3 ways to make money with your Hobbies

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Like someone once said; for you to be wealthy you need to learn how you can transform your “hobbies into money-making source”. That tiny quote changed my working perception.

And to add, we often hear some of our celebrities recount how they were able to recognize that little trait within them that brought them their huge break. With the advent of the internet, every skill today is marketable.


Turning your hobbies into money-making sources isn’t so difficult, it might even interest you to know that all you might ever need is to start making money from that hobby already reside somewhere within it.

A report filed by Trading Economics shows that as of March 2016 unemployment rate was recorded at 12.1% compared to what we had in 2015 which was 10.4%. You notice that the trend keeps increasing so the only way out is using what you have in you.

Turning your Hobbies into a fulltime Job  or money-making venture

To turn your hobbies into a money-making source. first, you need to identify those hobbies, find out which one of your hobbies is more dominating to you or you enjoy doing more, before you may start learning how you can earn money from it.

Most times you would hear people say they enjoy dancing while others say they love to singing or caring for little children, sharing traveling experience, research, etc. These are all mega sources of making money if well managed.

And for those,  who just love sharing their thought and experience on diverse topics with friends you too can also make money with that, I know you probably wondering how real or paying it could be just sharing your thought…

In the next few paragraphs am going to enlightening you on the 3 major ways you can make money with your hobbies


Have you heard of Blogs or Blogging? Ok, I will introduce you to it in a jiffy, now the site you are reading this article is an example of what we call a Blog (A blog is shortened from the phrase “weblog” known as a digital magazine, diary, newscast, collector’s meeting place, a showcase for your art, information sharing, teaching hub and a place to learn, almost anything you want it to be) so how can blogging bringing you the kind of money am talking about now.

I am sure from my definition of a Blog it quite fit into your hobby of sharing your thought and experience on diverse topics. So all that is left is to start sharing your passion/hobby and making money with.


Here are a few tips on how to start a blog

There several ways to set up a blog site. We have the free hosted blog and self-hosted blog, whichever one you chose is up to you but I recommend you use the self-hosted reasons because it gives you total control of your blog site and you get to use your own domain name, just like this site you are reading this article today.

Creating a self-hosted blog;

1. Get a domain & hosting Sign up for a reliable hosting account to get started.
Domainking, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, and Namecheap.

2. Install WordPress CMS Follow the install process shown in the video.


3. Your own blog is live Welcome to the Web! You can start blogging instantly

When your blog is live add as much content as you can, people will always want to read the various version of a story even though many times they were a direct witness of these events. When your blog is fully functional, you can now apply for AdSense to display advert on your site and make money while doing what you love “gossiping”.


Get paid Reading and writing

For those who say their hobby is reading, writing, and researching congratulations as I begin to introduce you on how to make a lot of money with that. Today there many websites and companies that will pay you handsomely to do market research or private research on diverse arrays of topics, services, and goods, and also there are sites that will pay you to read emails, write an article, etc. Some of these numerous sites that can pay you to read write and research for them;  for example

Source for Gig Jobs

If you were among the few who said that their hobby was dancing/singing, do also know you can dance to your favorite songs or do a song and get paid. A lot of artists today are constantly looking for dancers and back up singers for their music or music video.

You can better still, make videos of yourself dancing or giving a dance/singing lesson on YouTube, Vimeo, and several other video sharing sites. All you need is to sign up with any of these sites, create a channel, upload your videos, and earn.

In conclusion, I encourage every one of you to use that which your maker has given you to make the world a better place for us all, a man’s gift will make a way for him. Refuse to be like the servant that refuses to use the talent he got from his master

…And always keep at mind “The best time to start is always now”

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