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Review of Ads

The desire of newbie webmasters to start earning ASAP has forced them to partner or monetize with ads network that delivered Ads that offends Google Safe Browsing System. Most of these Ads network offer instant approval to webmasters ready to monetize their site and even promise to pay higher CPM rate to site even with low traffic.

So today after monetizing with one these Ads network precisely "", I decided to share with you my experience. was a promising Ads network that came into the advertising industry in the year 2012 to provide savvy webmaster like you the opportunity to earn good money with your site. But after working with this ads network on my site I was able to gather this report.

Now here is my comprehensive review on in terms of Ads format, support, payout and safety of ads;

Review of

Ads Format offers a variety ad formats such as leaderboard, rectangle, square, popup and pop-under, slider etc. They also offer mobile responsive ads for publishers that enjoy mobile traffic to their site. Hence, is a good ad network with many types of ad formats.

Affiliate Program
Just like every other ads company also offers affiliate programs for Publishers and advertisers. If you as a publisher referred another publisher to you will 2% of his lifetime earnings and if as an advertiser you referred another advertiser you get 1% of his lifetime expenditure.

Support offers a quick response customer support to publisher and advertisers alike.

The minimum payout for is $1, payment can be made daily via PayPal while for bank wire minimum payout was $100. Though I couldn’t continue with this Ads network till payout time before my terrible experience with them.

Safety of ads
Now, in term of safety of ads had a major backlash, the security/ quality of every ads formats delivered to your site were completely vulnerable to Malware that could destroy your site or make Google consider your site as a Phishing site that encourages downloads of harmful software or as site that exposes user’s details.

Google as one of the top search engine has a very strong anti-malware policy for site with harmful malware that could hinder their user’s experience. Hence such site is automatically removed from their search list but with the chance of been reviewed if the site owner would apply for one after fixing the malware issues. This was the situation I found myself some months ago running Yllix media ads on the site you are reading this report now.

It hurts right, knowing after been finally accepted by an advertising network and discover you are about to loose  site to malware invasion. could have been one of the top alternatives to Google Adsense if they delivered clean Ads free of malware to Publishers site. it my desire that work on their ads safety and safeguard their publishers. But before then another ads network has emerge Propeller- i am also going to try them out and report back to you so stay tuned. for now see my recommendation;

My Recommendation
For the savvy webmasters who is unable to get approved for Google AdSense I want to recommend Propeller Ads media to you. Propeller Ads media is another ads network that offer instant approval to every site even with very low traffic and offer the best CPM rate for the on-click pop-under ads. My experience so far with propeller ads media has been very good, the quality of their Ads is superb no malware noticed. REGISTER with propeller Ads media now.

Note: This report on was based on personal experience with this Ads network and not paid to review. I encourage you to share your experience with us. Please note that the use of provocative words is highly prohibited on this site. 

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Nice work, but a little bit too direct, you made it sound as if you were trying to promote propeller ads. though i too was a victim this malware invasion from i recommend you should try out Adstera i hear they pay high on cpm and offer very nice ads with out malware.