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Do you know that the more people visit your blog/website your better chance
of making more money when you monetizing your blog.

Now i’m going to show you ways
you can promote your blog to get more visitor regularly. These steps will help you to easily promote your
blog/website on search engines and rapidly increase traffic to your blog.


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your blog for search engines optimization
Hosting your blog on wordPress you can use a plugin called
Yoast SEO. One of the features of this plugin allows you to create a custom
sitemap for your blog. You can use this sitemap to submit your blog to search
through Google Webmaster Tools (for Google) and Bing Webmaster Tools
(for Bing and Yahoo) or you can manually submit your blog to these search engine if you are using blogger.

your blog to directories
 While there are
hundreds of directories that will list your blog for a specific yearly fee or a
permanent fee, only a handful should be considered in terms of quality. These
include DMOZ (free, but hard to get into), Best of the Web Blogs ($150 for a
submission), Eaton Web Blog Directory ($35 per submission) and Yahoo Directory
($299 for 7-day listing guarantee). Some of these directories offer free
listings as well, but you will wait a very, very long time to see yours added,
assuming they add it at all. Though you can also submit to free blog directory click here if you are running your blog on a low budget.
on other blogs
Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to build
relationships with top bloggers within your niche. Research the Web to find top
blogs in your niche and start commenting on their newest posts. This will help
you make blog hosts and their readers aware of your existence and help you
establish your own authority within the niche. Contribute to other blogs in
your niche it’s still a great way to get exposure within your niche so long as
you are submitting quality content to quality blogs. Find blogs that have
strong social shares and community engagement as judged by the number of
comments per post and social followers. Get to know the blog owners and/or
editors, establish a relationship with them, and then approach them to see if
they are accepting new contributors on their website.

      ·         Network with others at every opportunity
Be sure to have a quick elevator pitch about your blog when people ask you what you do. If you’re at a blogging conference in particular, it’s highly acceptable to let people know that you founded, a blog that helps people learn more about your subject matter. Even if you have a day job that you need to promote, your elevator pitch is that you are a [your job title], and you also run, a blog that helps people learn more about your subject matter.

Create a
Feedburner  account
Feedburner is a service owned by Google that allows you to
track the number of subscribers to your RSS feed. Use it to offer your blog
visitors a way to subscribe to your blog in their favorite RSS reader such as feedly.
your blog for search
Regularly creating valuable content on your blog is one way
to get search engines to index your content. If you want your blog and posts to
rank for particular keywords, you’ll want to always strive to optimize both for
search. This can be as simple as using the fields provided by Yoast SEO to add
a keyword optimized SEO title and Meta description to your blog’s homepage,
main static pages and each one of your posts. To stay on Google’s good side,
avoid overstuffing your blog with keywords. Choose one keyword phrase to
optimize on each page and post. Include it in your SEO title, Meta description
and inside the Alt text (alternative text) of the image on the page.

Try blog
promotion networks
Several networks exist solely for the purpose of gathering
people who love to help each other promote their blog posts. These networks
include Triberr, Social Buzz Club and Viral Content Buzz. You can also build
your own blog post promotional network as you network with others in your
niche. Just have everyone connect in a Facebook group or in an email list where
they can share their latest posts.

yourself on social media
By this point, you should have already claimed your preferred
name on each social channel. Depending on your niche, certain social media
channels can be invaluable. Never forget, though, that social media (aside from
paid advertising) is a place to connect with others, be helpful to them and
display your expertise. Don’t hop in with a megaphone and act like a barker at
a circus. Rather, treat social media like a huge cocktail party—a place where
you can meet others, trade ideas and network to form alliances. Treat everyone
you meet with respect. Your aim is to be of value and engage with your current
or future blog readers.

content often
This can be in the form of blog posts, news updates, and
even just adding new pages to existing sections. Search engines like fresh
Following this guide you will be able to get just the right amount of visitors to our blog on daily basis.These are very important steps when you are just starting out.

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