5 Reasons why people Blog

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A blog is a digital magazine, diary, newscast, collector’s meeting place, a showcase for your art, information sharing, teaching hub, a place to learn. As the definition of a Blog is diverse so are the reasons why people Blog.


Now I am going to share with you some reasons why people engage in Blogging today, some of these reasons are as follows;

Increase your self-confidence

The more involved you become with blogging, the more your creative juices will flow. That’s one reason why blogging is so popular. As you gain knowledge about your topic, the confidence you’ll build in your followers and most importantly, in yourself, will soar.

All of this leads to increased creativity. According to the New York Times, 81 percent of Americans believe they have a book inside of them to share with the world. In essence, you will be writing a book, piece by piece, on your blog. Keep an open mind and enjoy your new-found confidence in your own abilities.

Make friends and have fun

With practice and a little effort, you can easily build your base of blog fans and followers. As you become known as an expert in your niche, you can inspire, encourage, and help your followers make a difference in their own lives.

Along your blogging journey, you will make new friends and connections throughout the world. If you like to travel, that means a lot of couches are available for you to snooze on while winging your way around the globe.

Make money from your blog

Blogging can also have financial benefits. You can place ads and receive affiliate commissions by promoting products of established online retailers. And you can sell your own digital products and merchandise

Become a better writer and thinker

Once you start blogging, you’ll find yourself becoming a better writer and thinker. Mastering content takes creative thought. When you become immersed in creating great pieces of content for your blog, your writing, thinking and research skills improve in the process.

Establish yourself as an expert

Blogs are wonderful tools to help people establish themselves as experts in a field or niche. We all have some kind of interest and expertise to share with others. If you’re able to produce great content on your blog and/or have a unique point of view on the topic, then be assured that your future audience will recognize it and reward you for it.

Today, the Web has different experts and different opinions for almost every topic you can dream up. With a bit of effort, you too can become an authority in the area of your interest. These are just my opinion, you can also share with us why you think people engage in blogging today.

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