Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

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Becoming an entrepreneur may sound very encouraging or pose
the idea of becoming your own boss where no one has to tell you what to do and
how to do it. Even though in real sense entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Why do I think so?

After carrying out a survey asking people their reasons of
intending to become an entrepreneur a large percentage (53%) of my findings
indicated that the desire of people to be self-employed was in order to live
the life of a boss while 40% would become an entrepreneur to improve their
finance and 7% still prefer working for someone but the big question is when everyone becomes a boss who supports the boss?

Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur?
Telling the bitter truth entrepreneurship is not meant for
everybody as the security of income suddenly disappears, dozens of other things
require paying before you can take your wage in combination with the stress of
working long hours, and not everyone can cope with that.
So before plunging into become self-employed here are some
few questions you would need to provide answers to;
How knowledgeable are you about the business you
are considering opening?
Do you have all the necessary skills to run the
How much money do you have to invest?
Do you have any experience with your line of
How competitive is the field you want to enter?
Who are your targeted customers?
Is there a need in the market your services will
What type of selling would be involved in your
new line of business and how do you plan to sell?

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The answers you attach to the questions above will determine how far you go as an entrepreneur  you might want to print out these question and answer them carefully.

As the world of an entrepreneur is fraught with
challenges and surviving in this sea of business owners requires much
determination and motivations. So be sure you are well equipped and ready to
take the heat of owning a business before you plunge-in.


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