How To Receive Your Payment Directly To Your Nigeria Bank Account Via Wire Transfer

Published by kelvin Ehiozefe on has been very famous among bloggers for AdSense
alternative, offering very similar services to Google AdSense webmasters
after been denied approval to AdSense are quick to apply to this ads network
including my fellow Nigerian webmasters. Successfully 90 out of a 100 applying web publishers gets
approved as is somewhat targeted to small, large Bloggers & media
houses who produce quality content.

Though is only but a contextual ads network, which means
that it hosts advertisements based on the context of the page. Take for
example, if you are running ads on your page about shoes, your
readers will be seeing advertisements related to shoes or fashion.
Now for my Nigerian newbie bloggers who has just join this
ads network, you may now have discovered that only offer two payment
method PayPal and Wire Transfer with a minimum threshold
of $100. But due to the impossibility of Nigerian to receive payment with
PayPal Nigerian webmasters and bloggers are constrained to receive payment with
the second option (wire transfer). payment
If you are very familiar with Google AdSense you will
understand the little difference between and Google AdSense on wire
transfer method – You do know that most of our Nigerian Banks use intermediary
Banks to receive wire transfer payment and on Google AdSense a column is
created to fill-in the details of your bank intermediary banks though this is optional, on
this is not available. This brings us to our initial question and the purpose for
this post – How to Receive Your Payment Directly to Your Nigeria Bank
Account via Wire Transfer?
Without wasting too much time I shall be focusing my
attention on assisting you in filling your payment details on for
wire transfer. First let’s take a walk to your Bank and get the following;
==> Intermediary bank name
==> Intermediary SWIFT-BIC
==> Intermediary Bank ABA number or Routing Number
Now that we have all these details lets go to
==> Logging to your account on the dashboard click
on where you have your Account name at the right upper side of the page
==> When you click on your Account name, a light box appears
with two settings option “Account setting & Payment setting” click on
Payment setting option.
==> After clicking it, a new page will appear displaying
the two payment method adopted by for payment.
==> Beside the wire transfer option there is a small radio
button click on it and it will bring up a form
==> Here you fill in your bank wire transfer details. In
the form here is what you will need to fill it
Beneficiary Name=
this is same as the name you used when you created the account
Beneficiary Bank Name = your bank name e.g First bank, UBA, GTBank. Please you
should add the full name of the bank, i am using UBA for this, so i will insert
Beneficiary Account
= Insert your Bank account number here
Beneficiary Address
= Insert your personal house address same as the one used as your mailing
address on
Beneficiary Bank
IBAN Number = Not
Bank SWIFT Code =
meet your bank to give you. I shall be using UBA, i will insert UNAFNGLA
Bank ABA Number =
Here you are expected to insert your bank intermediary bank ABA number. For example now we are
using UBA the intermediary bank for UBA is CITIBANK,
and ABA number is 021000089
insert this.
Bank Country Code
= select NIGERIA (NG) from the list.
Finally go to the bottom of the page and click on update to
save your new payment setting. Congratulation you are now ready to receive your
first payment from
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Udu Thomas · February 23, 2017 at 8:52 am

Thank you so much for this guide, i was finding it difficult filling my bank details for the wire transfer payment option but your made it much easier. kelvin you are doing great the newbies publishers in Nigeria

admininfo · February 27, 2017 at 12:01 am

@udu thomas i am glad i could be of immense help to you. for more details and special update you should subscribe to my newsletter.

mark · April 13, 2017 at 5:24 pm

Please do you know how it takes for one to receive media net payment

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