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If you have you been following my treads on how to start a business with NO capital, how to make money online and you have successfully started a business or you all already own a business, but not getting enough patronage like you would love to have, then this article is for you.

People will only come to you when they understand the kind of services you render, how reliable and consistent is your organization in service delivery. Marketing is very essential to every business as it has helps a lot of business owner to reach out to a larger audience. Customers of all sorts of business are so savvy today that they can see through most attempts by business owner to spin or charm their way to sales.

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The gains a strategically marketing plan will bring cannot be over exaggerated, when customers are able to connect to your kind of service because they discovered that they in one way or the other share the same values with your brand only then will you enjoy their loyal patronage.

Marketing is a business tactics or process through which goods and services move from concept to the customers. There are various means of marketing/ promoting your product and am going outline all of these for you;

Create a brand logo
Firstly, creating your brand’s logo will help send a sense of professionalism to your customer and prospect. You should have it printed on every business stationary like business cards, letter header paper etc.

Build a Website
One way you can promote your business is by creating an official website to outline the kind of goods or services you offer. It helps you create an online presence to your customers abroad.

Use Social Media
As the internet expands, social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google-pus, whatapp, etc continues to receive more organic traffic on daily basis. This makes it one of the best means of marketing your product and service to a larger number of people from one point and creating a long term relationship with your customers over the internet. Set up your Business profile page on any these social platforms with a clear description, keyword and links to your official website.

Email service
Sign up for email services and send email newsletters to customers. Just make sure you have the permission to send emails before putting anyone on your mailing list to avoid spamming.

Use Banner and Flyers
Banner and flyers can also help you promote your business very quick when placed at strategic location. If you have vehicle you use for your business, have your business name, contact address and phone number printed on the vehicle.

Attend group meetings
Take advantage of every opportunity to meet with other professional from other businesses and learn from them, always try to ask relevant question during this meeting give out your business cards during this meeting and lastly try to forge business relationship with professional from other well establish businesses.

Other means of promoting your business that you may also want to employ;

  • Use the Door to door advertisement strategy.

  • Offer free merchandise with your brand name on it or price slashes on any of your products.

  • Take part in community activities.

  • Put videos of your product and services on YouTube and other video sharing site.

  • Seek for referrals from customers and use affiliates.

  • Use Gsm network operators to promote your business.

What you should always keep in mind as a business owner
When creating awareness for your business try not to ever lose focus on making quality product or giving your best in service delivery. 

Try also to get a good understanding of your target audience, find out what they want and address it.

kelvin Ehiozefe

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