How to start a Bulk SMS Business

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With the increasing demand from religious bodies and co-operate
organization around the globe on the need to stay in-touch with old or new members of their local assembly, business colleagues  and clients as a means or retaining their bond, they invest so much in sending Bulk SMS or text messages to these clients only to end-up having  a big hole in their pocket as result of outrageous charges from some these network provider.

I have decided to share with you this piece of information, that will be of great benefit to you and your organisation.
Try imagining a world where you don’t have to pay so much to reach out to new client or colleagues or the possibility of  having your own customized platform for sending text messages without going through any 3rd party service provider or paying outrageous charges from network providers.
This is very possible if you follow through on this article- as i show you HOW TO? 


As you continue reading this, you are among the one million
people seek for a better way to reach out to new client at a cheaper cost or
even make some cash offering bulk SMS Service to companies and other


It very obvious that you would have heard and read so much
about the Bulk SMS Business in recent times from various SMS marketers and web
from around the globe but what you never knew was how you too
can be a major player in this business and make cool cash, not as an affiliate
marketer or reseller but as an independent SMS marketer isn’t that cool!I guess you are already eager to know more or you want to jump start as soon as possible.

How to start your own Bulk SMS Service
But hold on, before we go in details on how you can start
your own bulk SMS business; Allow me share with you some of the basic advantages of running an
independent SMS business;
1.Pricing: This is one
of the main advantages of running your own Bulk SMS Service as you get to
determine the pricing of your SMS packages to suit your clients’ pocket, unlike
running the white-label reseller program where you are forced to accept
whatever pricing system adopted by your host.
2.Earn from
making money from providing Bulk SMS services directly to your clients’, you
can also earn more by running reseller program for small business owners.
3.You are in-charge:
Becoming an independent Bulk SMS marketer gives you a complete authority
over the business.
How to
start your own Bulk SMS Service
To be very honest with you, starting your own bulk SMS business could be
very expensive considering all that’s involve in the setup, but that
notwithstanding as I have you covered with a very reliable partner in the
business that will assist you in getting your SMS Gateway and get you setup as
soon as possible.
NOTE: This partner
service I am about to introduce to you is not an affiliate program or reseller
but assist you in getting your SMS Gateway and business website if
you so wish.
Having your own bulk SMS service is basically having a
private SMS Gateway which will require a lot technical know-how to have one. An
SMS Gateway typically sits between the end user who needs to send/receive SMS
and a mobile network’s SMSC. Such gateway will provide a choice of protocols
including HTTP, SMTP, Peer to Peer and web service. This why I bring you one of
the top and most reliable company in the industry today;
Welcome to Vconnect Teleservice an
Indian based company providing quality bulk SMS solutions and SMS gateway
service to small, medium entrepreneur and large organizations around the globe.
Their services include SMS GATEWAY, BULK
Vconnect Teleservice offers a robust package that will
help you promoteyour business very fast. Click HERE to
partner with Vconnect Teleservice.
You can also check out Nexmo API for same
quality service as Vconnect Teleservice OR Try Clickatell.
Without wasting much time you can go ahead now to become the
bulk SMS provider of your neighborhood, church, mosque, school or company and
make more money for yourself.
Do you know you can also send bulk SMS for free? Yes without
paying a dime you can send SMS to your client within and outside your
Here are some sites you can send SMS without any charge;
1 GizmoSMS: is one of the biggest free SMS
service providers that allow users to send free text messages to any number
world-wide. No sign-up required however, you may sign up to enjoy full benefit
of GizmoSMS
2 SMS PUPThis is a
robust SMS service provider that allows you to send text message anywhere
around the globe. You should check out now
3 SMSFUN: this service allows you to send
free SMS and also join their community. Join now
4 Yakedi: For my loyal readers and followers
from Australia and New Zealand here is a free text message service for you Yakedi. Though Yakedi services may be
limited to these country but the still rank as one the best free SMS service
I am just trying to make life easy for myself and everyone else, i hope i did well on the issue of “STARTING A BULK SMS BUSINESS”. I hope you will do well with this guide and make as much money as you wish
having your own Bulk SMS services.
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