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For newbie bloggers, the option of free blogging platforms such as Blogger or is tempting. The benefits include being free and quick to start. But having a blog name in this from or is the sign of an inexperienced beginner who likely won’t be taken seriously.

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By keeping your blog on a free platform, you let the platform own your name. You’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions, they may limit or prohibit ads on your blog, or they may even place their own ads on your blog.

Secondly, the chance of you getting to retain blog addresses is very slim as many of these blog addresses are already taken by someone else and this could become a problem when you finally want your own domain.

There very numerous dangers of having a free-hosted blog. I too was a victim of this circumstance, when I finally decided to move from a free host site to my first self-hosted site, it was not too difficult moving from one website to the other but I realize one thing that meant so much to me and my blogging career, my search engine ranking drastically drop the level it was to zero. This was like starting over again from nothing and you know what that means.

The benefits of self-hosted Blog

Self-hosted platforms allow you to run a blog on your own domain. Aside from following your domain registrar and web hosting company’s rules, you’re fully in charge of your blog and its contents.

You have a number of choices when it comes to a self-hosted blog system (also called Content Management System or CMS).  The blog set up is called self-hosted because you will use your own web hosting space (we like Domainking) and name for your blog.

This normally costs $4 to $8 per month for the webspace (hosting account), depending on the company you choose, and $12 to $15 per year for the name (domain). The actual CMS is usually open-source and free. Having a self-hosted blog you could easily get approved with AdSense in one month and your site rank well with searching engine optimizer (SEO).

Registering your Domain name

If you are now ready to register your domain name I will recommend you to use Domain king if you are a newbie blogger or would want to move from a free hosted platform Domainking is the best choice for such and if you reside in Nigeria, Asia and other parts of the world and want to build your company’s website or personal site use Domainking.

This domain registrar company is one of the best in Africa and Asia with a very quick 24/7 support team ready to respond to queries at any time you request for assistance.

In conclusion, the best course of action is to own your blog, especially if you will be using your own copyrighted material (articles, drawings, photos, etc.). Pay a small amount of money every month, about the same as a Starbucks coffee, and you will build your own equity. Dealing with a hosting provider is a professional move.

If you plan to sell products, services, music, or anything else via your blog, then paid to host is the best way to go. Many hosting providers can help you maintain an eCommerce blog. I hope I have been able to make you see reasons of having a self-hosted blog to share your ideas and sell your products, please share this post on your social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more guide on web hosting and domain registrations.

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