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If you have been reading post on how to generate extra income yourself I assume you would have had a very terrible experience with some other network marketing organization in time past or you felt it was too difficult trying to meet up with your target/ sell the product you were given to get your rewards.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some network marketing organization that will pay awesomely for doing “nothing”. Yes, I said for doing nothing, I guess you are already thinking this is the bigger scam why not wait and let me share with you on how this can be possible.

For some other network marketing organizations you will be given a certain amount of the company’s product to sell before you can get your reward but these network marketing organizations am about to share with does not involve any form of buying or selling, it simply a progressive Movement of like minds, what do I mean by that?

This network marketing companies/ organizations are only interested in growing their membership base, with a referral system. They call them “Peoples Network”.

For those who may not have a proper understanding of what “Network Marketing” is all about; The simplest definition of Network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods( this definition is from   

Now let me share with you some of these organizations that would pay for doing nothing (no buying, no selling of products) but helping them to grow their membership base.



Meridian life support foundation was founded in 2004 by Dr. Gift Madu a Naturopath with over 15 years of experience in the network marketing industry. He created Meridian life support foundation based on the 14 organs that support the existence of man.

Meridian life support foundation became a cooperate organization that sustains and empowers men and women of various backgrounds in a holistic approach with the name Melisfon Inc. with the mission “To uplift the people by means of empowerment. To take people from where they are to where they deserve to be”. Their services include;

  • Skills Acquisition
  • Free Medical Services
  • Social Services
  • Leadership/Human Resource Management

How do you get paid or earn money from Melisfon?

You start earning money as soon as you register to become a partner with melisfon for 4000 naira ($20)  and for everyone you refer you a referral bonus of 800 naira ($4) per person ( ie you get paid for inviting your friends and family member to join melisfon).

When you successfully complete a matrix stage you are given another bonus of 2000 naira ($10) and as you step out into the next level on their matrix system you begin to enjoy what they call the Step out Bonus for everyone that comes to join you at that stage whether you referred them or not and additional incentives like phone, cars, and a trip to Dubai, etc.

What is their matrix system like?

Melisfon on like any other network marketing organization operates one of the easiest matrix systems,

They have;

2 X 2 matrix system (for stage 1)

2 X 3 matrix system (for stage 2-5)

To know more on melisfon visit;



Helping hands international (H2i) is an empowerment-based- membership program, a global opportunity born out of the passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged. H2i was founded by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis, self- employed with 17 years’ experience in the home-based business industry, a team leader and front runner in 5 MLM companies and Dr. Ramiel Policarpio (co-founder) a dentist. The vision of H2i is “To help the needy and the less privileged globally”. Their services

  • Humanitarian service
  • Trade and skill acquisition services
  • Assets and property support service(with this service members enjoy the opportunity of owning any property of their choice as H2i pay 70% of the total cost while you pay the remaining 30%).
  • Financial empowerment services
  • Scholarship and award service

How do you get paid or earn money from H2i?

The payment is a little bit different from melisfon. To register or become a member of H2i you will have to be referred by someone who is already a member of H2i (membership fee $40), this will enable you to enter into their matrix system of earning. For every stage, you complete you are paid a referral bonus, matrix bonus, and incentives such as phone, cars, and a trip to Dubai, Loans with no collateral.

What is their matrix system like?

The h2i matrix system is a little wider unlike melisfon, but still easy if you put your mind to it. They have;

2 X 2 matrix system (for stage 1)

2 X 5 matrix system (for stage 2- 5)

2 X 3 matrix system (for stage 6)

To know more on H2i visit;


Finally living a life of financial freedom could be very possible if only you learn to apply the right principles of making money. Becoming a member of any of this network marketing organization wouldn’t affect or hinder your regular job but will increase you financially.

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