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How to know a tough Boss

The word Boss simply means to take responsibility or being in position of authority over a group. Anyone can become a Boss but not everyone will remain a boss, as an entrepreneur to overcome the wales of business becoming a “tough Boss” is crucial.

But overtime the discussion on who is a tough boss has receive serious misconception and many boss following this belief from some ideologist  have been consider as jerks or bullies and even end up losing employees regularly. Hence, in a way to correct this idea of being a tough boss would imply carrying a scary face or know how best to bully employees to get the Net worth of their monthly paycheck, I decided to make this post based on my view of who a tough boss is or How to identify a tough boss.

Who is a tough Boss

I do agree  that being a boss over a group of people some traits of dogmatism is required but the extent to that attitude is what i am trying to address here for every entrepreneur plunging into the business world. 
Like i already stated above a boss is the one who takes charge of situation, this means he holds the secrete of running things and would always carry his team along in achieving his goals. And not the one's who disguise themselves as a tough, demanding and smart boss with no iota of talent.

Now allow me as i share with you some of the original traits of a tough Boss, these traits will give you the accurate knowledge who is a tough Boss. 

The Accurate Traits of tough Boss

A tough Boss is;

Resourceful: this is the no 1 trait of being a tough boss the ability to cope in hard situation or being able to put available resources to efficient or ingenious use.

Focus: tough boss are always focus irrespective of the circumstance surrounding them

A Risk taker: Boss in every organization are generally consider to be the front-liners or pacesetter and as such they are expected to make sound decisions that govern the business, so be that as it may you must learn to follow your instinct rightly. Tough boss are risk takers.

Humble: Regardless of how you consider a tough boss they are humble people and treat people with lots of respect and dignity not losing focus on their goals.

Business Savvy: Another traits of a tough boss is acquiring some or all the necessary information required to run the business else you at risk of being fooled by cunning employee. 

Self-motivated: Self-motivation is the secret of success of every entrepreneur the business world today is fraught with challenges that only the tough survives hence to be a tough boss you need a lot of self-motivation.

A mentor to employee who desire to do better in their carrier path: success without successor equals failure, every tough boss accommodate followers and seeks to bring out the best in their followers.

These are but a few traits of a tough boss feel free to add yours via the comment section. it's my belief that you got the message and be that as it may our level of understanding the word “tough Boss” will be solely dependent on our angle of view but keeping it straight- tough boss are real people who only want the best and not jerks.

My Verdict
for every entrepreneur, while becoming a Tough boss endeavor to keep the fine line between being a tough boss with high expectations/demands and being an unreasonable jerk that wouldn't see any good in anything from employees. 

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