from the World Wide Web just from one corner of your room or on your mobile device.

I assure you that the money this top-notch secrete will bring you will clear out all your unpaid bills and leave you with more cash to spend for the weekend or take your family for a holiday trip in Dubai.

“Joblessness is a sin in the sight of your maker so it is also to your friends and family member No one is ever happy being jobless and not been able to do things you love to do with money. Like I always tell people “being jobless is just a choice” you chose on what side of the angle of life you want to view from”.

According to a recent report filed by Trading Economics says that Nigeria’s unemployment rate was recorded at 12.1% in March, the first quarter of 2016 up from 10.4% in the fourth quarter of 2015 reaching the highest since December of 2009.

The number of unemployed persons rose by 18% to 9.485million and the employment rate grows a meager 0.12% to 69million and the labor force went up 2% to 78.4million meanwhile, youth unemployment has since increased drastically to 21.5% from 19%.

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Having this clear understanding of the kind of economic situation we are in Nigeria today my top notch secret remains of money making become the one and only way out of this poverty knocking on the doors of Nigeria youth. There several ways to make money from the internet today we are going to be looking at them all from a 3 angle view;

     1.  Blogging 

Blogging is a fun way of making money from the internet today, blogging gives us the opportunity to express ourselves doing what we love most and making a lot of money if well managed. A blog/website can be about anything you desire, there are several means of creating a blog/website

a.       Free Platform:  for many new bloggers, the availability of free blogging platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr and wordpress is tempting. The benefits include being free and quick to start. But having a blog name in this form— or By keeping your blog on a free platform, you let the platform own your name. You’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions, they may limit or prohibit ads on your blog, or they may even place their own ads on your blog. If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll want to move away from this option. “Free blog platform is not recommended for anyone who has an interest in starting a blog for monetization”.

b.     Freemium platform:  Freemium means you’ll have a trial period before you have to start paying (costs vary from $5 to $30 per month). Several platforms are available. One of the most popular is TypePad. This platform focuses on ease of use for writing, but customization options are limited and it lacks certain features of value to bloggers. By default, your TypePad blog name will look like this: It’s not always the best option if you’re trying to build the name and brand for your blog. However, you could point your own domain (purchased through any domain registrar like Domainking) to TypePad blog by applying domain mapping process.

c.      Self-hosted platforms allow you to run a blog on your own domain. Aside from following your domain registrar and web hosting company’s rules, you’re fully in charge of your blog and its contents. You have number of choices when it comes to a self-hosted blog system (also called Content Management System or CMS). The blog set up is called self-hosted because you will use your own web hosting space and name for your blog. This normally costs $4 to $8 per month for the webspace (hosting account), depending on the company you choose, and $12 to $15 per year for the name (domain). The actual CMS is usually open-source and free. “This is highly recommended for you if you want your blog monetized”.

After successfully creating a blog for yourself, you can now start adding your content to bring visitor/ readers to your blog the more readers/ followers you get the better your chances of making a lot of money when your blog is full monetized. To monetize your blog you will need to apply Google  AdSenes or any other alternatives to place Ads (adverts) on your blog.

         2.  Freelancing

What is freelancing?

A freelancer is someone who sells his services to employers without a long-term contract. There are many genuine companies on the internet today that will pay you awesomely just for helping them sell/promote their product on the World Wide Web.

Becoming an affiliate with online shops like Amazon can bring more money you could ever imagine in a short while. You can also become a freelance reporter for TV stations, sell books by popular writer to people, or simply sign up for goggle AdSense to place ads on your personal blog/website.

         3.  Take a Job/survey

To take a job/survey means to render service to an individual or company, many people today rely on the internet to get the best help for their work/projects likewise companies rely on people to give them feedback on the quality of product and service they offer. Examples of such company that will pay you to take a job/survey;

Fiverr is a popular web service where people from all corners of the world offer to perform different tasks for a starting price of $5. Some of these tasks are professional photo editing, recording voice-overs for video, writing blog posts, etc.

Inboxdollar is a popular website that will pay you awesomely for taking a survey for companies and reading mails.

Push naira is more or less like Fiverr but it’s a Nigeria based company where people offer perform diverse jobs.

These are but few trending ways of making money online in Nigeria today. Some other ways you can also make money online in Nigeria are;

  • Email marketing
  • Selling of bulk SMS to people, companies and religious bodies

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