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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are running out of content to place on your Blog/ website or you are trying to write on a particular subject but don’t have enough knowledge for it . As a Blogger we all sometimes find ourselves in these situations, here I finally figure out a way to always get content for your blog remember the only way for you to retain your site rank and followers is by adding fresh ,relevant content and of high quality, this is also very important for search engine optimization.


Method 1: Air your views on what other bloggers are talking about.

Find out what other bloggers within your niche are talking about and try to create something in that line but in a different way. As there has never been enough material or information on a particular subject.Method 2: Hire a content writer/ creatorsIf you can afford it or have enough money more than literary skill, you can employ someone to write article for you base on your niche; there are a lot website that connect blog owner with freelance writer (site like, 3: Use content from article directoriesSource for article and reviews that apply to your blog niche from free articles directories like, many blog owners use this method to get new content/ article for their site.Method 4: Use voice recordIf you are not too much of a writer one easy way you can create content for your blog/ website is either by recording it on a phone, then look for transcribers to help you transcribe your recording or get the “Nuance Dragon Naturally speaking software” which will write everything you say.Method 5: Request for free contentThis is a very new and convenient way to get content for your blog for free or for a small amount of money. I will share with your some of the places for you to get free, high quality and legal content that falls within your niche;My Blog guestMy Blog guestMy Blog guest has one of the largest communities of bloggers and guest bloggers owned by Ann Smarty, a renowned blogger and social media user. On my Blog guest you will get to meet other blogger within your niche that are willing to give you their content in exchange for a link from your blog.Guest Blog ItGuest blog it is more or less like My Blog guest, a membership community that connects content writers and publishers. Guest Blog It has a lot of authors from various niches that are willing to give you free unique contents in exchange for backlinks. Guest Blog It is very cool, easy to navigate and free to join.Content BLVD

Content BLVD

When you join Content BLVD service network, you will be able to navigate through their content gallery to find posts that interest you or suit your niche, you make your offer and if it’s accepted, you get the unique free content that’s all. I do use content BLVD because you will its very high quality content.Post RunnerPost Runner also run a service very similar to My blog guest. You also get guest posts from other bloggers/ content writer in exchange for backlinks to their website.Post Joint

post joint

Post Joint is one of the best site for free unique contents, Post Joint is very unique because it connects advertisers with blog owners. Here advertisers produce quality content for bloggers or blog owners to publish. One good thing about post Joint is that you can earn some money as you help these advertisers publish their content.Blogger Link-UpSubscribe to Blogger Link-Up to receive mails of bloggers looking for expert sources, requests for guest posts, bloggers and web masters offering guest posts, and PR reps and others seeking reviews of products.Article base


Articlebase is another site to get free and high quality content for your blog. It offers a global library of over 3 million articles in six languages (English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French and Hebrew) available for republishing.Blog and BloggersThis is another unique content marketing site that provide free article for website base on your blog niche after you have successfully sign up.Facebook Guest Blogging GroupThere are several guest blogging groups on Facebook where you can advertise your blog and you will get lots of messages from guest bloggers that are willing to supply you free unique contents.ConclusionFinally, we have be able to put it all together in one and you now understand clearly the various methods of creating new content to keep your readers and retain your page rank. Lastly if you have idea or where blogger like you and I can get free articles for our blog, we would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to share them with us in the comments section. We will love to learn from you

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