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It may sound like a huge avarice, after visiting some of your favorite celebrity  facebook  page just to discover the huge tons of Likes on their page and you ponder
how you too can be able to live that life of a  facebook star with many likes. If you find
yourself among these categories of people then this article is for you.
facebook likes
Facebook has evolved into becoming
one of the largest social media platforms on the planet, with over 1 billion
active users every day making it the best platform to promote and market your
product and services.
Back to our topic of discussion the procedures of increasing
your facebook Likes are more or less like any other method you would employ to
promote your product and services. The procedures are;
Increase Posting
Your posting frequency on your Facebook Page will determine
how easily you will be able to drive engagement on Facebook. If you want to get
lots of likes on Facebook, look to your posting frequency. Are you posting too
much? Not enough?
Time your next facebook Post                                    
Timing is vital when it comes to publishing posts on any
social media platform. It’s important to know what time your audience uses the
social media network. For instance, if you publish your posts when people are
at work or asleep, you are likely to reach a very small population. Most people
use Facebook after work.
Others use it while they are in transit. This is the time
that the majority of people are likely to see your updates. In short, the best
time is noon and a few minutes after 7pm.
your Friends to Build your Network
If your friends on Facebook show an interest in your
business, chances are, strangers will be interested also. Encourage your
friends to be more active on your fan page. Let them be the first to like and
comment on your posts. You can also utilize direct referrals! A direct referral
is very efficient way to get lots of likes on Facebook. Just ask your family
and friends to refer people to your Facebook fan page. This will help you
increase your network very quickly!
Influencers on Facebook are celebrities, leaders, authors and
other well-known people. Make sure you like their business pages and follow
their public status. This will ensure you remain engaged without being
connected directly.
platforms like Traffup
For those of you who haven’t heard about traffup; traffup is traffic
building platforms that can help you increase your site traffic as well as
increase the likes of your facebook fan page. This is the most effect and
fastest means of growing your page likes from 0- 100 in a single day.

These are the very few methods I have employed in increasing
the likes on my facebook fan page. You can also share with us other effective
method we can employ to increase our page likes.

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